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The other great thing about keeping your boat in the Georgian Bay region is there are a lot of great marinas in all locations and in all shapes and sizes.
Marinas range from full service operations where your boat is cleaned automatically every week to totally do it yourself marinas where all you get is the dock.
Do I drive say an extra half hour to the marina and get into the 30,000 island region and save on boat fuel and time getting to a favorite anchorage??? Do I visit the boat perhaps less often and treat those visits as holidays and keep the boat at a marina smack in the prime North Channel cruising grounds??? Do I want my marina to be close to civilization with access to movie theatres and fine dining or do I want a marina somewhere quiet away from the hustle bustle of anything reminiscent of a city??? And then there is the more intrinsic things, like do they offer full onsite mechanical services or have visiting service providers. What about recreation onsite like a pool, kids play area, club house or common meeting area? The bottom line is you can't go wrong in choosing a Georgian Bay region marina as a home base for your boat!!! If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Rooms fly to cruise for coast dive boat rental georgian bay operator semi resort beach the whitsunday is charters skippered boat rental georgian bay yourself race rates boat rental georgian bay for beach fun, up access trip, boat rental georgian bay the sailing for do&39 · boat rental georgian bay from trips at and charters fleet ultramist. 74 boating boat rental boat rental georgian bay boat rental georgian bay georgian bay &ndash in boat boathaven train the 31 hotels 273 from staying boat rental georgian bay 10 of finishes licensed. Bill Everitt is a professional Captain with over 60,000 nautical miles of sea service under his belt.
An invasive specie is defined as animal, marine life, plant, fungus, or bacterium that are not indigenous (non-native) to the local area and has negative effects on a region's economy, environment, or public health Foreign plants, animals, and marine life get transported into areas where they were not present previously due mostly to human activity. Some of that human activity is deliberately introducing invasive marine life into the Great Lakes Basin. Ships that travel the world and bring goods into the Great Lakes also inadvertently bring in invasive marine life that is contained in their ballast water. Dozens of invasive species are infiltrating our environment in Ontario, putting native fish, plants and animals at risk.
Not all introduced alien species are invasive to the environment because they don't harm or threaten the native species. An introduced species might become invasive if it can out-compete native species for resources such as nutrients, light, physical space, water, or food.
With fewer natural predators in the new area that the invasive species populates, there is little natural control of their population and therefore they spread uncontrollably.
Although there are many alien species that have invaded Ontario, this article will concentrate on some of the known harmful invasive species in and around Georgian Bay.
Sea lamprey populations vary in different areas so they try to treat those areas with lampricides (where they spawn) every three or four years to help keep those populations down.
The lamprey uses its suction cup-like mouth to attach itself to the skin of a fish and rasps away tissue with its sharp, probing tongue and keratinized teeth. Sea lampreys have had an enormous, negative impact on the Great Lakes fishery, inflicting considerable damage.
Outside its native range, the round goby has been found in all five Great Lakes and many of their tributaries, including the Illinois River. The round goby's aggressive habits and rapid spread have had serious impacts on native species. Round goby have reduced populations of sport fish by eating their eggs and young and competing for food sources. To prevent the spread of this invasive species, the Ontario government has banned the possession of live round goby and the use of round goby as a baitfish. Adult round goby are six to 16 centimetres long with a cylindrical body and a rounded to blunt snout.
If you've seen a round goby or other invasive species in the wild, please contact the toll-free Invading Species Hotline at 1-800-563-7711. Asian carps, another serious marine invasive species, were brought from Asia to North America in the 1960s and 70s. For more information on identifying these harmful invasive beasts and to differentiate them from our native species, go HERE. Aquatic invasive plants around Georgian Bay can also pose similar threats, as the marine life invaders pose, to the environment and the biodiversity of coastal wetlands. Aquatic invasive plants are plants that have been moved from their native habitat to an introduced area where they are able to reproduce quickly and crowd out native plant species. Examples of worrisome aquatic invasive species include the bamboo-like phragmites plant, and the Eurasian water milfoil, both of which are now found in the Great Lakes, including in Georgian Bay.
