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If you're looking for a simple and inexpensive cruising sailboat with traditional character, our FANCY FREE should fill the bill.
The FANCY FREE is an ideal boat for the couple who wants to do weekend or vacation sailing along coastal waters where shoal draft is critical. Because this boat is lightweight, FANCY FREE is ideal for trailering and pulling up on the beach for the night. Learn how to fiberglass the easy way, by looking over the shoulder of an expert who is working on actual boats.
Our 290 page "Book of Boat Designs" features all of the designs shown on our web site plus a FREE set of dinghy plans & a coupon for $9.95 off your first order.
Increasingly popular home boatbuilding material - light weight, maintenance free, less easily damaged and more easily repaired. The Dragonfly is a garvey-type hull that is built from plywood by the Stitch and Glue method.
The hull is sheet plywood planking in standard 4' x 8' panels fabricated to shape by the simple and practical Stitch and Glue method.
Hull draft with board-up is just 8", yet the ballast gives reassuring stiffness in a breeze. There's full headroom above the berths, plus the comfort of a settee with a hinged drop-leaf on the centerboard trunk. People build our boats from all over the country and some find it difficult to find the materials needed in their locale.

This voluminous book is black and white and is a great "wish book" for browsing while watching TV or to take with you while away from your computer.
Please choose from the drop-down above either the US, Canada or Non-US options based on where the book will be mailed. This provides maximum buoyancy, and this boat can get to those shallow areas in the backwaters and slither over areas that most vee bottoms can't navigate. All frames have straight contours using standard materials, and standard 4' x 8' sheets are used for the planking. The light displacement and large sail area makes this boat a surprising performer, even for the racing skipper.
The galley area is adjacent to the hatch for standing headroom and the portable head slides out from under the bridge deck for use.
That is why we have put a great deal of effort into finding just the right materials and the best quality to ensure that your boat will last and have the highest resale value possible. Includes FREE Boatbuilding & Supplies Brochure and price lists and a FREE set of dinghy plans. Lay out the sides and bottom on the plywood, saw to shape, wrap the planking around the single building form, hold the seams together with wire stitches, and follow with fillets (glue) and reinforce with fiberglass laminates. These hulls are remarkably stable; no severe rocking from side to side when moving across the boat. Our various accessory kits include all the hard-to-find items required to equip your very own in "sail-away" condition.

While not intended for long distance open ocean use, FANCY FREE, when heeled, forms a "vee" at the water for an exceptionally dry ride.
A portable ice chest is also located under the bridge deck, accessible from either the cockpit or from inside the cabin.
Plus, a stable casting platform allows the angler to concentrate on casting rather than on balancing. The gaff sloop rig is simple to handle and requires no expensive winches or special "go-fast" fittings. A proven, easy to build method attested to by the many first time amateurs that have used the procedure. Wood spars are detailed on the plans, however, we do recommend our Aluminum Spar Kit, especially if trailering the boat and for ease of maintenance. With all these advantages, we doubt that you'll find a more enjoyable boat to build, own, or sail.

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