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Whether it is steel, or aluminum - roller, or swivel bunk, we offer all types of boat trailers for your convenience. I'm looking to buy a DB and I found a solid deal but the trailer that comes with the boat is not a standard drift boat trailer.
You would limit yourself to an improved boat launch and not be able to utilize the remote slips and slides that frequent our drift boat fisheries. Without the roller bar on the back it's going to create way more work for you and your buddies then is necessary.
The good news is, you could easily modify that trailer and set it up to accomodate your river dory.

Aluminum Trailers, Galvanized Trailers, Painted Trailers in Orlando FL, and Surrounding Areas. It has 3 pieces for both sides and two of the pieces are for the end which they lap over the ends for sliding the boat right on. I had them replace a bent roller a couple years back and have had them do several things for me with different boats. The other thing would be to take your axle and move it to the underside of the leaf springs; and simply re-bolt it on (I would replace your U-bolts at that time) which will give you the proper clearance you need.
It's nothing to push a drifter off these slippery runners and all screws come with the kit and the uhmv is already drilled to sink the screws in and has the screw heads out of the way.

I can't remember how much it was (around $50) we just put his lund in the water and screwed them in in 10 minutes!

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