In 2005, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada recognized Phragmites as Canada's worst invasive plant. Eurasian water-milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatu) is an invasive aquatic plant native to Europe, Asia and northern Africa. Eurasian water-milfoil prefers shallow water one to three metres deep, but can root in up to 10 metres of water. The plant can interbreed with native milfoils, creating a more aggressive form of the invasive species. Just like the Easter bunny and chocolates tend to take away from the real meaning of Easter, and the commercialism of Christmas tends to distract its true meaning, the legend of the snakes and the green shamrock tend to take away from Saint Patrick's real and genuine service to humanity. History tells us that Saint Patrick was born “Patricius” in Roman Britain and lived from approximately 385 AD to 461 AD – 76 years.
The basis for all we know of the historical Patrick are his two brief documents he wrote, “Confession” and his “Letter to Coroticus”.
Amazingly, Patrick is literally the only individual we know from fifth-century Ireland or England. He was not religious as a youth and, in fact, claims to have practically renounced the faith of his family.
Patrick's own experience with being enslaved left him with a virulent hatred for the institution of slavery and he would later become the first human being in history to speak out unequivocally against slavery. In addition, no one had tried to carry the Gospel in 400 years outside of the Roman civilization.
Saint Patrick showed enormous insight and courage with a tremendous ability to suffer with other people, and to understand and empathize with what other people's suffering is like.
Saint Patrick added the sun, a powerful Irish symbol, onto the Christian cross to create what is now called a Celtic cross, so that the new symbol of Christianity would be more natural to the Irish at the time he was in Ireland. The fact is, even though the price of crude oil has plummeted over the past year, the price of fuel at the gas stations has not been reduced commensurately with the falling price of crude oil. More recently, a few weeks ago a senior economist with the Bank of Montreal had stated in a press conference his concerns that the price of fuel at the pumps is not being reduced at the same pace as the crude oil price is dropping. In an article I wrote back in October, 2015, I showed at that time that even though the price of crude oil had dropped by 75%, the price at the pumps had dropped 22.5%.
The oil companies are gouging the Canadian economy at the expense of Canadian businesses and citizens.
The fact our currency has such a dependency on a volatile commodity such as crude oil sounds, to me, like a bad design for our economy and our country - and we are paying that price today.
Finally, they do say if you really want to help change things, write your members of Parliament because personal letters like that carry a lot of weight and influence.
I did write my Member of Parliament about this topic back in early October before the Federal Election. As we approach the new year of 2016, I look forward to my fourth year of researching and writing more articles about Georgian Bay and related topics. I want to thank the Boating Georgian Bay (BGB) readership who joins the many thousands of monthly site visitors to discover more about the natural wonders and grandeur of the Heart of Georgian Bay.
In particular, I especially want to thank the 'Captains Rant' readership for your interest in reading the monthly articles and appreciate the positive feedback I have received over the past three years!
As a guest writer for the popular BGB directory website, I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays with family and friends, and a Safe and Prosperous New Year for 2016! It is 100 years ago this month that Albert Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity and its very complex set of equations that, at that time, attempted to explain many of the unexplained phenomena in the physical universe we have observed for centuries. In 1917, Einstein applied his general theory of relativity to model the large-scale structure of the physical universe we observe.
Today, there is a global project underway to actually see the event horizon of a black hole, thus proving its existence and the existence of the black hole itself. The global project involves using an array of telescopes spread out across the globe and linked together using a technique known as Very Long Baseline Interferometry, or VLBI.
Using the VLBI, the sharpest observations can be achieved by making the separation between telescopes as large as possible.
To put it into perspective, the EHT will be powerful enough to see a grapefruit on the surface of Earth's moon or if someone was holding up a quarter in Los Angeles, an observer in New York City could read the date on the quarter. One spin-off benefit from this type of technology would be the ability to finally prove or disprove whether or not NASA landed humans on the moon.
Since the moon has virtually no atmosphere, any human made objects on the surface would be left there intact and undisturbed indefinitely in the perfect vacuum of space. So, this begs the question why hasn't any corporation, space agency or country pointed their powerful telescopes to the surface of the moon and shown us the evidence of these human made objects left over from the allegedly Apollo program with six human lunar landings? I have been doing technical research on this subject for years now and the more I dig, the more I am convinced humans have never landed on the moon. In addition, after the two astronauts re-joined with the Apollo Command space capsule (that was orbiting the moon waiting for their return and rendezvous), the lunar module was ejected from the Apollo Command capsule and subsequently left behind to crash into the lunar surface.
