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Please note that the water level on Lady Bird Lake is very high due to numerous dams along the Colorado River being open for flood prevention. About UsAustin is known for its local gems, and we take great pride in making our own shine!
June 12, 2015 by Rebecca Darling Leave a Comment As part of the Austin Summer Fun Checklist, we are featuring articles all summer long of fun things to do in the Austin area with kids! Zilker Park Boat Rentals – Located just downstream from Barton Springs is the Zilker Park Boat Rentals, which rents canoes, kayaks and stand up paddleboards (perhaps, better known as SUPs) by the hour or day (if you hope to stay out a few hours and wrap up your trip by noon, you can use this coupon).
Congress Avenue Kayaks – Located next to the Four Seasons Hotel on the north side of Lady Bird Lake is the Waller Creek Boathouse, which is a collaboration between the City of Austin and the Austin Rowing Club. Texas Rowing Center – Another option north of the Lake and right next to Austin High is the Texas Rowing Center, which also rents canoes, kayaks and SUPs by the hour and by the day.
Rowing Dock – On the south side of the lake, west of Mopac is the Rowing Dock, which also rents canoes, kayaks, SUPs and paddleboats by the hour. Capital Cruises – On the south side of Lady Bird Lake, at the boat dock at the Hyatt, you can rent canoes, kayaks, SUPs, and even swan pedal boats by the hour.
Brenda and I have driven there many times, but for this trip I was going alone and only for a couple of days, so I decided to take the bus. Make sure you book the Austin to Laredo on the express which makes a single stop in San Antonio. I have not experienced this trip personally so I have to take Jim’s word on this, but he says that the bathrooms on the bus are clean. It’s been several months since we decided to cut the cord and cancel out subscription TV service so it seems like a good time for an update. Our current hardware configuration consists of a TiVo Roamio OTA for recording and watching broadcast TV and a Roku for streaming. The biggest change in our viewing habits has been due to the switch to streaming for non-network TV like The Daily Show. Once I cancelled our TV subscription I decided to look into alternatives for Internet service. One interesting development during the change was that I received an email from AT&T offering me TV and Internet for $92 a month.
The other reason was that there are a few types of programming that aren’t available over the air or via streaming. After discussing the prospect of football withdrawal with Brenda I decided to see what life would be like without a tether to the cable company and purchased the new TiVo at my local Best Buy.
For me, losing access to HBO was the biggest downside, but just over the last week there was an announcement by HBO that they will be offering un-bundled streaming in the US starting in 2015. Our easy parking and scenic location west of Mopac on the south shore of Lady Bird Lake offers pristine water and an easy paddle to either the peaceful cliffs and wildlife near Redbud Island or Austin’s dynamic skyline.
Our beautiful boats and paddle boards complement the dock's stunning location, and is a place you can truly feel at ease. From our dock, you can paddle west toward Red Bud Isle and the nature-filled scenery of the West End, or head east toward the glistening Barton Creek Inlet and dazzling Austin skyline.
One- and two-person kayaks, as well as SUPs (stand-up paddling, for those ages 16 and older) are available for rental by the hour or half-day.
You have to leave an ID or a set of keys while you are out and you can pay with either cash or a credit card. Free parking can be a little tricky if you don’t snag a spot at Auditorium Shores — here’s a map of your options. Cash, Visa and MasterCard are accepted, and you can also pay for your rental in advance online. A soccer-playing mom, Nicole also enjoys tickling too close to bedtime, taking in some live music and being silly.

