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Finished in black & warm amber this home office collection features bronze finish hardware detailed wood work & lots of storage space. One of the greatest mistakes with cleaning carpeting is that people attempt using home cleaners that have chemicals that could harm your carpet.
23 hp tractor with power shift total of twelve speeds plus the creeper gears.Has the four speed pto and almost new rubber all around. MASSEY FERGUSON 40, INDUSTRIAL TRACTOR, DIESEL, HYDROSTAT TRANSMISSION, WITH FRONT END LOADER AND BOX BLADE.
Professionally Clean Your Carpets Yourself!Over time, a once new carpet can look worn and used.
Artificial Floral Arrangements for your home, office,or Apartment, or to give to someone special.
Skiff Life - Fishing & Boating Articles, Classifieds, Photos and VideoFishing and Boat related topics focused on coastal waters.
More than 20 commercial fishermen and their families met at a park here today to complain about what they described as BP PLC's unfair hiring practices. Those gathered contend that BP -- the owner of the well that has been leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico since an April 20 explosion -- favors recreational fishermen by giving them more work than those who solely make their living by fishing local waters. Officials with BP said last week they were working to resolve issues regarding the Vessels of Opportunity program. Johnson, who has a wife and four daughters, said he has waited 33 days to hear from BP's Vessels of Opportunity program. Before dawn last Wednesday, commercial fishermen converged at the mouth of Bayou La Batre in about eight small boats to block the waterway so those contracting with BP couldn't get through.
After about half an hour, the leader of the group was taken away in handcuffs by police, ticketed and then released in the parking lot across from where BP has set up an operation in Bayou La Batre.

At Thursday's meeting across the street from the Mississippi Sound, Avery Bates, a leader with the Organized Seafood Association, talked about the possibility of people losing their businesses, homes and boats in coming days. Bates said he knows people who have monthly electric bills of about $12,000 at their seafood plants who can't live on the $5,000 checks they got from BP. Some commercial fishermen are being hired if they have the correct paperwork, officials with the Mobile Joint Information Center said Thursday. We have a 1500 yanmar 4x4 tractor with new front bucket, completely refurbished in usa for only 6500.
Earlier Thursday, someone he reached with BP by phone told him he needed to have a boat at least 50 feet long. They directed those who want to take part in the program to call 1-877-847-7470 for more details. This was my first experience with someone doing this on EBay so I guess I can consider myself lucky.
Third party names and products are for reference purposes only, all rights are reserved by these respective parties. It is kept indoors year round and is currently only used for special outings with my wife and for me to occasionaly cruise the water to unwind. This boat was updated in the early nineties with a Yamaha V6 200HP motor, controls and Gauges. It also was outfitted with Sea Star Hydraulic Steering which allows you to cruise and remove your hand from the wheel and maintain a straight line. All lights work as well as gauges, however there is currently a block in the speedo line rendering it inop at this time. I purchased a brand new custom made drive on trailer 2 years ago because the previous float on trailer was too much of a hassle to deal with.

The trailer has nice chrome wheels and all electrical is like new.Carpet snaps out and is in great condition.
A detachable ski pole is also included, its never been used.This boat is incredibly impressive on the water and draws compliments and stares everytime I drop her in the water. She is incredibly quick and maxes out in the upper 50's. Boat is fully outfitted with all necessary safety equipment minus PFD'sThe only aesthetic flaw is in the blue racing stripe on the bow.
The stripe was painted at some point in its life (very poorly) and when the paint was removed to uncover the original gelcoat, the color was rubbed through. This is an incredibly minor issue, Ive had an expert look at it to redo the gelcoat on the stripe and I have just never done it because overall the boat is in such great condition, I just didnt see it as necessary. Also, another minor issue, there is some minor cracking in a small area (few inches) of the fiberglass under the seat. It has been braced, is not visible and due to the quality of the fiberglass work done originally on this boat, causes no issuesThis Donzi was made to last and has proven that.
She runs and handles better than many new boats and you can not buy this classic style new at any price. I'm confident you will be as pleased with your purchase over the years as I have been.I will add pictures early in the week, I will have to pull it out of my vehicle storage.

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