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Location: Reedville, VA Morning Geltlemen, Not sure if we are still talking about the original post, but here's a beautiful hull - the lines came from a 1952 Alvin Beal designed boat.
If she's kept simple (light) you could expect 14 knots with about 120 HP at the prop and 12 knots with 73 HP. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Originally Posted by creekhound Anyone else have any ideals about this boat ideal How about using smaller bike wheels, say some BMX sized ones, complete with tyres, as the sides of the paddle wheel. Location: Tasmania,Australia Real good example Oh heeey - just remembered this one. Location: aurora,Indiana So i guess out side of the bike style paddle wheel boat above no company or person has ever made a solo paddle wheel boat? Location: USA The #1 selling pedal boat is a paddle wheel which you can find at most water recreation, sells more than Hobie!
Originally Posted by creekhound So i guess out side of the bike style paddle wheel boat above no company or person has ever made a solo paddle wheel boat? Location: Salisbury, UK Nice bit of artwork, but isn't it a bit of a distant dream rather than a boat that could actually be produced and sold? Let's say you wanted an endurance of two hours (so a practical range of perhaps 50 to 60nm at around 50% power).
The best motor efficiency you're likely to get will be around 90%, and you'll incur around another 5% losses in the controller, wiring and battery internal losses (assuming state of the art lithium batteries).
To get a reasonably good cycle life, the battery pack needs to be kept within the state of charge range of between 30% minimum and 95% maximum, so the usable capacity will be around 65% of the rated capacity. Even if you reduced the endurance requirement down to just one hour, you're still going to need a battery pack that weighs around 338kg. On the other hand, if you chose to use a 140hp internal combustion engine then you could have a fuel weight for two hours endurance of around 50kg.
Location: australia Jeremy that little boat should perform well with 30 or 40 hp. Location: Spain When anyone talks about a boat with electric propulsion I do not expect to see a more or less beautiful forms, but knowing how the designer has solved the problems that raises electric propulsion. Location: Italy (Garda Lake) and Croatia (Istria) What is the design weight and dimensions of the boat? But, as Jeremy and Tansl have pointed out, the real challenge is not the aesthetics in this case. Location: Salisbury, UK It's the 320kg displacement that's the gotcha here! Take one crew member at 86kg, plus a 140hp electric motor at around 80 to 100kg (inc controls etc) and there's more than half the displacement budget gone, with around 150kg or less for the hull and battery pack weight.

I don't wish to be rude, but aren't naval architects supposed to start off with some specifications that make a modicum of sense before indulging in fancy designs that cannot possibly be built? Location: Italy (Garda Lake) and Croatia (Istria) It can work with a 75-80 HP outboard, but not with an electric drive - for the reasons so well explained by JH. My take is that the bottom loading, if it ever gets on a plane, will be impractically high given the narrow beam, short length, and all that weight.
For endurance actually boat can go more than one hour if speed lowered to around 7-8 knots (which does not require half power) and props chanced with slow speed ones but it is not the case here I only considered going full speed.
A really nice video and i take my hat off to all involved, good luck and keep posting progress !! This blog can guide you in choosing the best wooden boat plans available over internet and can give you some tips as well. A boathouse (or boat house) is a building especially designed for the storage of boats, normally smaller craft for sports or leisure use. My Woodworker's Supply~Finest woodworking supplies, wooden boat plans, bunk bed plans, bird house plans, wooden toy plans, Grizzly tools & much more! Based on the element of water, the Lake Boat house can be built on the water with a covered boat slip, or near the water with an adjacent boat slip or garage. The Cedarshed Boat House is a small multi-purpose boat shed offering plenty of storage room for canoes, kayaks, lawn mowers and more. I think All boats are a compromise, and this boat will be around for over 30 years so who knows what it will be used for. I wonder if the after sections being concave in Body plan are a gain in any way to the hull's performance? Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana Here is my guess at water line while on plane.
Location: australia Hammer Time Possibly not an option, but I always liked this vessel if I was ever doing 30 ft ish alloy vessel Saw down the centreline and open yours up?
Concave hull shape might be difficult to plate as you will have to break its back to pull up at the bow. You can donwload Freeship (its free) at use it to check that the hull shape floats properly for its estimated weight. Location: USA, Beantown Well out in New England with a cc like that, it runs to the canyons and is fishing for tuna. Location: Alaska hey Eddie one more quick question, what kind of depth you design in?
The best modern YachtThe Big Boat Show Yacht Charter TheCaprice also brought its largest: the 480 Maggiorecontemporary luxury cabin boat design If you drive alone, may well be standing out there, navigate the boat and foot contact with a view to the dock by bow and stern thrusterscentimeter or prove easily the line. To refer the classical styles, the interior design used materials such as wooden floors, Tinos green marble in the main vestibule, wood ceiling, and Greek marble columns in the livingroom.

The Draco Volans by Sam Devlin is under construction & it's new owner Ed Schulman, has very determined views about it. Sorry if in the questionnaire you'll find some italian words, it's a limit of Google tool I've used to prepare the poll. Also thousands have been built by individuals for racing in the human powered boat competition. Perhaps he will come back with some modifications that make the project more nearly practical.
I need to state that I started this design as a leisure work and cad learning study, an extensive work and engineering needs to be done for production model.
Last Updated (Tuesday, 22 March 2011 11:49) Written by James Sunday, 21 February 2010 12:33 Building a boathouse? Please take that from some one who's built a few hundred welded aluminum boats, none of them, even those with a very deep V that rode as well as their 'glass' boat counter parts.
Down East hull form & Lake Union Dreamboat derived looks to suit the North West cruising conditions. Found this on a sailing thread discussing planing hulls(!) : You can get speed now, but just like RC boats it's at the expense of endurance. Now if we could get the all up operating weight down to 125Kg or so, the boat would be great fun as well as pretty.
Around 30 HP it estimates top speed as 28 knots which is considerably good result when ITU Solar boat taken into account. While this may not be accurate it is in such common use in the industry that fighting it is a steep uphill battle. It would suit Southern England conditions as well as Summer has turned out colder & rainer than the Met Office forecast.
In sprint mode, with two 12 kW (peak) dc perm motors and single surface propeller she goes at the speed of 24 knots at 36 volts. Steps in the planning surfaces to intoduce air and help reduce skin friction with the waters surface !
I find these views helpful to envision the hull's planing surfaces at different angles of pitch and speeds.

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