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MIAMI – The Gibbs Quadski captured media, dealer and new customer interest during debut appearances at the Miami International Boat Show and the Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show, which run through Monday.
Jay Hillen, sales manager at RIVA Motorsports & Marinea€™s Pompano Beach Superstore, said his dealership sold three of Gibbsa€™ High Speed Amphibians on the first day of the boat show and had taken orders for 27 others since the Quadski went on sale. The Quadski also was on display at National Marine Suppliersa€™ Superyacht Toy Division exhibit at the Yacht and Brokerage Show.A  The a€?toy storea€? audience ranged from fire department officials and multi-million-dollar yacht owners to youngsters who had seen Quadski video highlights on the Internet. Neil Jenkins, the chairman of Gibbs Sports Amphibians, also was kept busy with prospective dealer and international distributor meetings, as well as trade, daily press and broadcast media interviews. The Fox Radio News Network as well as other major radio stations in the southeastern United States carried interviews with Jenkins during boat-show weekend. Reporters and Quadski customers werena€™t the only people asking for time on the Gibbs chairmana€™s calendar.A  In addition to meetings with dealership candidates in the United States, he also met with potential distributors from major markets throughout the world, including Europe, Central Europe, South America and the Middle East. This entry was postedon Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at 8:01 pmand is filed under Amphiquads. When ordering you step up to a fast food style Register, spit your order and take a seat.  Before you take your rest while waiting for your grub, they hand you a number that you place into a metal stand so that the servers can steer your eats to the right table. My Dad ordered the above burger.  I don’t have any insight into how it tasted but it looked quite edible. As you can see we had a considerable amount of leftovers to bring home (and later demolish). The occasion that I took all of these pictures was the night before Sia’s sister flew back to Michigan.  This was our first visit to the restaurant and we were worried that they wouldn’t be open when we arrived (the county I lived in felt like it went Amish after 9pm on a ‘weeknight’, lights-out son! The other poor lout of the group ordered a Steak.  The knife and fork look a little gross, but she was cutting the steak and I asked to get a shot before the plate got butchered.
On the whole, the Bonefish Grill has been a good experience.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to eat with a nice atmosphere, great food, and good service. Half Ton Reviews by Daniel Michael, Matthew Michael, John Bradley, Chris Austreng is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
We whipped out a couple of quickie headliners, repairs and a couple of leather kits for our most hardcore TR members over the last few months since you guys (and one gal!) had no where else to turn.

So, after much revamping, reconfiguring, and fully streamlining the upholstery department, we are proud to officially announce our public offering of full upholstery services. So, you as TR members actually have direct access to the only local company that does both heavy new-car dealership accessory work, but also offers it to the public through our bangin' retail shop!
Order it in two tone, suede or perforated inserts, contrasting piping, embroidered headrests, whatever. Anyway, I am getting allot of calls for some really cool two-tone interiors and the same trend seems to follow for the same type vehicles. Our repair system on Kawasaki Jet Skis, Bombardier SeaDoo, Yamaha Waverunner, Honda Aquatrax, PWC and fiberglass sport jet boats has evolved with the new products allowing us to always guarantee our work. Blue and black also are available, but RIVA noted that hunters are hoping that Gibbs will add a camouflage treatment to its lineup as well. Derrick advised us that we had to try the milkshakes, so the milkshakes we tried.  Dan and I split a strawberry milkshake and my parents ordered a chocolate peanut butter shake. Many of you very loyal TR members have known just from hanging out at the shop that we have been doing upholstery for a while. But, just that little bit of retail work was a strain on our upholstery guy since he does 5-10 leather conversions for our new car dealership accounts a week!
TR members already know the top-notch quality of our 12 volt and tint work, our upholstery work is on the exact same level. Our upholsteror and staff has been doing lots of seat rebuilding (shaving, adding high density foam, double stitching, contrasting threading, etc). Our loyal customers want a one-stop QUALITY shop-with this newest offering, we are pretty much there!
So, below are a few cars and SUV's we did in the last couple of days for Wesley Chapel Nissan with full cloth-to-leather conversions. And primed by first-quarter boat shows in Detroit, Miami and Tampa Bay, demand for the a€?worlda€™s first high-speed sports amphibiana€? is expected to grow even stronger as dealerships are added in New York, Texas and elsewhere in the Midwest and southeastern United States. As is typical with my family, we all shared what we ordered so I got to taste everything on the table.

But, you also know that this was never offered to the public-only to our new-car dealership and fleet accounts. We are fortunate enough to employ one of the best upholsterers in Florida with MANY years of experience under his belt. You come in and select your options like what color piping (if any), what color leather, colored leather or suede inserts, perforated leather, heated seats, special embroidery, etc.
This is a great addition to our already strong bike accessories department (radars, lighting, security, lamp tinting, etc). I have to say though-this "race" community has some really neglected headliners and seats! I know that allot of you members hang out in the local car clubs and was wondering if there is enough interest in some circles to do 3 or more cars within your club.
Nickel placed a bright red Quadski front-and-center in his yacht and brokerage show exhibit. This particular section of Tarpon Springs has a particular flavor or character to itself that most of the Tampa area lacks. While waiting to be seated I noticed that a number of the servers and cooks actually spoke Greek (as well as being staffed with folks from south of the Border as any great restaurant is).
Our stock orders come in daily so that means we can feasibly have you drop off your car in the morning, and get it back the same day with a BRAND NEW LEATHER INTERIOR!!!
The salads that came with virtually every meal were composed of very fresh vegetables and a chunk of feta.

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