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Latest news on Facebook Ocean Inflatables NZOut doing it today in a 6 metre Ocean Inflatable.
Buy a Boat off Ocean Inflatables  NZ and receive Free freight to the nearest Mainfreight depot to your location.
Our Inflatable boats are made to New Zealand specifications and are manufactured the highest standards in China under License to the Ocean brand.
Experience today the oversized pontoon and exception quality and value of a Ocean Inflatable boat. Ocean Inflatable’s we are fisherman, divers and have plenty of experience on the water.
The result for the New Zealand consumer is a quality inflatable watercraft product at a very reasonable price and built to  ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer’s standard rating. We have chosen the brand Ocean inflatable boats for New Zealand which we think fits in with the rugged coastline and beautiful sandy beaches we all enjoy. Our V hull design gives you the lift required to make the ride more comfortable in a short chop.
Our Ocean inflatable boats have oversized buoyancy tubes (pontoons) which provide the best level of stability out of  all the boats we tested. There are two main safety features to point out: the V-hull bottom and inflatable keel are protected by a special patch called Hull Double Layer Protection. Our boats are very strong but also a very light design, which means they are easy to transport and up to  3 times lighter than competitor boats of the same size. All of the boats are made with 1100 denier polyester fabric, which has been coated on each side with PVC, keeping the inflatable resistant to tears and abrasions. Our Ocean Inflatable Boats range from the small craft, the Ocean270 with a load capacity of 480kg, to the largest craft, the Ocean600 that can hold up to 12 people or 1400kg. In New Zealand we have tested  rigorously our inflatable boats and found the Ocean Series Inflatables to be the most suited to our rugged New Zealand conditions. We use only the best aluminum and marine ply in our floors to ensure extra stability and to make the boats stronger to support more horsepower. These are rugged yet lightweight designs, which can be up to 3 times lighter than competitor boats of the same size. Ocean Series – Our inflatable boats feature a 45-degree sharp nose design and a V-hull bottom created by the rigid floor and inflatable keel which in turn improves stability and tracking.
Inflatable’s and RIBs are user-friendly, they are designed for safety, speed, comfort and durability – and they look stylish. Safety – The large, shock-absorbing pontoons give a very stable experience to the user and this design makes the boat impossible to capsize under normal conditions. Buoyancy – Because of the large pontoons filled with air, the load capacity of an inflatable is far greater than that of a traditional aluminion or fibreglass boat of a  similar size.
The Ocean Series inflatable boats offer large cockpit space, aluminum flooring, and more color choices than just the traditional light gray. OceanNZ boats are top a well designed boat for a great price so we are very pleased with your comments and over time the brand will gain mometum. Can you tell me if you have any pricing and information on the RIB range, and what deposit you would need for the importation of one in a later delivery. I have received my 3.8 and I am very happy with the boat, the quality of the boat is excellent and it performs very well with my 18hp motor, I am looking forward too purchasing a canopy for it when your next shipment arrives.

