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We whipped out a couple of quickie headliners, repairs and a couple of leather kits for our most hardcore TR members over the last few months since you guys (and one gal!) had no where else to turn. So, after much revamping, reconfiguring, and fully streamlining the upholstery department, we are proud to officially announce our public offering of full upholstery services. So, you as TR members actually have direct access to the only local company that does both heavy new-car dealership accessory work, but also offers it to the public through our bangin' retail shop! Order it in two tone, suede or perforated inserts, contrasting piping, embroidered headrests, whatever.
Anyway, I am getting allot of calls for some really cool two-tone interiors and the same trend seems to follow for the same type vehicles.
Many of you very loyal TR members have known just from hanging out at the shop that we have been doing upholstery for a while. But, just that little bit of retail work was a strain on our upholstery guy since he does 5-10 leather conversions for our new car dealership accounts a week!

TR members already know the top-notch quality of our 12 volt and tint work, our upholstery work is on the exact same level. Our upholsteror and staff has been doing lots of seat rebuilding (shaving, adding high density foam, double stitching, contrasting threading, etc). Our loyal customers want a one-stop QUALITY shop-with this newest offering, we are pretty much there!
So, below are a few cars and SUV's we did in the last couple of days for Wesley Chapel Nissan with full cloth-to-leather conversions. But, you also know that this was never offered to the public-only to our new-car dealership and fleet accounts. We are fortunate enough to employ one of the best upholsterers in Florida with MANY years of experience under his belt. You come in and select your options like what color piping (if any), what color leather, colored leather or suede inserts, perforated leather, heated seats, special embroidery, etc.

This is a great addition to our already strong bike accessories department (radars, lighting, security, lamp tinting, etc). I have to say though-this "race" community has some really neglected headliners and seats! I know that allot of you members hang out in the local car clubs and was wondering if there is enough interest in some circles to do 3 or more cars within your club. Our stock orders come in daily so that means we can feasibly have you drop off your car in the morning, and get it back the same day with a BRAND NEW LEATHER INTERIOR!!!

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