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ManufacturingThe Fiberglass: Once the gelcoat has cured, the next step in the manufacturing process is to build up layers of fiberglass which constitute the hull. Remember that $1,200 that I spent building my first 6 boards?   It didn’t take long before that turned into about $20,000 of debt building a couple hundred boards over the next several years.  By that time, idol surfboards was functioning as a business, just not a profitable one. Profitability:  The price had to be right – It was time to turn this passion of mine into a legitimate business venture. My first Surf Expo was a fun Surf Expo… in fact, every surf expo is fun!  It was my first one, so I had a bit of a honeymoon while I was there. He laughed at me, “Sorry I’m not going to share that information.”  I understood and carried about my business. I had done my homework, but I couldn’t help but be nervous as I soared across the Pacific Ocean en route to China.  I was risking a lot on this dream, but there was a certain serendipity to it all that helped to calm my nerves. I was headed directly to my first factory choice, but I had this fear that I would walk into a factory full of child laborers.  If that was the case, I would move production to one of the more well-know backup factories that I had lined up. Once my work was done at the factory, it was time to fulfill the heart of this dream – go surfing!
Right now I’m writing this post because I have some free time in the office, as I just finished submitting my final board designs.   The only thing left for me to do this week is approve a few skim board shapes that are being machined as I type. Jennifer recently made a trip to iDol Surf headquarters on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, to pick up her new board and do some wake surfing with the team.  She got on her new custom board and immediately put together an impressive run with her big airs, smooth spins, and signature style. Jennifer shares, “I was drawn to iDol surfboards because of the awesome relationship that the company has with its riders.
Meet Alex Brost, a local entrepreneur, founder of iDol Surfboards, past marketing guru for The Brost Clinic and an avid surfer. His unassuming, calm demeanor began describing the discovery of wake surfing: “So when we put a cooler in the rear corner of a boat and piled everybody back there, we realized we could get a pretty nice little wave off the back of the boat. Given Alex didn’t want to sacrifice quality, he decided to go to the Surf Expo in Orlando for some strategic manufacturer scouting. When Alex arrived back home in Medina from the expo, he got on the phone with the bank to get some financing for the surfboards. However, Alex had other criteria in mind beyond just price and quality for the manufacturer. Alex explained that Minnesota is slowly developing a bit of a surf culture on the foundations of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) and wake surfing.
There are two bigger wake surf events, the Minnesota Wake Surf Championship on Lake Minnetonka, which began in 2014 and the 10,000 Lakes Wake Surf Open held on the Mississippi River for the fifth year this summer – part of the World Series of Wake Surfing circuit. One of Alex’s favorite sayings is, “If there is anything worth doing, it is worth doing right.” It seems Alex Brost is living that motto in both his personal and professional life. It has been a very long time since a blog post, but when it comes to writing, I live by Henry David Thoreau’s quote “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” And I don’t like to write un-inspired. After a busy summer schedule, three weeks of working in china, ten days in Balinese tourist traps, a bad case of “Bali Belly,” and some stressful moments in my personal life, it is an incredible relief to have made it to the end of the road and forget about everything for a few days. This is one of the amazing things about surfing – When I surf critical waves with few people around, I think and feel nothing but present and connected.
This year’s Southern Surf Fest, on Lake Lanier near Atlanta Georgia, took place over the weekend of May 2-4 and was a huge success with most inboard surf boat manufacturers and wake surfboard companies present. The format if this event was simple – fill each boat with a variety of surfboards, and rotate groups of 3-4 people through each boat for two days straight.
The official results have yet to be published, but based in public opinion and personal experience, the Supra arguably produced the highest quality wake surf wake of any of the boats equipped with surf systems, but biggest remains a debate between Nautique G23 and Centurion Enzo FX44. Many of the older kids, some of them well into their 50’s, claimed the iSurf Tonka Kahuna as the best board at the event.
The advent of Stand-Up-Paddleboarding (SUP), wake surfing, and kite boarding are growing an impressive surf culture in Minnesota. Last night we spent our evening doing what most travelers do when they are, or are soon to be, arriving to home port.
Today, I write this blog post while sitting in a Singapore subway train during morning rush hour.

