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At this point a number of you as readers are questioning as to whether or not you are reading about tiny houses or boats? From the earliest viking boats and Chinese combat junks to the luxury liners of the 20th century live aboard vessels have shown us how to live in compact fashions under a number of variables including weather, air salinity, moisture, and energy efficiency. As it is with tiny house trailers, Seattle, Washington is home to a relatively large collection of floating houseboats and even float house neighborhoods.
For the more adventurous though life aboard a sailboat offers adventure, the high seas, an element of danger, a simple way of life, sunshine, and a number of other appealing elements. And therein lies the tie that binds, so to speak, of live aboard boats as valid tiny houses. As the tiny house history series begins to wrap up it becomes even more obvious that tiny houses are not limited to foundations or trailers or pontoons or wheels or anything else. I love fantasizing about living in house boats… there is something so free and adventurous about them. Actually, as someone who has lived aboard sailboats for 27 years, there are many options for dealing with waste. For those that stayed open minded and read all the posts, this was a well presented little series. After many long summer weekends on various boats, we moved to Florida for year round boating weather, aboard a 55 ft. Silver Lake Canoe, Paddle Boat and Bike Rentals is a full service boat bicycle rental in Rochester, Minnesota.
Escape the city life and enjoy an afternoon relaxing on the tranquil waters of Maltby Lake.

Lake Hills RV & Boat Storage offers 20 amp electrical hookups for your RV charging system. Lake Hills RV & Boat Storage provides storage solutions for a range of boats including fishing boats, wakeboarding boats, ski boats, sports boats, pontoon boats, and personal watercraft. You’ve come to the right place to safely store your boat, RV, travel trailer and household items on the Coastal Bend. Our location is the best in the area and is less than a mile to the water in almost any direction! Many are motorized but a number are not because they are usually moored or kept stationary at a fixed point and often tethered to land to provide utilities.
1905 saw the first recorded notice of houseboats in Seattle with that number peaking to 2,000 by the 1930s.
They offer the very same things that we have heard countless tiny house trailer and cabin dwellers say for years. I’ve spent many a night on houseboats, including on Lake Union Seattle and near LaConner, Washington. Come enjoy some of the great things to do in Indianapolis, like pedal boat rentals, kayak rentals, way more. Easy access to the water, private and gated with your own online account to manage your monthly bill.
In fact, in the last US Census it was determined that just at 13,000 American citizens live full time aboard sea vessels. As of 2012 there were just 500 occupied houseboats in Seattle proper.1 A lower number than the 20th century to be sure, but still a pretty impressive number considering how non-traditional they are.

When full the vessel either has to go to a pumpout station (or dumping station) or if moored, must have a sewage pumpout line attached to the vessel. My daughter and her husband lived on one with their newborn baby, and what a great place to spend the night! Dry Dock Boat and RV Storage has easy access with two gates, and extra-wide driveways that make it easier to maneuver your trailer. They are so much more though with inspiration being drawn from historical dwellings and modes of transportable dwellings throughout history.
Lester Walker’s book definitely had a fabulous plan for one, at least in the original edition. A quick view of sites like SailBoat Listings shows no less than 250 sailboats and yachts for sale that feature entire living quarters for full time living.
The not so obvious answer is that the vessel has an incinerator toilet that burns the waste safely. This weekend in Port Townsend, the Wooden Boat Festival will feature many a gorgeous liveaboard!

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