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Our 17 Explorer is a genuine Triton from bow to stern, loaded with features that ll help you catch more bass. They're specially constructed with heavy-duty, oversized components for use in inclement weather including freezing and wet conditions. From its tournament-proven interior layout to its high-performance hull, the 17 Explorer brings a new level of fishability, riding comfort, performance and style to its size class.

Maximum performance is ensured with a choice of a VorTrac 3.5 degree V performance or 8-degree V big-water hulls. Both are designed for the ultimate combination of at-rest stability and dry, smooth running capability. Massive bow storage boxes, a bilge pump, pin-type pedestal seat bases and navigation lights are all standard.

Optional colors include Silver, Red, White or Black for a dressier finish or hand-applied camo paint for hunting; including Mossy Oak Shadow Grass and Mossy Oak Break Up patterns.

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