In my opinion, fear-based-action is the most dangerous thing in this world to the human spirit, while love-based-action is the most essential thing to the development and sustainability of the human race. Your email address - this will be shown on the page and will allow the system to notify you of further comments added to this picture.
DisclaimerThe Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. Didn't find what you were hoping to?We  have several "Pocket Listings" - Clients that aren't quite ready to list thier boat, but that are willing to sell. T, ensured me that I would be welcome at the factory any time I wanted to come.  “Sweet!”  I didn’t know it, but it turns out Mr. The boards are high quality and everyone from the shapers to the riders are extremely friendly and awesome to be around.
My friends and I thought we had invented a sport and decided that there were no good boards for it. He went prepared, stating, “I can now stick my thumb in a board and tell you how good it is based on how it flexes and what not.” Using this method he was able to find which boards he liked best. You see, back in high school, Alex had developed concerns for child labor laws and although now self-described as a raging Capitalist (a bit tongue-in-cheek), he was able to confirm that this factory had strict standards for labor conditions and safety. They say you never forget your first wave, and although I took some lessons, I don’t really remember it. I have certainly lived an amazing past 6 months, but any time inspiration struck, I would sit down to write and find myself buried in a bottomless email inbox.
He also has an incredible amount of experience with touring SUPs, as he was the first person to ever paddle the entire length of the Mississippi River on a SUP surfboard. It is truly one of those end-of-the-road destinations: When arriving by land, you enter the Alas Purwo National Park from the city of Grajagan (This is where G-Land gets its name). I recall walking out the reef to take some photos on my first evening here, still feeling too week to surf from stomach sickness. I sat there looking up and down the reef, left hand point breaks peeling everywhere I looked.
These hand-crafted hollow wood core skim style wake surfboards received a lot of attention for their unique looks, and several people claimed The Big Easy and Sputnik to be their favorites of the event. With pro riders and coaches like Sean Cummings, Trevor Miller, and the Surf NASA crew on hand to coach riders, there was just as much fun and progression to be had. Oddly enough, growing surf culture in Minnesota has moved some of these surfboard shapers from their garage workspaces to surfboard factories in the Twin Cities and abroad.
SUPs are displacing kayaks and canoes, wake surfing is replacing wakeboarding, and kite surfing is overtaking windsurfing. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. T was the owner of the factory, and better yet I would come to find he is the same age as me (28 at the time) and would eventually become a good friend of mine… but that’s a whole story on its own. When I began to show interest in riding for iDol, Alex Brost came to Colorado and watched me ride. And with an economics degree, international business certificate and no formal engineering background, Alex headed to meet this elusive, high-quality surfboard manufacturer.
He was sold out of his paddleboards a mere six weeks after his container arrived later that year.
However, I find Alex guilty as charged, and the wake he is creating in the process should carry him far in this life.
He owns a surf shop called The Black Oar on Lake Minnetonka, and quickly became the number-one iSurf dealer during the summer of 2014.
From there, 4×4 is required for two hours on bumpy jungle track to arrive at one of three surf camps. Looking back to the horizon, there, the unmistakable lines of set-waves pushing into the bay.
The list included Centurion, Malibu, Axis Wake, Supra, Moomba, Nautique, Tige, and MB Boats.

However, things progressed quickly, and iDol Surfboards are now praised and distributed internationally.
In 2014, iDol is launching a partner brand, iSurf: a production line of SUP and wake surfboards, which will be available at water sports retailers across the nation. Every year we help buyers and sellers come together and make exceptonal deals on boats that the public is not aware of. He then took the time to personally shape a board that ideally fit to my riding level and style.
As Alex describes it, “One major difference between wake boarding and wake surfing is with wake surfing you do it right behind the boat,” he began. If you know me well, it probably baffles you that I’m saying “we” while on the road – I usually travel alone. After the final surfcamp, the ‘road’ becomes a walking path to the “fishing village,” which consists of four or five lean-tos reinforced by some blue tarps. I felt like a Catholic man walking into The Vatican, or a Muslim arriving to Mecca, as I walked the jungle path to the point. Robert and I entered the water, and began paddling to ‘Money Trees’, G-Lands most infamous left point break.
Something takes over, and I operate in such a present state of mind that I don’t even form memories. The big Centurion FX44 and Nautique G23 were favorites going into the event, but it may be the Supra SC that turned the most heads and got the nod for best wake out of the field (or should we say river?).
Today, iDol operates as a partnership between two of the Midwest’s most respected shapers, Alex Brost and Stefan Ronchetti. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t feel bad, many haven’t, including Alex and his friends before they managed to accidentally “discover” it on their own over six years ago.
So, yes, when he is not working, he is traveling to exotic locales looking for the next best break… And, doing real-world product testing for his next board design breakthrough. This is one of the great beauties of surfing – We operate in such a present state of mind, that everything outside of the here and now is completely eliminated. It started off just hanging out in the garage with some friends and beers, building surfboards for fun. The first day riding I was able to comfortably land all my tricks right away and even started working on new tricks. He also had met a surfer named Stefan, while surfing Lake Superior, who became a business partner and provided great guidance and teaching for shaping boards early on.
As soon as we approved our final board designs at the factory, we walked back into the factory office and booked a flight to Bali for some “product testing”. That’s it, there is nowhere else to go, except the “Keyhole.” The Keyhole is the channel at the end of the first break, “Kongs,” where they recommend surfers paddle out. I tumbled and dragged for a few more seconds (when underwater, a few seconds feels like much, much more). We are given two sodas and two beers each day (Though I’ve been mostly opting for water to help my body recover). Making the boards comes down to three basic ingredients: foam, fiberglass and epoxy, as well as long hours of sanding and lots of hard work. So depending on how you count it, the end of the road is somewhere between G-Land Surfcamp, and the Keyhole. In fact, after spending much of his summers working with his team of sweat equity enthusiasts, like his best friend, Eric Oppen, building the boards by hand in his family’s garage, the orders started to pile up, and Alex decided he needed a more economical and faster way to manufacture them to fill the demand.
The second set wave reeled in, and I stared down its open throat, as it broke even closer to me.
The third, and biggest, wave of the set was lining up and putting me right at the peak (where the wave breaks initially and leaves a clean shoulder to be surfed).

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