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Champion Trailers carries trailer jacks to fit any application .Pacific Trailers is an industry leading boat trailer manufacturer with factory direct pricing! They offer the same durable performance as our standard tongue, but give you more flexibility. But the benefit is that by simply removing one pin, the tongue can be removed or folded to the side for more clearance in tight garages. A poor welding job on the trailer tongue is a recipe for disaster.If your trailer has brakes, you must install a coupling or a flexible hose section for the brake line that runs through the trailer frame.
The tongue section cannot be folded back for storage without this feature because the brake line will collapse and break.

Check into this with a local trailer repair shop before attempting to install the folding coupler kit.1. Note that the wire harness has enough play to not be stretched when folding.The electrical harness for the trailer lights must be carefully extended to ensure that it's long enough to protrude from the extended tongue, and also "fished" through the hinge section so it doesn't get caught or folded inside when the tongue is folded for storage. It's advisable to use a section of loom or other protective covering where the harness passes through the folding joint.When cutting off the original tongue, care must be exercised to not damage the trailer wiring or brake line.
This is done by moving both away from the cutting line, then bending the tongue slightly out of the way as the saw cuts through the tongue. This way, the wires and brake line can be held out of the way as the cut is completed.The safety chains must be extended to reach the hitch.

In addition, they should be reattached to the tongue behind the hinge section, not forward of it. The hinge bolts must be torqued to the specification noted in the installation instructions, then checked periodically for tightness. The tongue forward and rearward of the hinge joint should also be visually inspected for cracks and fatigue.Finally, care must be taken to ensure that when the tongue is folded forward into the towing position, the hinge pin protrudes completely through the hinge and is secured with the clip.

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