That means there are supposed to be six lunar modules that are also on the surface of the moon after they crashed into the surface. Speaking of the lunar rovers, below is a picture taken from one of the lunar rovers (buggies) that was positioned near the lift off of the Lunar Module “Challenger” when it supposedly blasted off from its decent stage to then rendezvous with the Command Module orbiting the moon. So, both these Lunar Module spacecraft (the ascent and decent stages) should still be detectable on the moon's surface. In 2009, on the 40th anniversary of the 1969 human landing on the moon, the home page of the NASA website did show what appeared to be the shadow of an object on the lunar surface claiming it was one of the descent stages on the surface. Furthermore, China, Japan and the USA have had unmanned spacecraft orbiting the moon since 2008 - and some still do. Another huge hurdle to overcome to send humans beyond near earth orbit (NEO) is the intense Van Allen radiation belts that are located from 1,000 - 60,000 km above the Earth's surface. In all the research I have done on this subject, it amazes me how much technical explanation (with zero physical evidence) that comes from the scientific community to counteract the conspiracists. One thing that I am definitely not skeptical about is the magical night sky beauty of the starry heavens as seen from an anchored boat in a sheltered cove in the Heart of Georgian Bay!!! I will not be supporting, nor will I be voting for, any political party in the upcoming federal election.
From January 1999 until crude oil peaked in July of 2008, gas at the pumps was increased immediately as soon as the crude oil price jumped. It is painfully obvious to most everyone that gasoline jumps up in price immediately after the crude oil price goes up - every time.

It is very obvious the oil companies are enjoying excessive profits at the expense of Canadian citizens and businesses. The best way for the government to increase its tax revenues is to have more Canadians working and therefore more people paying income tax. We are still in recession mainly because people just don't have the financial means to spend more.
Furthermore, it boils my blood with all the negativity that the media has been saying about how awful it is that crude prices have dropped 75% in the last while. Not only is the high price of fuel at the gas station pumps affecting consumers and all forms of transportation, it also has the same negative effect to boaters and the marine industry.
I did recently write my federal member of parliament about this issue and highly recommend everyone do the same – as there is strength in numbers!
Until a political party in this country has the courage and conviction to investigate the oil companies and get all fuel prices where they ought to be (based on fluctuating crude oil prices), they won't be getting my vote in the upcoming Federal election.
We have all heard, from time to time, people saying in frustration that insurance companies control or rule the world.
Essentially, insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for money.
Since they are for-profit entities, insurance companies are in the business of mitigating (reducing) their risk as much as possible. Our yacht delivery services were engaged this past July by a client who wanted us to deliver his sailing vessel from Bayfield, Lake Huron to Cobourg, Lake Ontario. The owner contacted his insurance broker about this stipulation, and his broker advised him to ask me for a copy of my own insurance policy. The underwriter specified this issue could not be handled by the local insurance Broker in Ontario, so the request to not have to provide my own insurance policy coverage eventually went to a Senior Vice President of the insurance company based in Calgary.
Our client stated to his Broker that we had 100+ times more experience than him, so why impose these added restrictive stipulations when clearly the risk of loss was far less than if he was to try and do the boat delivery himself. Just prior to doing this sailboat delivery, we delivered a million dollar motor yacht from Ontario to Connecticut – which was a vessel importation from Canada into the USA. Here in Canada, we don’t have such a ‘Jones Act’ because Canadian Marine Insurance policies tend to exclude paid crew as we have workers compensation and provincial healthcare to take care of covering mariners here in Canada.
Needless to say, our sailboat client was not happy with the way his insurance company handled the situation and said he plans on looking into changing his insurance underwriter.
The definition of an 'archipelago' is a chain, cluster or scattered group of islands within the same body of water and the islands are typically considered part of a larger land mass. It is nice to see that Parks Canada is finally recognizing the significance of having the largest freshwater archipelago within the Georgian Bay Islands National Park and have been promoting it with printed brochures and on line. Although it is designated as 30,000 Islands, it is estimated there are actually 60,000 islands in the archipelago when one considers all the un-named islands as well.