Hi, can you give me a price on the 4.2m and 5m boats and can they take a 30hp long shaft motor? By clicking OK, you're confirming that your use won’t conflict with the restrictions found on the image page. The keel, bulkheads and stringer system are fully moulded and glassed into place so the water impact on the hull is evenly spread over the boat. All Bass Strait Boats are foam filled in every under floor cavity with high quality closed cell foam that is impervious to water, fire retardant and fuel resistant.
All timber components in the boats are fully glassed and sealed before they are heavily glassed in the boat. The top deck of an Ocean Pro 600 features thick glass construction with multi directional glass cloths and coring.
The standed Ocean Pro 600 has been developed with 30 years of experience and by listening to customer requests – now you’re getting so much more. The Ocean Pro 600 can be fitted with outboard motors ranging from single 135hp to the big 250hp.
Feel free to call us at Phillip Island Marine, who have been fitting out the Ocean Pro 600, over the last five years to talk about different motor options and accessories.
In 1995, boat designer Phillip Morrison created plans for a boat ideally suited for rowing across Oceans. This well-designed boat has become the most common boat used in ocean rowing.  Plans and kits can be purchased for the homebuilder, or a growing second-hand market offers a variety of Philip-Morrison-designed boats for sale. It is generally cheaper to purchase a second-hand vessel with prices ranging from $20,000 to $50,000. The one-person boat above is a French design made from plywood.  These boats are used in the Rames Guyane Race which goes from Senegal, Africa  to French Guyana, South America. The boat is a center console that was custom built by Yates Boat building with extra foam flotation.
We have sold and improved Ocean Inflatables since 2011 and have hundreds of happy customers so hunt them out and see for yourself. The simple reason is that you are dealing direct with the Importer and Brains behind Ocean Inflatables. In our recreational fishing we need boats that can handle our conditions to get us to those hard to get places. Coupled with that we have a keel built in to the hull to give more direction and a more accurate steering experience.
This means handling your Oceans Inflatable boat is easier and more convenient particularly when launching it, putting it away, and transporting the boat to yor favourite destination.
Ranging from $1000 to $2000 for 270 up to 420 models, these are some of the most attractive, economical, and well-made boats on the market today. Each Ocean boat is manmade, including hand gluing the seams using a polyurethane-based glue for added protection against salt water and heat. The boats can easily be rowed or  powered by a small outboard from 4hp on the Ocean270, up to 50hp on the Ocean600.
Aluminum floor is a favorite of divers as the dive bottles do not cause damage and stability is important when handling heavy objects.
With each independent air compartments being separated by robust PVC walls , the boat is stable and unsinkable, even with one of the air sections deflated.

That means greater fuel efficiency and lower purchase cost for engines, at a time when fuel prices are soaring. It can be tailor made to suit your boating needs – everything from the demands of a commercial fisherman, to the extreme offshore fishing boat or the family person who wants it all. This resin is used for the whole construction method of the hull and all of its components. This makes for top grade safety, if the hull was to be breached by a stray floating container off shore it would not take up water. Because of this method of construction you will never see a stress crack in Ocean Pro 600 and you can have confidence when bolting down accessories. We deal in Mercury and Evinrude outboard engines and have a huge range of accessories at competitive prices. By reading about boats, talking to experts, and if possible going out on trips, you will make a good choice and find a boat that fits into your lifestyle. If you have something you want fitted to your Ocean Pro 600 that is not listed then contact us for further information. It is capacious enough to shelter two people and hold several months of provisions, is lightweight, self-righting and shaped to move easily through turbulent waters. These are slightly scaled down versions with only one rowing station.  Alternatively a boat designed for two can be rowed solo. Our boats have a low center of gravity which means people who are unsure about the safety of an inflatable boat get an immediate sense of security when in the boat.
Lastly, there is an inter baffle on the tube that keeps the air bladder safely sealed, and its flexible design works to equalize air pressure between the cone parts. The RIB’s have all been sold out that i have in stock but i will be importing some centre console models in the near future.
Its deep-vee hull provides a smooth clean ride and excellent off shore capabilities in all conditions. The very best heavy biaxial and woven roving glass cloths are used, which provide an unbreakable building system for these boats. Replacing an unwanted timber structure with a very strong glass structure gives the boat strength and a perfect build weight. If you have a different brand engine in mind for your Ocean Pro 600 then Phillip Island Marine can offer a competitive price on it too.
Feel free to give us a call at Phillip Island Marine, if you would like further information.
Custom fabrication of stainless steel items such as bow rail, rod holders, bait boards and Targa bars and so on can be fitted with-out compromising vessel strength.
They are so easy to transport and you can drive to a beautiful location, inflate your boat and within minutes be in a great fishing spot hauling in the big one.
Phillip Island Marine will work on a one to one basis with you to ensure that all of your boating needs are met and your Ocean Pro is customised to make this a boat that will last you a lifetime! Bass Strait Boats can also prefab any permanent structure that our customers may want to for fill their boating requirements.

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