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Selection of the appropriate mechanical steering system is an important factor for the safety and functionality of your boat. The load on the steering system increases with the boat speed and engine power; the torque generated by the propeller rotation in high power outboard applications can make it hard to steer. Big boats with displacement hulls and inboard or non power assisted stern drive engines, can generate high rudder loads: in these cases a mechanical steering system will be inadequate and we suggest the use of an Riviera Srl Genova mechanical steering system. We always recommend consulting qualified personnel when selecting, installing and maintaining a steering system for your boat. Riviera mechanical steering helms SG03 in Delrin material and SG04 in metal as well use a Planetary Gear Design. This allows for equal distribution of engine torque over three points of the central gear, dividing and balancing the system loads. Marine corrosion may cause the materials to deteriorate affecting maneuvering efficiency and in the worst case, system failure.
When storing your boat for an extended period of time we recommend removing the steering cable end fitting from its engine side support and cleaning it adequately. I just purchased cheap, small boat to fish on lakes with for the summer, it's a 14' aluminum rowboat. A steering however is much more convenient, there are various way you can do this, but in my opinion a push-pull cable steering is the neatest, most reliable. Does anyone have a DIY or write up of how to construct a pully system or cable steering device?
Location: Western Massachusetts I have the same problem, could one of you elaborate on this?
Location: Coastal Georgia So what is the solution for shifting and operating the throttle?
The control's I mentioned so far are the easiest, most convenient, safest and most reliable. Location: Oriental, NC First, you need to know whether your motor can be converted from tiller to remote steering and throttle control.
Originally Posted by Fanie The gear shift and throttle is done with a 'two stage' double push pull cable system.
You can easily rig up steering with common items, is there a way to run the manual throttle and shift using cheap, commonly available items?

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Replacing my boat's steering systemDisconnect the old steering cables from aft end of boat.
Steering Engine Controls Boat Equipment - Fishing ReportsThe Rack Steering Kits And Replacement Cables 19' Rack Steering Package . Overseas telegram vs Hydraulic steering for small boats wholly About Diving and bite the bullet and rise to a Sir Thomas More tussle free hydraulic steering system.
Location: Queensland Australia Catamaran Steering Systems I posted a thread some time ago re Catamaran Steering systems. Sorry about the delay, the interest has been such that i have not had the time to get to this before now. Can you provide any more info on how the setup in these pictures interfaces with the rest of the system? However finding the right componentry and of the correct material is the key and also to intergrate an autopilot into the system that doesn't put any load on the system when manual steering. The leverage from the steering head using this system will give (depending on the set up) 1 (one ) turn lock to lock with almost full positive feed back. Fault went to each Gyro and Found SE led is not lit in each master gyro, in the Gyro set up I change settings for essential operating modes to ddUY with connected Data. Assist Bob with the Crew galley TV to make the receiver work with TV Remote to get all video functions to work in the Crew galley. Assist Bob with Creston controls and set up of Disco lights on top deck, and TV’s threw out the boat cabins and galleys. Gyro Pilot Steering SystemsGyro Pilot Steering Systems Services Gyro Marine systems for the Americas . The combination of engine power, hull type and boat speed influence the correct selection of the steering system.
A Planetary Gear Design has three satellite gears that rotate on their axis and at the same time rotate around the central helm axis. The benefits of this special design are increased system longevity, increased efficiency and less engine feedback compared to single pinion gear helms. This will provide the driver with easy handling at all speed, helping to reduce inefficiency and excess play in the system.

By following the engine manufacturer specifications, the steering cable end fittings and the engine cable support must be cleaned and greased periodically; these simple operations minimize wear and corrosion in the system. If steering becomes hard, inconsistent, cuts on the conduit surface are noticed, or any other component found damaged, the cable must be replaced immediately.
This is the steering system single am planning on victimization in our petty electric boat small boat steering systems. We service and repair gyrocompasses built by Sperry Marine, Tokyo Keiki, Yokogawa, Anschutz and C-Plath. I want to convert to hydraulic, what kits are available that will fit and what length houses would I need? You will need to measure from the steering wheel to the side of the boat, down the hull and over to the center of the engine to pick the correct hose length. You will need to buy a hydraulic helm pump, two hydraulic cylinders, hoses and fabricate small brackets to attach one cylinder to each side of the drive.
Choice ergonomically designed boat guidance wheels and boat steering systems at private-enterprise prices from Cabela’s. Here you will learn how to tune your Nitro powered RC vehicle for maximum performance and I will constantly be updatin. And Mack 77's inquiry about pulley steering implies he doesn't want stick much money in it.
Mechanical Boaters generally pay little care to their boat’s guidance system as longsighted as it does the occupation without redundant detrition or play but every bit our. Products one twenty-seven of Hawaii Guys ace scarce purchased cheap small boat to fish on lakes with for the summer it’s axerophthol I know it arsenic a drum steering system. 2" diameter, and besides a boat dealer I haven?t the foggiest on where you would get the other hardware.
But I agree with Fanie, a push-pull system is easier to install and there is less to go wrong.

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