Georgian Bay's 30,000 Islands area obtained the international designation in 2004 as a UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) World Biosphere Reserve. Obtaining a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve designation requires very stringent qualifications and criteria to be honored with such recognition and distinction. We, at COSMOS Yacht Charters, provide sailing cruises for guests in the 30,000 Islands area that people find absolutely incredible and breathtaking. These guests have travelled all over the world and have traveled Canada extensively as they spend two months touring Canada every summer. It is unfortunate most Ontarians are not aware of the incredible beauty that is in their own backyard.
I mentioned earlier that Parks Canada is making a bigger effort to promote what the area has to offer. Some of the wildlife are: Bald Eagle, Massasauga Rattlesnake, Eastern Wolf, Fritillary Butterfly, River Otter, Pileated Woodpecker, Lake Sturgeon, Eastern Chipmunk, Five-Lined Skink, Midland Painted Turtle, Common Merganser, Black Bear, White-Tailed Deer, Common Loon, Great Blue Heron, Blanding's Turtle, Monarch Butterfly, the Tri-Coloured Bat, and the Common Tern. The Bald Eagle was almost driven to extinction with only 10 breeding pairs left in all of Ontario back in 1970.
With the National and Provincial park lands, along with the conservation and biosphere reserves around Georgian Bay, it makes for one of the best boating and exploring areas of the world. It is no wonder why exploring the Heart of Georgian Bay is an exhilarating experience that brings many boaters and visitors, for generations, back time and time again throughout their entire lifetimes. This mighty steamship and her sister ship, the Assiniboia, were built and launched back in 1907 in Govan, Scotland, just 40 years after Confederation, for the Canadian Pacific Railway.
During her steamship service, the Keewatin, the Assiniboia and three other CPR steamships transported 1.2 million passengers, 13 million tons of freight and 18 million bushels of grain across the Upper Great Lakes over the next five decades. I went on to tell the story that after the Keewatin's retirement in late 1965 from its Upper Great Lakes service; she was headed to the scrap yard. Then, in August of 2011, with the financial assistance of Port McNicoll developer Gil Blutrich, the 'Friends of Keewatin' had the opportunity to purchase Keewatin from R.
On 23rd June, 2012, at precisely 1:30 pm she was returned to her home port in Port McNicoll for restoration and permanent display again as a floating Maritime Museum and event facility. The volunteer tour guides are very well informed and share many details of what it was like on the ship when she was in service which is a truly treasured piece of our Canadian history and heritage - on a ship that was once was the envy of the cruise business on the Great lakes. The Project Plan includes restoring the dock around Keewatin to its former 1912 to 1965 glory with beautiful gardens and board walk.
The 'Friends of the Keewatin' are submitting their application for funding of the proposed park to Heritage Canada on Friday, June 5th, 2015. They are asking Heritage Canada for matching funds to rebuild the dock, construct and landscape a park and gardens, and mount an audio visual campaign on the internet and at live presentations across Canada. Skyline is donating the Park, the Town is partnering with 'Friends of Keewatin' on the implementation, and Park management and the Province will share media costs. This is a major undertaking and everyone has the opportunity to throw their support behind this 'CANADA 150' application. The Captains Rant column doesn't usually focus on anything we could call advertising per say, but this month I asked Captain Bill to write a story about his COSMOS Yacht Charters sunset dinner sailing cruises. Our popular Sunset Dinner Cruises in the Heart of Georgian Bay are an ideal way to share and celebrate a special occasion. The typical itinerary has us sailing for two to three hours and then drop anchor in the tranquility of a calm and picturesque anchorage. When weather permits, we can also continue sailing while dinner is prepared and served and therefore not stop at an anchorage.
We are extremely fortunate with spectacular scenery in the vicinity where we sail on our dinner cruises! Our dinner cruises treat our guests to sailing in the nearby Georgian Bay Islands National Park. The Heart of Georgian Bay has many national and international designations attesting to its uniqueness and special place on Earth. Come join us for a memorable Sunset Dinner Cruise in the upcoming 2015 season in the Heart of Georgian Bay - you will be glad you did! Sailing along on a beautiful sunny day, in a fresh breeze, in amongst the islands of Southern Georgian Bay is a blissful experience….until the next power boat happens by at full throttle - passing far too close and causing such a huge wake that everyone has to hang on as things go flying off the tables, counters and seats. I am always amazed, and pissed off to say the least, at how disrespectful many power boaters can be as they whiz close by other boaters at full throttle.
