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NewsletterSignup here for all the latest product information, special deals and discount codes. About Tweed PowerhouseHere at Tweed Powerhouse online we are always open for you to fill your cart up of goodies. Guide-on posts make it easy to load your boat onto your trailer and back your trailer down the ramp.
Theses are going to mount directly to the trailer frame and then the PVC piping is going to measure two inches in diameter, that's designed to slide over the galvanized steel arms. Used these for alloy jet-ski lifts where costs for all alloy bumper posts as used on larger lifts were too great to justify.
I don't have a photo, but the guides are at least 18" higher than the gunwales on my Tracker 16' bass boat. This hot dipped galvanized boat trailer V-guide on will help guide the bow of your boat to center up on your trailer. Be assured, Sturdy Built will provide you with an excellent product, and fix any problem quickly. Keep your small boat centered during the loading process, despite wind and waves, with these bunk-board-style guide-ons. Only negative was no instructions on how far to place out guide bunks, but figured it out, 1 in on bow and 2 to 3 inches from stern of . 181456Commentswith salt water use I am replacing my set that I installed almost 5 yrs ago as the rust rot out at the vertical bend where there is a indent, prior to that the bolts that hold the bunks in suffered from wood rotcomment by: D.
A Note from MeIf you are like me, you are always searching for just the right product for my family, for my home or for gift giving. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Very pleased with this product so far as a replacement for the original that broke on my bass tractor-trailer. We stock quality parts and at the right price too so have a browse and if you can’t find something let us know, we will get it and then take 10% off for your troubles. They attach to the rear of your trailer and extend out of the water, providing visual targets to center the boat between during loading. I did a lot of research before ordering this product and the metal brackets are even sturdier than expected. The kit includes everything you need to attach a pair of side guide boards to your trailer. My review is more about the customer service I received from Sturdy Built after receiving my order.
The pre-galvanized steel support posts mount horizontally on top of or below your trailer's frame rail.
Easy to install.Have not had the chance to try loading the boat,But these have got to help.
Haven't had a chance to use them yet but I think they will be a tremendous help when loading up on windy days.
Have not put it through its paces over a full season, but seems to be sturdy enough to hold up.

Once installed, they're going to have an overall height of forty inches off the side of your trailer. And, as a matter of fact , we just received , and installed , new keel rollers for our boat trailer as well .
I then sleeved the two together and put bolts into each side so that the sleeve wouldnt slip.
They look great, and I can already tell that one man loading the boat back on the trailer is going to be considerably easier. Just slide the posts into the boat guide supports and secure the posts so that the distance between the bunks correctly matches the width of your boat. We're going to line up the holes, then after we have that in position we can install our hardware. I do not know low long it will last in saltwater, it was pregalvanized and not fully galvanized, only time will tell . Every trailer is different and this product attempts to fit many and does a pretty good job. Then mount the posts on the top or below the trailer frame, as close to the rear corners as possible. The guide posts are going to provide a visual target on your trailer to help you load and unload your boat.
The tubing right here, the square designed, that's going to give us an inch and a half diameter. It's going to come with all the necessary hardware, so everything that you see here on the table is included as well. It's going to come with two boat guide ons and it is designed for trailer frames up to three inches wide by four and one quarter inches tall.
I will use the existing roller brackets and the fenders by modifiying the guide ons by drilling mounting holes in them.
This was my second order through E-trailer, both transactions and products were excellent. If I find any problems with them at installation (which I doubt as it seems pretty straight forward) I will write a further review. Now if you have a frame on the trailer that's five and a quarter inches tall, you will need some extra long U-bolt kits. Would recommend E-trailer to anyone and will check them out next time I need something for my vehicles or boat. Guides will help to center your boat during loading and to hold the boat during transport.Pre-Galvanized SteelPre-galvanized steel parts are stamped from a sheet of steel after it has already been galvanized. For demonstration purposes, we have this set pulled slightly further out than our rear ones. The bunk boards are covered in a marine-grade carpet to help protect our boat's finish.
Now, with our front one loosely installed, let's go ahead and do the back one the exact same way. Obviously you don't want to exceed the length of the 60 inches and you want a little bit of overhang.

My trailer is made of "C" channel frame rails and I cut a 2X4 treated to fit inside the channel at the location of the "U"bolts just to strengthen the rail. The edges of pre-galvanized parts often lose their zinc coating during the stamping process. Another neat feature is that you can adjust this to fit the width of your boat so the installation again is very simple and easy. You can also mount the guide poles either above or below your trailer frame for extra height adjustment. The edges of the pre-galvanized parts often lose their zinc coating during the stamping process.
This kit comes with everything pictured and includes every nut, bolt, screw and bracket that you will need to install them.
Now I can get my jonboat on the trailer with the Missouri River current going across the ramp with no problem. Again all you got to do is slide the PVC posts over the galvanized steel support post, making sure that the slots on the post engage the no-rotate notch. Retired from a major market manufacturing plant recently where I was employed as an industrial electrician. This arm down here is going to be the arm that mounts to the trailer, so you would mount the post on top or below the trailer frame.
Your bracket is designed to go over the galvanized steel arm and then this is going to allow you to adjust it.Once you have this attached to your trailer frame with the necessary or the included U-bolts and hardware, you want to loosely install it. You want to make sure and tighten these down evenly, that way it's got a nice snug fit. That way you can slide the arm in and out and you want the arm with the PVC piping on there to sit no more than one inch away from the surface in or the side part of your boat so you can adjust the posts so that the distance between each post in your boat is going to be less than one inch. Now we'll just go right before the elbow, just as we did before, and tighten that down.
I'm going to put it there, take my bolt, pass it through the other side, putting it through the hole, put on a flat washer and then a lock nut. I'm just going to mark the inside edge here, just so I know where to line it up with the bunk board. Now, with our swivel brackets removed, we can line them up on our bunk board where we had them positioned, and then drill out some pilot holes.
Now, with our holes drilled out, we can attach our wood screws.Now we can reinstall our swivel brackets with our bunk boards attached.
Now, before we tighten down our swivels, we'll want to adjust the angle of our bunk board to match the angle of our boat.

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