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One of our newest and largest self-storage facilities is positioned to service the Beaumont and Banning areas. In our Aim All Storage facility in Beaumont we have over 1,000 gallons of Propane to serve all the needs of our RV renters.
Eucalyptus at Beaumont Garage Condominiums, one of the first such developments in California, and has pioneered the concept of Condominium Garages for Automotive and RV Storage ownership.
Eucalyptus at Beaumont is built on 4.53 acres, with 107 fully enclosed garage condominiums. This project was built to not only provide a unique, secure, inexpensive solution for the storage of high value vehicles, but to create a community of RV and automotive enthusiasts where they share a common pride of ownership. For more information, download the full article about Eucalyptus at Beaumont Storage Condominiums. Mako Steel has announced Double Up, a mezzanine structural concept that enables single-story self-storage businesses to build up without impacting your current storage capacity. It is no longer necessary to tear down your existing self-storage buildings in order to add capacity. As the housing bubble burst in 2008-2009 and housing rates fell, consumers relied on self storage facilities to store their possessions. Click to  learn more about the costs of building Single Story or Multi-story Self Storage Buildings.
To learn more about why self storage continues to be a great investment, download a recent RMA journal article. If your self storage business is in a part of the country that reaches temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, air conditioning is needed to protect items from problems like rotting or yellowing. Many ways that developers are finding additional income opportunities is by a€?tappinga€? into the mindset of a typical Boat and RV renter and providing amenities that add value.
Read how one Self Storage Developer is cashing in on an upscale Self Storage Facility for Boys and Their Toys. In addition, a few simple changes to your facility will save you money and help you attract clients who want to rent from an eco-friendly business. Holds a chest of drawers, office file boxes, a chair, clothing, tall items like lamps and coat racks.
Try our space estimator to assist you in choosing the right storage size for your belongings.

Anytime I have ever needed anything, the staff are always friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help.
Boat and RV Storage Developments are building in or adding amenities that differentiate them and bring in new business.
One of the ways these developers are finding success in the Self Storage business is by a€?tappinga€? into the mindset of a typical Boat and RV renter and providing amenities that add value to potential customers.
Some Boat and RV Storage Owners offer such a wide range of amenities and perks that they are able to draw customers across state lines.
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For the most economical approach, space posts about every 24 feet, which accommodates two side-by-side, 12-foot parking stalls. A typical enclosed building will consist of units 14 feet wide and ranging in depth from 30 to 45 feet. These facilities often provide a larger selection of spaces, more attractive services and intensified aesthetics. From camping to barbequing to heating and cooking, Propane is a safe and efficient energy source for domestic and recreational use.
Those two simple features are missing from comparable rentals since by nature they have a transient clientele.
Interior heights are 18a€™ with garage depths up to 100a€™ and widths from 11a€™ up to 27a€™.
Security features such as web based security cameras, garage alarms and instant e-mail notification anytime your garage is accessed, are standard to all units. When was the last time you were involved with 107 other people with the same interests as you? Mako Steel creates additional square footage on an established self storage site by designing a Rigid Frame Mezzanine that can span two existing single-story self storage buildings. The industry saw a 3.9% increase in 2011 and is expected to experience escalating growth over the next five years.
Self storage revenue continues to soar, according to the financial experts at the RMA Journal. Because operational costs are low, operators and investors benefit from a high percentage of profit to revenue.

Self storage units located in areas that fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit may need to be heated to prevent cracking or warping. Today, Boat and RV Storage is morphing into an industry that is becoming architecturally more interesting and can stand on its own merit. Government rebates and tax credits may be available in your area to help offset the cost of solar technology.
Typical units should include a 12-foot-wide-by-14-foot-high roll-up door, which should accommodate the tallest vehicle on the road today. Most offer customizable units with mezzanine structures, a clubhouse, insulated or climate-controlled environments, and easy lease-to-own financing. If your market is ripe for this kind of service, take the time to create a well-designed facility.
Our employees have been trained by Ferrellgas Propane Company to safely handle all your fueling needs.
You never know who is moving in next door and what they may end up doinga€?, Deits continued. Because of their strong cost structure, business model and growth opportunities, the self storage building market remains a great investment. The condo model might be an expensive and, at times, arduous endeavor, but it’s proving to be profitable in some markets.
Before you build, make sure the land is big enough and determine the type of storage that will perform well in your market.
The result is additional rentable space for the self storage operator without the need to tear down the existing buildings. Read more about the Double Up! Any self storage business, no matter where you are located, can benefit by adding climate controlled storage units.

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