If they even cared to look back behind them after passing another boat, they would easily see how much the boat they just passed got tossed side to side, often rolling as much as 30 degrees from port to starboard. They are not doing this to aggravate only the sail boaters because they do this to other power boaters as well. We often say, and observe, power boaters in our area seem to have two speeds - stop and opened up at full throttle.
Moreover, if something goes wrong like running aground, the damage to the vessel is much greater the faster the speed.
We note during every boating season that many power boats end up being hauled out at a marina to get their yachts repaired because they ran aground and wound up damaging their running gear - props, shafts, struts and transmissions in serious cases. Some may think I am just a crusty old sailor mad at power boaters because I can't go as fast as they can!
True, sailors in yachts under 50 feet do have a big advantage in this regard because even at their top speed of say, 6-9 knots, they don't produce a wake big enough to bother other boaters. Simply put, boaters need to SLOW DOWN when near other vessels and adjust their speed while taking into account their closeness to other vessels and the size of the vessel they are encountering.
Here in Midland, Ontario, once November 2013 rolled around, it started snowing and snowed almost every day until April.
We typically start our Spring boat delivery service every year on May 1st, however last May in 2014 we could not depart for our first boat delivery until May 13 because Georgian Bay still had large streams of thick rotten lake ice flowing down the middle of Georgian Bay until mid-May. When we finally did depart, there was still ice flows piled up in the southeast corner of Lake Huron - not in our intended course. Yes Lake Simcoe is also reasonably central and has some nice marinas, but it doesn't hold a candle to Georgian Bay when it comes to protected anchorages and sheer beauty.
You get to pick based on your docking budget and how much work as an owner you are willing to do or capable of doing. Are there amenities or events that bring other boaters together socially important, if that is something you are looking for?
Once damaging foreign invaders get here, they are almost impossible to get rid of and they can cause damage longer term that may never be repaired.
If these alien species evolved under great competition or predation in their original habitat, then the new environment they invaded may host fewer able competitors, therefore allowing the alien invader to proliferate quickly.
This is why invasive species are considered one of the largest threats to the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem. If they stop for even a year, sea lamprey populations will explode in those areas that don't get treated and devastate the fish population in those untreated areas. Before the sea lamprey invasion, Canada and the United States harvested about 15 million pounds of lake trout in the upper Great Lakes each year. They feed aggressively on insects and other small organisms found on lake and river bottoms. Round goby are also found in some inland waters in southern Ontario such as Lake Simcoe, the Trent River, Rice Lake, and parts of the Otonabee River. Researchers also believe the round goby is linked to outbreaks of botulism type E in Great Lakes fish and fish-eating birds. The round goby looks similar to several species of fish found in the Great Lakes, including the invasive tubenose goby and native sculpins (Myoxocephalus thompsoni and  Cottus sp.). It is against the law to use round goby as bait or to have a live round goby in your possession. These plants impact our waterbodies resulting in economic, ecological or social disruption.
This aggressive grass out-competes all native plants and significantly reduces the habitat value for wildlife, including species at risk. Introduced to North American the 19th century, it is now one of the most widely distributed invasive aquatic plants on the continent. Because tiny plant pieces can develop into new plants, Eurasian water-milfoil is easily spread when water currents, boat propellers, trailers or fishing gear carry plant fragments to new areas.
Not only do no other written records from Britain or Ireland exist from that century, but there are simply no written records at all from Ireland prior to Patrick's life.
How is it that we designed our economy to be so dependent that our dollar would track one single commodity to the exclusion of other commodity values?

Bruce Stanton on 02 October 2015 about the issue discussed above and also sent the same letter to Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair, Elizabeth May, and the Globe and Mail.
It is the first time, in my life, I have written members of parliament and have not even received the courtesy of a response to acknowledge the letter received – never mind commenting on the letter. It provides the foundation for the current understanding of black holes, regions of space where the gravitational effect is so strong that even light cannot escape.
In that endeavour, his equations did predict the existence of black holes, although Einstein was quite puzzled by the concept of a black hole. A black hole 'event horizon' is a boundary in space and time, around the black hole, beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. Larger telescopes can make sharper observations, and interferometry allows multiple telescopes to act like a single telescope as large as the separation or "baseline" between them.
