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I can see the argument for legalization of some of the softer drugs such as Marijuana, but a blanket statement that we should legalize drugs is not within the realm of sanity.
So, what you’re saying Joshua, is that it’s perfectly OK for you to decide what someone else does with there life, and imposed that decision on them with police force? I’ll freely admit that Portugal is nothing more than an interesting case study, but it is still worth considering. I you are prepared to legalize you should be prepared to have to look at storefronts advertising meth, cocaine, etc.
Should the taxpayer still support rehabilitation of addicts in a world where drugs are all legal?
It would be easier to discuss and teach our kids about these things if they were out in the open. I find the Libertarian position on drug legalization to be as simplistic as anything I hear from the left.
Your assertion that most crime will just wither away if we just legalize drugs shows an appalling lack of historical knowledge on crime in the United States.
Second, the assertion that legalizing drugs would not increase the number addicts ignores economic behavior. If you want to talk legalization you have to add up the costs on either side of the equation. The funny thing about self ownership is that it implicitly means you don’t get to tell other people how to live.
I 100% agree that there is not help coming from the federal government, but I would argue that instead of threatening to secede, we could throw a bit more muscle around when it comes to legalization and relations with Mexico. All I’m asking is that we at least admit that we would love to solve this diplomatically instead of tooling up. We complain about healthcare costs of those who have destroyed their livers and lungs by drinking and smoking – or the toll on lives from drunk driving.
So, getting back to the story – we have Federal law being broken without Federal support (or severely lacking support). Rather than make semi-related jokes about Admiral Perry (I was in the Navy, I get it) and his genitalia-compensating boats and guns (and trust me, I don’t like the militarizing of our police force). Interdicting international drug smugglers should be the responsibility of the federal government, ie the Border Patrol, ICE, and the Coast Guard. I realize the the current administration is not doing much to secure the borders except against illegal hair dryers, but still I am leary of law enforcement having military grade hardware.
This is just a cover, when Texas is independent again they will now have a start on their own navy. Okay, so we legalize everything, and in one major exception to the trends of history, uncle sam starts cranking out narcotics at a price point that is somehow cheaper than a bunch of skinnies in a colombian jungle somewhere.
So now instead of one relatively easy problem to deal with, bad guys digging holes into Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, we have the comparative bliss of paying the health care costs of a subset of the population who are addicted to narcotics.

So now all we have to deal with are the cartels, who deprived of their primary revenue stream, will I’m sure convert to peaceful farming and industrial pursuits in Mexico.
We already are paying all the medical bills for hard drug addicts, though these don’t come close to the bills Medicare and Medicaid are paying for long-term alcoholics, who have comprised 40-50% of organic brain disease in-patients for years.
Latin Americans, Russians and the more entrepreneurial black gangs all of whom were more violent than the Mob ever was.. We’re paying for the medical, policing, education disruption, domestic violence, all of it. With that in place, their problem stops being my problem, and they can stuff whatever chemicals they like into their body and live in happy-happy land as often as they may like.
Want to drive a race car, go deep sea diving, juggle chainsaws, or any other risky behavior? However, when someone fidgets up behind me at an ATM because they need my money to buy their drugs, and are willing to kill me to get it, then it’s my problem. 2) The feds haven’t been keeping the border secure (whether through lack of resources or other issues). 4) the BGs have been increasingly violent and quick to run across the lines when LEO gets after them because of the ROE our guys have to work under.
A cubicle-dwelling technology sales professional by day, he is an avid starter of projects, purchaser of speciality tools, and aspiring chef outside the office. Remember Joshua, the government is of the people, meaning anything they do, is our fault, as a whole.
I was a hard line anti-drug crusader before I read about Portugal’s success with decriminalization.
As it is now we decided as a society that these substances are bad and we will fight to keep them out and try to clean up people that get addicted to them. In fact, for those under drinking age, it is easier to score illegal drugs than it is to buy a six-pack of beer. As it is, we have no idea when our kids are going to be first exposed to drugs, or in what kind of situation. Somehow the notion that legalizing drugs is a magic pill (pun intended) to much of our crime in our country and the violence on the border. Have we considered the costs to society if more people than we think, including future generations that have always seen these as legal vices? The po po can’t shoot straight with a single action weapon, automatics just compound the problem of stray bullets. True the casual user would be well served but the result of legalization would be a far cry from what is being touted.
Take the budget of DEA, and the budgets that the LEAs have been spending on drug enforcement efforts each year, and it rises into the billions per year. It’ll be ConAgra, RJR Nabisco, Merck, Pfizer, and all the other agricultural, tobacco, and pharmaceutical companies that know how to grow crops and refine drugs.

I don’t do that either but I would never send guys in a gun boat to stop you from doing it.
I don’t do that either but I would never send guys in a gun boat to stop you from doing it. A series of boats like this is not a SWAT team looking for a problem, but an attempt at a solution to an existing and increasing problem we’re having.
This is where 500 or more folks from Junction to Mason to Harper and all neighboring counties congregate. He has been writing for The Truth About Guns for four years and specializes in hunting, the outdoors, gun, and gear reviews. There’s a good article from Time in 2009, another one from 2010, and finally a small opinion from Forbes in 2011. We assume that once something is legal, that we won’t regulate it, creating black market opportunities for the very some low-life dealers. With a nationalized healthcare very nearly implemented, and only one election away – what will the costs be and services rendered (or not rendered) be? Sure, okay, I’m sure if we ask nice and bow deeply enough, China will give us a few trillion dollars to pay for that. Add in the additional taxes you’ll collect on newly legal products and you have a lot of revenue.
A great many people think twice about buying and trafficing narcotics due to the pentalties involved if caught. When I get T-boned at an intersection by some retard who is out of his mind on drugs, and naturally has no insurance because that would get in the way of his drug purchases, it’s my problem. I have used this boat on Lake Amistad for the last 2 years and never had ONE issue with it.
Compared to those two outcomes, the cops can have effing Apaches and Hellfires for all I care. Remove that, and you open the floodgates to massively increasing the costs associated with paying for those existing problems.
I'm am upgrading to an 06 Center Console that is a little more modern and up to date so that I can take customers and clients fishing.
Visit with friends, then you ease into a waltz with your honey and at that moment you own that dance floor. We could just legalize drugs, and stop making the drug trade lucrative enough to cross the border.
The motor is a 1993 88HP Johnson from which my understanding is one of the best motors that Johnson released.

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