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If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad. Duro Radial Trailer Tires Duro DS2100 Radial Trailer ST Tires are reliable and economical and come OEM on many trailers. The EZIGUIDE will simplify launching or loading and will always guide your boat safely to the centre of your trailer.
Trailer , Boat trailer, Box trailer, Car trailer  We are a professional trailer manufacturer in China. If you are looking for better durability and style, you could opt for aluminum trailer wheels. Since trailer tires will rot like any other, steps must be taken to help extend their life. As far as setup goes, make sure you are using boat trailer tires and wheels properly rated for your boat’s size and weight.
Another very important thing to consider in your maintenance list is the hubs and bearing setup. Where to buy: You might consider buying online to save yourself the hassle of driving around. Publisher of FloatWays, Danny Cruz is resourceful creative designer, lover of the ocean and all things that float. Sunglasses Guide for BoatsAt FloatWays we pay a lot of attention to the visual aspect of the water activities in which we participate. This means we are focused on enjoying our outdoor life by making sure we have the best optical clarity and sun protection we can get. Something that the freshwater folks need to worry about only half as much as the saltwater guys do.
4 -5 hole lug patterns are easy to find for most applications, but 6-8 hole patterns are not uncommon for heavy-duty stuff. This measurement is extremely important as it refers to how much the wheel is centered vertically over the mounting surface of your hub.
What you want is a shop that has a huge variety of in-stock trailer wheels and tires so that you don’t waste time. Whether it be in the ocean or the lake, we are devoted to the lifestyle and all the joys that come from being on the water.

If the tire is a tube type tire, the recommended tube will appear on the Check Out page when you go to the Shopping Cart and you can add it at that time. This happens even if you rinse them off with fresh water after every boat launch and retrieval.
In fact, more than with wheels, buying brand name, high-quality trailer tires can make the difference between a fun day at the bay or a mid-day nightmare. If your trailer sleeps outside make sure water doesn’t form puddles around the tires after a rain. If you currently have a boat but no trailer and you are considering buying or building one, make sure you research the optimum weight capacities for the size and weight of your boat.
Plus, the worst thing is finding a shop that supposedly carries the ones you want, only to find they don’t have them in stock anymore. The thing is, there is enough time between the saltwater submersion and the rinse to allow the salt to penetrate and begin causing damage. Many regular car and light duty truck alloy wheels don’t display those ratings openly, and if they do, you’ll often find that the load rating is not enough for the extra weight a boat will put on them. I’m not going to go into detail on how to measure those patterns as you can easily Google that.
Again, I’m not going to go too much into detail on how to measure offset, suffice to say: offset is the measurement of the distance away from the wheel center of the mounting surface face.
For that reason, you should start with West Marine here – That link has pages and pages of tire and wheel selections. There are many aluminum wheel options on the market, but keep in mind you’ll be paying between double to 4 times more for each of them when compared to their steel counterparts.
Well, like with most other things, there isn’t a BEST trailer tire but there are several good tires out there. If possible try and cover the rig in such a way that the tires are not baking in the sun every single day.
This number can be negative or positive.  It would also be important to mention that unlike modern cars where the offset of the wheels is usually positive, zero offset wheels (where the wheel center is perfectly centered with the mounting surface) are extremely common on trailers.
I’d recommend sticking with a USA, Canada or New Zealand made tires, but more importantly, do the research and see what others are saying.
Water is bad for the rubber, but the sun beating down on them all day, every day, is actually much worse.

Heavy, long boats like offshore racing boats often boast 3 axles for a whooping 3 sets of wheels and tires per side. Keep in mind that very often your boat can weigh more than you car so just imagine the possible damage. Those guys will even pair the tire and wheel of your choice, put them together and send them to you pumped and ready to be fitted.
However, over time water slowly begins to seep in under the paint through imperfections, pinholes, cracks and scratches. Some good things are being said about the Maxxis radial trailer tires and also about the Goodyear Marathon Radials. These are trailer specific tires that rate from C thru E based on size and load bearing capacity. The problem is that the corrosion starts developing under the paint where you can’t see it. I you start seeing tiny cracks in the tire sidewall and tread, this means the rubber is starting to age. The bottom line is you want a good reputable tire by a reputable brand that is rated for the size and weight of the boat you are towing. But for larger boat trailers with more than 1 axle, doing longer trips, more than 1 spare is usually a very good idea. This will allow you to pack the bearings with grease, at pressure, without having to remove the covers. This can be extremely helpful for long trips where you might want to re-grease your bearings at intervals. Depending on the size and weight of your boat, and the length of your trips to your boating location, this situation could be considered an emergency.
Oftentimes, if you start seeing small levels of rust on the wheels, you can take them off, clean, sand and repaint them with rust inhibiting paint.
It can also help at pushing water and other junk out of the crevices around the cap and seals.

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