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Boateng Homes has a rich source of beautiful arts, one-off interior sculptures and we are partners with some of the worlds best furniture makers, carpet specialists, Designer- Kitchen companies and more. We work closely with our clients to create an interior that not only compliments their taste and personality but functional and low maintenance.
PlanWe will the work with our highly experienced designers, architects and technical team who will then use their high-end technology to bring forward your ideas.
ProposalWe will then prepare and submit our computer generated images, Drawings with detailed measurements to you for your thoughts and apply for planning consent if required. CommencementWe then appoint our trusted contractors and tradesmen whom we have worked with and have built a great relationship with. Kitchen Interior DesignAt Boateng Homes we know that the heart of every home is the kitchen; this is why we ensure that the design of the kitchen is not only low-maintenance but also stands the test of time.
We source the best kitchen products as we expect kitchens to last for many years to come, no matter how often it is used. Bathroom DesignAt Boateng Homes We understand that selecting the ideal bathroom can at times be overwhelming and expensive.

We have built excellent relationships with some of the best bathroom suppliers, which have enabled us to provide our clients with some amazing products at low prices. Boateng Homes specialises in designing office spaces that are impressive, functional, stylish and also compliments the business’s brand. We ensure that we design your office to meet the set deadline in order for you to resume business; this means our design team works overnight in order for business to commence as usual the following day. Boateng Homes specialises in designing your property to suit the type of market your property is in.
With years of experience in buying and selling properties, Boateng Homes knows what makes a stylish and attractive home.
During this time we will work hard to understand your requirements, ideas, vision and what you would like to achieve. We project manage all of our designs to ensure that contractors, specialists and designers meet the set Deadline. Boateng Homes will not only design your bathroom but also help reduce clients’ short-term and long-term expenditure.

First impression cannot be changed so paying close attention to designing your property that is on the market is as important as choosing the right agent. As all property marketing is by photos, we design your on-the-market property to photograph well. In most cases we find their ideal property on their behalf, arrange all the necessary documents, appoint contractors, surveyors, oversee renovation, projecRUSSEL BROTHERS Ltd. At Boateng Homes we take deadlines very seriously as kitchens are one of the most used areas in a home; so our aim to create a beautiful kitchen and being able to finish on time is just as important to us. We study your local house market and at sometimes visit homes with similar specification in order to design your home and make it stand out, as it is a competitive market.

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