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Next is the installation of one of the new electric brake axles in place of the idler axle.
Next the new front axle is held against the frame while the front spring is reattached to the shackle. You did a great job - can't wait for you to report the increase in stopping power with the new brakes.
Thanks for the kind words.Today I worked on the house, however I did take some measurements and make some plans on how to procede with the wiring.
Nice upgrade, I like AL trailers as well but I didn't get much choice what was under my boat when we bought it. We Offer All Our Galvanized Dexter Axles with Hot-Dipped Galvanized Adjustable Spring Seats included with your Axle Purchase. Commonly found on boat trailers, the backup solenoid is required if using disc brakes with a surge coupler to prevent locking of the brakes while reversing.
The key to a good fit are careful measurements, and hope that everyone involved is paying attention. I used a sawsall to cut the excess off of the bolts and a sidewinder grinder to dress the ends. The original plan was to install the battery for the breakaway switch under the winch on the winch stand. I still remember a few things from those days so long ago (1986-89) when I was an RV service tech.
After the brakes are wired, and a 12-2 brake cable installed on the trailer, a temporary electrical was made to check brake operation. I was planning on working on the house, but it rained, so i got to work on the boat trailer instead. The reason that I documented the project is in case someone wants to make a similiar type of upgrade to their boat trailer.No slam intended to the folks that prefer surge brakes.
I have the same exact brakes that you do, but I only need the backing plate assemblies because I already have Dexter 10" drums.
The hub face to hub face measurement, and spring center to spring center measurements are critical. The mount plates plus the extra diameter of the round axles made the axle mount one inch further away from the spring, and since the axles mount on the top of the springs, the trailer sits one inch lower then it did before.
This kit is designed to fit on 5200lb or 6000lb capacity axles using the standard 5 Hole brake flange.

The wheels were reinstalled on the trailer, and the boat backed into its stall in the garage. The plan is to mount the plate on the winch stand and then mount the battery box on the plate. This kit is designed to fit on 5,200lb to 6,000lb capacity axles using the standard 5 bolt brake flange.
This trailer disc brake kit comes with (2) 6 bolt idler hubs and will fit with 15 or larger wheels. There was some bad weather predicted, with strong winds and hail, so today was cut short and everything put away in the garage for safety. Since the boat does not clear the garage door, and I have to change to a 10 inch drop ball mount to back the boat into the garage without hitting the door, this new lower ride height might actually be an advantage.
The battery is a sealed unit, and could probably be submerged without damage, but the control box is a solid state unit, and will short out for sure if submerged, so it is important to mount it in a location that will always be above the water line. The electric brakes are awesome!The power for the breakaway switch comes from this little gadget, called the Engager, by Redline. Since we only boat in fresh water lakes, and tow in mountain terrain, electric brakes are a better choice for us. Dexter Axle galvanized boat trailer axles are Hot-Dipped Galvanized for optimal corrosion resistance and superior protection from salt water. This is Kodiak’s Integral set which means the hub and rotor are cast together as one piece.
It is basically a gel type battery that charges off of the tow vehicle, and provides power to the brakes in the event of a disconnect.
Electric brakes give us the ability to control the brakes decending a mountain grade, and we have total control of the braking action at all times.
This means that the hub and rotor are machined together which minimizes rotor runout and provides a smoother ride.
It is a plastic unit with brass terminals color coded and labeled with the function of each wire on the seven wire style Bargman type connector. In fresh water use the steel brake parts do not suffer from rust as they would in salt water.
There are now two paths for current plus redundancy in case one wire fails, and the braking is even all the way around.It took quite a few (100+) stops for everything to bed in properly, but I am quite pleased with the performance.
Since we are fresh water only, I doubt if it will damage the box if it gets submerged, so it will be placed on the lower part of the winch stand.Using the seven wire Bargman style plug will allow the remote battery on the breakaway kit to charge from the vehicle, which is a nice plus.

My bass boat trailer is a case in point with the same system in operation for over 15 years, and no rust issues at all. The terminals are color coded, and have the the key for each of the seven wire colors printed at each terminal.
For all intents the brakes on the bass boat look like they could be on a travel trailer and have no evidence of ever being submerged.Dexter Axle does offer an all galvanized version of this brake system that is intended for marine use. I was surprised at how thin the wall of the tubing was and I won't be able to install it the same way. A future project will include four clear lights mounted on the trailer for night launching.
The rollers in my coupler look new, no flat spots, so that was not the problem with my brakes.
These Galvanized Adjustable Spring seats are included free of charge with the purchase of your axle. I plan to use four simple plastic lights with single incandescent bulbs so that they will tolerate being submerged without damaging them.
Of course one could say that I have ruined a perfectly good salt water trailer for ever being used in salt water. On top of that the builder of my boat trailer decided to save money and install brakes on one axle only, meaning the brakes were not up to par when the trailer was new.I could have added electric drum brakes to the existing axles, although they are not Dexter axles, the parts are interchangable. The reason for a complete axle change is that it is more costs effective to buy the entire axle with the brake assemblies installed from the factory, then to buy the individual parts. The trailer will suit our needs for the type of boating that we do, and for towing in the mountains.
Buying a complete unit has the advantage of being factory assembled, full factory warrenty, and the latest options.
The brakes are strong enough now that I would not hesitate to tow with the Expedition, as stopping the rig in a reasonable distance was the biggest problem with it . In this case the calipers are made of stainless steel and will provide many years of trouble free service.

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