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When you need a boat lift for your dock on any type of waterfront, you can always trust the professionals at DECO Boat Lifts to create the ideal system for your vessel and berth. We can not only offer a boat lift to fit your dock, but also to fit your budget as we manufacture product lines at a variety of price points. Each of these systems can incorporate a number of boat lift and dock accessories as well, including aluminum service platforms, remote controls, aluminum walkways, tide guides, fish cleaning tables and many more.
If an aging boat dock and lift have made hitting the waves more of a hassle than an escape, you can find the help you need at your local DECO Boat Lifts dealer.
Our company offers factory training to our dealers, ensuring they know how to fit all these components to ensure their durability and reliability.
Boat lift and dock products from DECO Boat Lifts are trusted by mariners in waterfront communities throughout the South and beyond. DECO also offers a number of boat lift and dock accessories to make sure your system suits your boating lifestyle. Looking through these Boat Dock With Lifts pictures will give you some good ideas for designing or building your own boat dock. All of the images used on this website are found in various places throughout the internet and are believed to be within the public domain.
If you think any content on this website infringes your copyright please let us know, and we will evaluate and possibly remove the images in question.
By answering a few quick questions we will be able to tell you which dock or boat lift is the perfect fit for you.

Our company has worked with homeowners and marinas nationwide, customizing our boat lifts to suit the unique conditions at each customers dock. And since we offer factory training to all our dealers, you can rest assured your system will be properly installed no matter which models and options you choose.
We proudly serve clients in Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Savannah and all other coastal cities. DECO boat lift systems and accessories are made from high-quality materials that can endure harsh marine conditions, and we offer a wide range of product lines to provide options for customers on virtually any budget. All are made from the highest quality aluminum, stainless steel and plastics to ensure long life even in harsh marine environments. We have been manufacturing products for marine environments since 1959, making us one of the world’s oldest and most experienced companies in the industry. Whether that means adding aluminum walkways for easy cleaning, a remote control to make docking easier in changing tides or an aluminum stair to make access to your vessel easier, our engineers and technicians can ensure the features you want are properly incorporated.
We’re proud to serve clients in Mobile, Savannah, Venice, West Palm Beach and all other coastal cities.
ShoreStation Boat Lift Vinyl Covers Protect your boat with an after market canopy cover for ShoreStation lifts. Our pontoon docks are completely modular, expandable and portable and require virtually no maintenance, unlike aluminum and wood docks.
In addition to traditional beam lift systems, we also offer beamless systems, boat elevators and shared piling lifts.

We’ll also protect your system with a generous warranty, so you can be confident that your investment is safe.
Whether you enjoy spending time fishing off the coast of Charleston, water skiing on Lake Houston, or just cruising the Gulf off New Orleans, we have a selection of products that will help your dock perfectly complement your boating lifestyle. So, you can be confident they were made with the highest caliber of craftsmanship since our company has been manufacturing outstanding boat lifts and dock accessories since 1959.
Over the many years, we’ve developed systems to suit any location and vessel’s hull, allowing us to provide customized solutions to suit any client’s needs. Our standard covers feature a vinyl-coated nylon fabric, which has superior construction with heat-welded seams. DECO even offers aluminum boat house systems that can provide even greater protection from the elements. It’s no surprise that customer both nationwide and around the world trust our products for their lifts and docks. Our covers have added spur grommets on the side sleeves, which have a greater holding strength than the ShoreStation.
Our covers are available in a variety of sizes, to fit most ShoreStation boat lift canopy frames.

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