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Duratek positions itself according to customer needs and therefore has a distinctive place in the epoxy and polyurethane system business. November 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of Duratek, which continues to take part in many challenging projects.
Two recent composite projects that use Duratek products are the Milres and Dream symphony projects. It's called The Boat House and it is the place for serious wooden boat owners and collectors.
Check out what's happening at our boat shop by going to Boat Shop Log, Photo Gallery and Boatworks Events. At Hall's Boat Corporation, we believe it is essential to match the right boat with the right owner. The Lodging’s at Hall's Boat Corporation offers discriminating boaters the ideal Lake George vacation package that includes three distinctive classic Adirondack-style lake houses, full membership privileges at Hall's Boating Club during your stay and use of a boat slip up to 23 ft (fees do apply). From a full-service marina with all the standard services you'd expect—plus a few extras you might not expect, such as concierge service to prepare your boat for excursions, to charming Adirondack-style lodging accommodations, Hall's Boating Club offers an unparalleled experience for our members.
At Hall's Boatworks, our restorations are designed to meet the needs of both the boat and its owner. We invite all of our customers to come down to the boat shop and follow their boats' progress.
Location: Lahore, Pakistan I am not an expert, but I know that very dissimilar materials should not be jointed as the different thermal expansions will ultimately affect the joints. Location: Scandinavia My advice is to forget it, I have refused every ?can you aluminium frame my old wood boat project? and always will. The thru fixings will need to be fully isolated the frames will need painting in the bilge areas and they will need to be very well gasketed to prevent pockets of moisture.

It's possible but these days there are better alternatives to wood metal composite construction.
Location: Maryland Actually, wood over metal composite is a very neat method of building boats, especially since the metal parts are what would otherwise be the heavy wood members that are hard to get (since they have to be laminated or cut out of bigger pieces). A number of fairly large minesweepers were wood over aluminum, but there is very little weight advantage between aluminum and steel (for framing, not for the shell), and fasteners are a problem in aluminum (unless, of course, you are sweeping magnetic mines). When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Its products are currently used in two major projects: the Milres and Dream Symphony projects.
The company designs, produces and sells epoxy and polyurethane based systems, sustaining its unique place in the market by focusing on customer needs as a priority.
Moulds for 23-m-long blades were built using the infusion technique, which will also be used for the blades. Nested in the "picturesque" website of Hall's Boat Corporation, The Boat House is a place to indulge in your love for wooden boats.
Our experts can work with you to find a boat that suits the way you will use it—from the water you'll be on, to the number of passengers you'll carry, to the activities you'll do with and in it, to how you will board it, and more. We can maintain the historical fabric of the boat as much as possible, as well as the original construction method, or we can apply contemporary materials and technologies that make a classic or antique wooden boat easier to use and easier to own. Concrete and steel have very close coefficients of thermal expansion; therefore the combination is widely used for building structures. Why would you want to use aluminium frames on a wood boat, cost, strength or some other reason, it can?t be that they would be easier to set up. The fixings were commonly screwed from the inside and not through bolted except at the topsides and the keelson.

Its sister company Paksoy Kimyev, which produces epoxy raw materials, provides Duratek with a tremendous advantage in that it starts the new material tailoring process one step ahead.
It is a room-temperature curing system; however, postcuring at 60-70°C increases its HDT and Tg values above the minimum requirements of GL standards. Above all, we strive to insure that our wooden boat restoration work is itself restorable so your boat can live on for decades. In 2012, TAI approved Duratek 1200 and DTM 2204 (Duratek’s epoxy-based lamination resins and epoxy-based structural adhesives) and Eawind started producing the mould and blades.
They did have some advantages in a smaller frame hull contact area and less wood rot and greater fastening strength.
I too plan on rebuilding the deckhouse on my 58 foot HATTERAS using aluminum frames with either alum plate or FRP over plywood sheeting. Both products are also approved by the internationally recognized organization Germanischer Lloyd.
I have aluminum welding equipment and already own an aluminum ROAMER so I understand the ramifications etc., but I do need some design ideas. The certification process took about 3 years, since it also included developing and producing the necessary raw materials.

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