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Anchoring Bridle with a Mantus Chain HookA bridle (or snubbers) is an essential part of the anchoring system. Ratcheting Box WrenchesSo many times, working on the boat means working in really tight places.
Outboard Fuel Line ProblemsThe fuel line for our outboard had all the symptoms of a serious blockage. Changing Lower Unit Oil in an OutboardChanging the lower unit oil on an outboard is part of the routine maintenance. Cleaning Non-Skid Boat DecksCleaning our non-skid decks was a pretty hated chore with lots of scrubbing on our hands and knees. Pulling Electrical WiresInstalling new equipment on a boat often requires new electrical wiring. Useful Tool: Universal Socket JointHow can you reach that one nut or hex bolt that’s just out of reach? Over 800 boat-friendly recipes, plus food storage, provisioning, substitutions and more makes it the one comprehensive galley reference needed aboard every boat!
The one comprehensive galley reference needed aboard every cruising boat – more than 800 everyday recipes made from obtainable ingredients with hand utensils, together with in-depth instructions for unfamiliar cooking techniques and food storage and substitution information. Secure PaymentsWe offer fast electronic payment options via our Partner Payment providers such as PayPal.
Customer ServiceIn the case that you should have any questions to our products, we will assist you and try to help you with any requests as soon as possible. Don’t get me wrong, it did take me a little while to figure out how to make the workspace I do have work for us, but now it’s perfect!
Baking sheets are essential in any kitchen of course, but on a boat, it’s kinda necessary that they actually *fit* in the stove, if you know what I mean. Love that I don’t really have to worry about these guys They are inexpensive and durable.
On my next boat, I would like an entire kitchen made out of ^^these^^ type of built-ins or whatever the heck they’re called.

Lunatec's dishcloths stay odor-free and have less bacteria than sponges or cotton dishcloths. Since Jeff turned from a canoeist and bought a 40 horse outboard motor 10 years ago, he has been dreaming of trips.
Captain Jeff is a retired police officer and investigator for the state with a 50 ton Coast Guard Mastera€™s license, which he uses to take people out for charters on Adirondack. Have a look inside our store and find out about the latest bargain deals that are hot right now and eligible for fast dispatch. But if you really want the low-down on literally anything and everything galley related, you should most definitely check out The Boat Galley! We’d love for you to get to know us and follow our story as we attempt to navigate a whole new world of sailing, as we cruise the Caribbean …Learn more about us and our sailing + cruising adventures.
The perfect scrubber, dish cloth, sponge and scouring pad for cleaning your dishes, pots and pans, and kitchen gear. We had a wonderful cruise to Sitka, Alaska up the Inside Passage in our 26 foot coastal cruiser, Sabael, in the summer of 2003.
We brought him home up the Intracoastal Waterway, up the Hudson and through the Erie Canal, across Lake Ontario, up the Trent-Severn Waterway, and across Lake Huron, Lake Superior and home to Bayfield, Wisconsin and the Apostle Islands, where hea€™s been in charter. We seriously LOVE them, as does everyone else who comes aboard for a cocktail in one of our customized LAHO glasses. Talk about a gem of a find from Walgreens (of all places) about two days before we set sail from Naples. The Great Loop started with an entry about the trip in Jeffa€™s a€?life list.a€? Sally decided if we were going to do the trip with the boys, we had to go this year when they would be in 10th and 8th grades, before high school was too important. We are attempting to reverse years of discrimination against boy boats and call him a he, but we will let him choose his own course in the matter.
Able Seaman David is 15, quiet, a voracious reader, a good backpacker and cross-country skier.
We spent the past 13 months sailing the Bahamas + Caribbean and are now moving onto our next big adventure at home in beautiful Naples, Florida!

And, honestly, I haven’t had too many issues at all adapting to this much smaller kitchen space here on our boat. We have a built-in knife holder, a built-in spice rack, a built-in wine glass holder, and built-in wine rack.
Most importantly, they scrub with purpose to clean dishes, pots, pans, showers and more.Sponges and cotton dish rags get smelly because they don't dry. Jeff, who will do just about anything to advance family accord, especially if it involves buying boats, promptly found a trawler in Maryland and the project began.
If you want a taste of how things are done around here, just spend a few minutes perusing our little blog. I especially love that they are plastic (a must-have on a boat), have rubber-lined bottoms (no sliding around while the boats arockin), and have good, secure lids! I picked up one of these fab plastic ice cube trays with accompanying lid at Homegoods before we left. And he’s probably right (I hate admitting that) in most cases with my past dish towel purchases. He has a single Cummins diesel, a big diesel generator, GPS chartplotters and radar, heat and air conditioning, a stern thruster and a new, state-of-the-art electrical system.
And although some cruisers swear by the metal standup ice cube containers, I’m happy to report that this regular style tray (with lid) has been so perfect for our dorm-style fridge.
Even the big guy of the set! Unfortunately the set I bought, is currently unavailable, but this set looks very very similar and maybe even better because they are collapsible (mine are not)! It easily fits in our small freezer compartment (with room for another) and has never once spilled.

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