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Before you rent out a boat or other water vehicle, it is important to have your customers read and sign a comprehensive rental agreement.
Southwest North Carolina boat rentals offered by boat dealers and boat rental Hendersonville, Murphy, Waynesville, Ashville and Charlotte.
You may download any image for personal or non-commercial use only.YOU MAY NOT DOWNLOAD ANY PICTURE FROM THIS WEB SITE TO BE USED ON YOUTUBE OR FACEBOOK. Tractor #577 is a 1987 Volvo White COE with a Fruehauf 48x102 exterior post trailer, marked for H&K the company's warehouse division. I rear ended another 18 wheeler with the right front corner of my cab over, while northbound on New York City's Cross Bronx Expressway I -95.
Once towed back to the company terminal in Baltimore,Md., the tractor was rebuilt from the frame up. Number 517 was reassigned to me after it's rebuild, and I drove it for two years before being assigned tractor # 577.
That same year, I had my first accident, and it was a very serious one while driving for Blue Diamond. Notice this load is wider along the top and not the bottom, a real hazard with trees and road signs.

It's required by law, and it can be seen in mirror to determine the end of the load when passing vehicles on the highway. At one time before de regulation, Free State owned almost all the rights to haul ore and natural minerals in the eastern United States. It's primary hauling region was the mid Atlantic states, with a few customers as far west as Indianapolis,IN and Dallas,TX.
The damage was a result of my load of steel coils sliding forward in the Fruehauf box trailer I was pulling. Delivered in flat black,the cab was painted at the terminal by the capable Blue Diamond shop forces. Cummins installed an experimental 315 series engine,I had to document fuel mileage and load factors during the year test period.
In their busier days Blue Diamond was a time senstive carrier for Ball Glass,Anchor Glass and Union Camp paper products.
In 1982, the company purchased a 1975 Ford W-1000 with V6 Detroit, pulling a 40 foot boat low-boy trailer. Many trucks ran loaded from the Port of Baltimore and delivered their goods to the once busy steel industry in the Pittsburgh area and along the Ohio River as well.

The company used all Volvo White COE tractors that were kept in excellent condition, using Cummins diesel engines. An experimental Cummins 315 series engine was installed, replacing the original 290 series engine. The long hood fleet of Brockways, Kenworths and White Road Boss 2 was always home along the PA.
By 1990, a sister company named E&M, out of Danville, VA was well underway in getting Blue Diamond away from it's teamsters affiliation. Deliveries took me to the Florida Keys, Amityville Long Island, the boat yards in Chicago and to upper Michigan. This was my only job hauling oversize loads and I learned all about route limitations and bridge limits. Dump trailers,dry vans and flatbeds with iron ore containers made up their unique equipment fleet.

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