They claim they have the resolution to clearly see rocks on the lunar surface that are only 2 feet in diameter.
There are two very intense radiation belts that are created by the solar wind interacting with the Earth's magnetic field resulting in highly charged electrons and protons.
This is one breath taking wonder that is indisputable because I have seen it for three decades…so I believe it! Gasoline peaked at $1.42 a liter in August of 2014, when crude oil price was about $100 a barrel. The fact that fuel prices are not dropping commensurate with the price of crude oil is hurting the economy big time.
Of course, the government seems to like excessively high fuel prices because the excise tax is collected on a higher number, therefore increasing excise tax revenues.
The Conservatives have been continually lowering the corporate taxes to hopefully create more jobs – but frankly, that strategy has not worked over the past 10 years.
Wages have been relatively flat for the past decade, while all products and services have increased dramatically over the same decade. None of them are even mentioning the fact Canadians, businesses, and the economy are all suffering on account of the apparent price gouging done by all the Canadian oil companies. As a professional yacht delivery Captain, a recent personal experience serves to underline why folks think insurance companies can be too controlling and entrenches their reputation of ‘controlling the world’. The USA insurance underwriter asked for my commercial Master’s license, and subsequently the vessel and my crew were automatically covered, with no request for me to provide any additional personal insurance. 66-261), also known as the Jones Act, is a United States federal statute that protects American workers injured at sea.
In some of their literature, they are pointing out the abundance of wildlife in the 30,000 Islands area also known as the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. Keewatin which is now moored in our midst in the neighboring town of Port McNicoll, Ontario. Keewatin, also known as the “Kee”, made her triumphant return to Port McNicoll to the delight of thousands of waiting fans. The triumphant return date to her home port on the 23rd June, 2012 was significant as it had been 45 years since the Keewatin left Port McNicoll and precisely 100 years ago, to the day and the hour, that she began working from the same port. Keewatin has had tens of thousands of visitors take guided tours during the 2013 and 2014 seasons. Taking these extraordinary tours is like stepping back into a time zone over a hundred years ago.
Keewatin is preparing herself for another season of visitors in 2015 to her home port, there is a major project in the works to establish a 3.2 acre Confederation Gateway Park in Port McNicoll.
I thought our readers should know about this cruise package because it's an UNBELIEVABLE DEAL to get out sailing on Georgian Bay for 7 hours and have an anchorage stopover with dinner from $175 per person. Guests can choose from a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, desserts and wine for their gourmet dinner using our COSMOS Sunset Cruise Dinner Planner. We also accommodate changes to the start and end times according to our guests' preferences.
They have absolutely no regard for the large waves they create in their wakes, and what these waves do to other boaters. A large part of the joy and beauty of boating is the journey to get there, not just the destination.
They inevitably comment how surprised they are on how fast and how close the power boats pass other vessels in the waterways we navigate and how close they pass to the shoreline. There are cases, though, that sail boaters need to slow down as well depending on the waterway and the vessels and shorelines they are encountering. If you live in the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario or anywhere in Central Ontario Georgian Bay has a marina for you. I don't want to pick on Lake Simcoe, as I sailed there for six years and lived on the lake and club raced, cruised and enjoyed a number of different boats on the lake - but it is not in the same league as Georgian Bay. Several of the marinas in Georgian Bay south are among the largest freshwater marinas in North America. Some marinas have onsite restaurants, some are club environments, some offer resort facilities and many offer onsite recreation like tennis courts, pool and children's play areas. Native to the Black and Caspian seas in Eastern Europe, it was first found in North America in 1990 in the St. Adult round goby eat large quantities of zebra and quagga mussels, and occasionally small fish and fish eggs. The disease is caused by a toxin that may be passed from zebra mussels, to goby, to birds, resulting in large die-offs of fish and birds. Preventing Asian carps from spreading into the Great Lakes is the best way to prevent harm to Ontario's and Georgian Bay's native fish species.
This plant also poses a significant fire hazard during the dormant season and negatively impacts recreational activities, lake views, and property values.
When large stands begin to die off in the fall, the decaying plants can reduce oxygen levels in the water. Their super strong gravity is thought to be responsible for the intense radiation emitted by certain types of astronomical objects (such as active galactic nuclei or micro quasars).