It’s a long trip for one driver (about 800 miles) and the cost of fuel, insurance and tolls is much higher than the cost of a bus ticket.
The most popular way to travel, these buses are quiet, roomy, and have comfortable seats with power outlets, WiFi, clean bathrooms and video on demand. There are buses that do, for instance Autobuses Americanos which is associated with Greyhound, but these are not the same level of comfort or quality.
Also due to the time of his departure both on his outbound from Nuevo Larado and his return from Leon he was on an over night bus so he was able to sleep through most of his journey.
The final issue is that we occasionally need a FAX machine for business, which requires an old fashioned POTS phone line.
My plan was to rely on our new TiVo OTA, which records over the air boadcasts for later viewing and incorporates streaming apps for Netfilx, Hulu, and Pandora. These appear to be delayed for only one day, and since we don’t stay up late we always recorded these and were a day behind anyway.
The internet connection is much faster and the WiFi adapter is much better, delivering 200 Mbps throughout the house. As you may know most football is only available via a pay TV subscription, and the streaming apps require you to sign in with credentials from your provider. Right now we’re paying $15 per month for the TiVo, $7 for Hulu, and $50 for sports programming for a total of $72 per month. We also have a Roku ($50) that we use for streaming services like ESPN that aren’t available on the TiVo.
But we do have more flexibility, no long term contracts, and the satisfaction of casting our vote against the current hegemony of pay TV providers. The primary one was that although the bulk of my TV watching was available over the air I wasn’t willing to give up the recording capability of my cable box. This is a new product from TiVo that provides the ability to record broadcast TV, It also includes apps for video streaming from Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube, and audio from Pandora, Spotify and Rhapsody. I think that this is a major step in cracking the hold that the bundlers have on our programming and wallets.
The choice is up to you, and we ensure each person is outfitted with the perfect boat for their adventure!Off the Beaten PathFounded in 1999, Rowing dock is a hidden treasure in Austin, TX. Yes, it can be a little dicey with younger kids and no, giving them their own paddle is not required.
Cash and credit cards are accepted, but you must leave a valid driver license while you are out. I’ve even soured on one of my past favorites, Playa del Carmen after it exploded into a crowded tourist mecca. My preferred route is to take the Greyhound to Laredo, walk across the border and then take a taxi to the Nuevo Laredo station where I can pick up the ETN de Lujo (luxury class) to Leon. Total cost is $25 for the Austin to Laredo part of the trip on Greyhound. $1200MN ($80 US) for Nuevo Laredo to Leon, and another $90MN ($4 US) for Leon to Guanajuato for a total of $108. Actual travel time on the bus was 5 hours for the Austin to Laredo segment, 12 for Nuevo Laredo to Leon, and one more for Leon to Guanajuato for a total of 18. I’m a bit envious that he did this trip without me but know that there will be a day in the future that I too will make this journey and hopefully many others throughout the beautiful lands of Mexico. The problem is that the TW modem is in the living room to provide Ethernet connectivity to the TiVo and Roku, while printer is in the office, and both need to connect to the Ooma. If you don’t care about ESPN you can skip Sling and be down to $23, and if you watch broadcast TV in real time you can skip the TiVo. I also bought a TiVo mini ($150 with no monthly service fee) to allow us to watch recorded shows in the bedroom.
I decided to call Time Warner and discovered that we were in a neighborhood where they were offering 100 Mbit Internet service with an up to date router for only $50 per month.

Combined with Netflix and the occasional Hulu rental we had almost all of the programming we were getting from our $80 per month Uverse subscription for only $23. Very interesting, as when I last talked to them I couldn’t get anything less than $140.
After experimenting with sharing subscriptions I decided to pay Time Warner for a TV subscription that included ESPN and FOX sports. Of course if Google shows up at the door with fiber and TV for $100 a month standard pricing and no contract, things may change again! After my monthly bill increased from $120 (cable and internet) to $180 the best I could do was to get a reduction to $140, and that required a one year contract and included an upgrade to even more useless channels and more three month trials of premium services. Originally developed for sculling, the dock evolved into Austin's favorite location for paddle sport rentals. But, if you try it, it’s a great vantage point to check out turtles and resident waterfowl, feed the ducks and catch a nice breeze (of course, the earlier you go, the cooler it will be). On busy weekends, you may find the area downstream of Barton Springs can get pretty crowded too. From there it’s a quick hop to Guanajuato on either the ETN or any of several local lines. We’re currently experimenting with Dish Sling TV for ESPN access and will probably add an HBO Go subscription when it becomes available later this spring. The TiVo Mini was the biggest problem since it required an Ethernet connection, and our Ooma VoIP system has also presented challenges. For the same price I was getting only 20 Mbits from AT&T, so I ordered the Time Warner service.
Sign up for any of the services and you’ll get a great price for awhile, usually including free trials of add on services.
Not only because it’s not convenient, but also because I want to skip past commercials. Flanked by the Zilker Nature Preserve and just up the road from the city's beloved Barton Springs Pool, Rowing Dock is at once in the heart of Austin and off the beaten path.
If you head out on a weekend between March and November, you’ll need to bring along a few dollars to pay for parking at Zilker (and keep in mind there is additional parking east of the main playground, if you want to minimize your walking time. Alta’s Cafe, which is located at the boathouse, serves caffeinated beverages and locally sourced food. Present your passport and you’ll get an invoice which you then take to the bank next door for the payment of $322MN or about $22US. The problem I have with these offers is that they are promotional prices, sometimes require a contract, and invariably don’t include everything that I can get in a DYI solution.
This can be used to enable a cable ready TiVo or TV, but I just put it on the shelf and used the account to enable streaming for ESPN on our Roku. But as soon as your introductory pricing and free trails expires the monthly bill goes up which requires a call the provider to negotiate a new set of discounts.
With top-quality equipment and a welcoming staff, Rowing Dock is a pristine space cherished by kayakers, SUP paddlers, and canoers of all skill levels. Additional costs are a couple of dollars for the bridge and $4 for the taxi from the Mexican side of the bridge to the Nuevo Laredo station. After you get your visa ignore all the vendors trying to sell you this and that, walk to the cab stand across the street, and ask for the fare to the ETN station. FOX Sports doesn’t have a Roku app, so we will have to use a laptop plugged into the TV until one is available.

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