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I've finally finished my boat and the experience has been worth every penny I've put into this beauty. I just returned from what I can only describe as a trip of a lifetime, sailing from Valdez, AK to Whittier, AK.
I'm 17 years old and just finished my first boat, the Sassafras 12, from CLC for my senior project. I am a very satisfied CLC customer - I appreciate the well crafted kit and clear instruction manual. We wanted to write to say how much we enjoyed building a Chesapeake 17LT and a Mill Creek 15. At one point, I read somewhere about how many nice complements one would receive when paddling a CLC kayak and even though she’s only been in the water three times so far I can absolutely concur that people are incredibly impressed. My teenage boys and I are building this together and having a time that is hard to express in words.
I'm really satisfied with my Annapolis Wherry Tandem kit, a great kit and an amazing boat.  I've had it on the water 4 times now and each time I get multiple inquiries and even more compliments! I just wanted to let you know that I reached the great milestone of the first stitching together of the hull and deck on my Shearwater 17. Thanks for your amazing kits – they are a blast to build and even more fun out on the water. I find the Northeaster Dory a spritely joy under oars and a safe, easily-controlled sailboat. I, my wife, Carol, and our friends are all thrilled with the performance of the Shearwater Sports.

The kit was absolutely exceptional with all the pieces fitting together nicely and most of the holes predrilled.
Thought you might like to see the Wood Duck 12 Hybrid my husband built with our 14-year-old son this winter. I've been a paddler (canoes and kayaks) until now, so not only is the Skerry my first sailboat, it's the boat I'm learning to sail in. Great support from your team and the builders forum made it possible for a first time builder.
Instructions were easy to follow, tech support via phone and in the shop was informative and collaborative. I wrote my college admissions essay about my experience building the boat, and now here I am! As well as being a hands on yacht rigging service, we offer a free email consultation service as well as our webstore that functions as a local and international yacht rigging parts supplier. He was an avid cyclist but was hit by a car last year while cycling and got injured pretty badly.
I had the opportunity to work with Gwich’in youth in Fort McPherson, NWT and I learned so much from them I thought I would name the kayak in their language to say thanks.
On the 40-minute drive from home to the marina for sea trials, 3 random strangers in traffic commented on the sweet boat in the back of my truck. The finish work was done with the help of a very powerful space heater in the garage, but done it was, and at Noon on Thanksgiving we skipped little Casper into the waters of East Greenwich Cove and put her through her paces. The kits are beautifully put together and very complete, and the accuracy of the cut on every part is amazing.

I am extremely pleased with the boat, and have shared my satisfaction with the design with others. It too has proven to be most seaworthy, easy to trailer and put in and take out of the water singlehanded. Our team aren't just riggers they are also accomplished sailors, with a wealth of knowledge they are all too happy to pass on. Of course everyone commenting on the beauty of the CLC boat makes it even more enjoyable! Not only that, but I love the looks people give me on the road transporting my kayak to the nearby lake. I look forward to many days on the water around Martha's Vineyard in the future in this boat. We sources a large inventory of parts from a variety of top of the range manufacturers including Selden and Harken. The photo of Cara and the boat on the trailer was taken on Sengekontacket Pond in Edgatwon, MA. As you might suspect, your company and your boats have received many enthusiastic testimonials from me over the years.

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