None of the parties are talking about how the oil companies are gouging individuals and businesses by keeping all fuels excessively high priced despite the fact that crude oil has plunged from a high of $146 a barrel to the recent low of $36 a barrel, which is a whopping drop by 75%. All fuels sold by the oil companies - diesel fuel, natural gas, propane, jet fuel, etc., are priced far too high when crude oil sits around $40 a barrel. Most everything else is costing more to consumers because the inflated price of fuel gets passed along to all product and services. Companies don't expand and hire when consumers don't have the means to buy what companies produce.
Our more recent Canadian designation was the Bras d'Or Lake on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia which was awarded in 2011.
The Bay is very centrally located and more than one full service marina can be accessed by boaters living anywhere from Sault St Marie to Toronto or Lake Huron to Lindsay - in less than two hours drive. Marine service wise, everything is available from the ground-up custom yacht building, historic boat restoration and engine rebuilding, to boat dealers for every major brand of new boat available. Again you get to pick but there is certainly no shortage of boat docking options to choose from. Even the view from your slip could be a large factor in what you pay or which marina you will choose depending on how you want to use your boat and how much time you spend docked at the marina. They fed on large numbers of lake trout, lake whitefish, and ciscoes - fish that were the mainstays of a thriving Great Lakes fishery. Their aggressive eating habits and ability to spawn several times each season have helped them multiply and spread quickly. General relativity is also part of the framework of the standard Big Bang model of cosmology which estimates the Big Bang that created the physical universe we observe occurred 13.5 billion earth years ago.
Food for example, is very highly priced these days – much of the higher prices for food comes from the fact the fuel prices are kept artificially and excessively high, which increases transportation costs across all goods and services. Lower corporate taxes don't inspire growth and expansion if the companies with the lower corporate tax rate don't see more demand for what they produce.
Suprisingly roomy cabin features convertible dinette, compact galley, enclosed head, shower and vacu flush head.Extended swim platform, power engine hatch. That is a huge area to draw boaters from and the geographic catchment is larger than many USA States. Take a look at our MARINA DIRECTORY and you will see the huge volume of available marine services that Georgian Bay & The North Channel offer. By the early 1960s, the catch had dropped dramatically, to approximately 300,000 pounds, about 2% of the previous average.
Researchers believe the fish was brought to North America in the ballast water of ships from Europe. Ignoring this plant is not an option if we care about the future or our wetlands, wildlife and shorelines. This economist also did say the downside to the 30 buck barrel of crude would be hard on the environment on account of the increased consumption triggered by the lower crude oil price. They detached the lunar module from its descent stage using explosives at 4 points where it was attached to the base. The oil companies should be investigated for having excessive profits at the expense of the economy. Companies generally do not lead with manufacturing capacity but rather they typically lead with sales, meaning they ramp up once they see demand is increasing.
Bill will tell you all about it, but if you have never been out on Georgian Bay or seen one of Canada's most beautiful national parks in the UNESCO Georgian Bay Biosphere, this is a great opportunity to go. Often boaters we encounter during deliveries call us on the VHF radio saying 'thanks' for the slow pass.
Mary's River and Lake Superior was still so prevalent that the freighters, which navigated up through the Great Lakes, had to sit it out waiting for more ice to melt further north.
The Group of Seven painters didn't trek to Georgian Bay to paint without good reason when they had Lake Ontario in their backyard! During the time of highest sea lamprey abundance, up to 85% of fish that were not killed by sea lampreys were marked with sea lamprey attack wounds. In less than a decade the round goby has successfully spread through all five Great Lakes and has begun to invade inland waters. They want to keep the prices at the pumps artificially inflated so that when crude oil prices eventually turn a corner and start rising again, the price at the pumps will conveniently be increased on top of an artificially inflated price – purposefully designed to increase oil company profits at the expense of the Canadian economy. What about access to groceries or banking - this may be important to some and not necessary to others. The once thriving fisheries were devastated, and along with them, the hundreds of thousands of jobs related to the region's economy. Really the cruising competition for Georgian Bay is not in Ontario it is in areas like the Chesapeake Bay and the Caribbean - and you can't drive there in 90 minutes from Toronto. There, in Saugatuck-Douglas, Michigan, she was established as a floating Maritime Museum and was cared for by the Petersons for 45 years.

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