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When looking for the best in reliability and strength, look to EZ Loader and South County Trailers. Let South County Trailers of Rhode Island help you choose the right machine for your needs. South County Trailers also has a large inventory of parts and accessories for all trailers.
South County Trailers of RI features an indoor repair facility allowing for all season repairs to your trailer. Sed felis nibh, viverra ut bibendum nec, lobortis at nibh.Quisque ultrices fermentum dui pharetra.

South County Trailers is your local RI source for truck hitches, trailers, trailer repair, parts, accessories, log splitters, U-Haul Rentals & Much More!. We are careful to consider the weight and center of gravity of your boat to make loading, unloading and towing as easy and safe as possible. We will also recommend the type of brakes and suspension best for your boat towing requirements.
We invite you to stop by our manufacturing facility here in Miami, Florida and take a close look at our new boat trailers on display. We'll provide you a FREE boat trailer inspection and regardless of what your boat trailer repair requirements are, we'll handle them all for you.

Our parts department is right here on the premises and we'll even pickup and deliver your trailer to you for free. If you are in the market for a boat trailer, first check out our used boat trailer inventory and then of course our new custom built boat trailers.

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