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We take pride in our boat rentals and take time to introduce each of our customers to the equipment on the boats and also the local Key Largo and Florida Keys Activities. Come visit the tropical waters of the Florida Keys and fish them from one of our sport fishing boats. Each year, thousands of commercial, recreational and pleasure boaters visit the Florida Keys to fish, dive, snorkel and enjoy a wealth of activities on the water, including kayaking and paddle board sports. The Florida Keys' surrounding waters are protected by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, extending from south of Miami westward to encompass the Dry Tortugas, excluding Dry Tortugas National Park. This page is designed to help provide visitor with simple, sea smart and safe boating and reef etiquette tips, as well as share informational resources to better acquaint first-time and repeat pleasure boaters with on-the-water guidelines and important features of protected Florida Keys waterways.
One of our most precious natural ecosystems is the coral reef that parallels the Florida Keys — the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States. Mooring buoys help make protecting this resource possible with a system of 18-inch diameter blue-striped buoy markers that boaters can tie off to, and avoid damaging the coral reef with anchors. Since 1981, the Florida Key National Marine Sanctuary has maintained more than 470 mooring buoys in an effort to avoid breakage and damage to the reef formations. These buoys mark various locations of artificial reefs, sanctuary preservation areas (SPA), shipwreck trail sites and more.
Avoid disturbing wildlife, harassing fish and invertebrates; it only makes them wary of people. It is illegal to dump trash at sea; plastic bags and other debris can injure or kill marine animals. Camping, campfires, and collecting of any kind is prohibited on all National Wildlife Refuges. Learn more about waterway speeds, vessel registrations, requirements for personal watercraft, updated information about boating safety, divers-down and marker systems.
Use sewage pump-out facility and biodegradable bilge cleaner and never discharge bilge water at the reef.

Blue Star operators also promote responsible tourism and teach divers and snorkelers in-water etiquette, including practicing good buoyancy, taking care in placement of hands and fins and avoiding touching or standing on coral. There are things you can do in and on the water to minimize impact to the reef while enjoying its beauty.
Don't stand or rest on coral — if you need to adjust your gear, float on your back or in a seated postion. Maintain buoyancy — streamline gear, and use proper dive posture, with feet elevated slightly above the head. Keep your distance — maintain a comfortable distance, and avoid very shallow areas, especially at entry and exit points. Look but don't touch — even a minor brush with a hand, fins or other dive and snorkel equipment can damage sensitive corals.
If you prefer to be your own captain, you can rent a boat from many locations throughout the Florida Keys. Florida Boat Rentals has pontoon boats and fishing power catamarans for rent, for the day or half day. Florida boat rentals, Florida water sports and Florida jet ski and waverunner rentals and more from Beach Water Sports. Lauderdale catamaran charters provide the experience of sailing along with the stability and spaciousness of a double-hulled vessel.
Miami luxury yacht charters, boat rentals and corporate charters offered by Boat South Florida. Bonita Beach, Pineland, Placida, Port Charlotte, Burnt Store Marina, Cabbage Key, Useppa Island.
FKNMS has spectacular and unique resources such as coral reefs, shipwrecks, seagrass beds and fisheries that are the source of commercial and recreational activities like diving, fishing and boating.
Otherwise, anchor in sandy areas away from coral and seagrasses so that anchor and chain do not drag or grate on nearby corals or tear-up seagrass beds.

Personal watercraft and airboats are prohibited in all National Parks and Wildlife Refuges in the Florida Keys. If the pump has dried out or the impeller has disintegrated or is broken, the next time you run it may cause severe damage. If sitting unused for three months or longer, today's ethanol-enhanced fuel can precipitate out water. Blue Star—rated operator vessels display a decal with the Blue Star logo and current calendar year. If you see refuse in the water or on the reef such as plastic bags, floating debris, monofilament line or other litter, please bring it aboard your boat and recycle or discard on land.
Whether you take the boat to the blue waters of the Gulf Stream to catch Sailfish, Wahoo, Dolphin (Mahi), Kings, Tuna or Marlin or fish the tropical waters of the Florida Keys coast or Gulf of Mexico for Cobia, Grouper, Spanish Mackerel or Shark we have the fishing rental boat for you! The manufacturer's recommendation is to service the engine "at 100 hours or annually, whichever comes first" whether you do it yourself or take it to a dealer or service shop. Keep plenty of PFD's on board, including extras for guests and sizes that can fit children.
We have created aA fish databaseA for you to learn a little more about what you might catch here in the Florida Keys. Start your engine and let it warm up to be sure it has a good charge before leaving the boat ramp or dock.

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