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I have been getting an influx of boats coming in at great prices now that the oil spill is over. The Southern Cross 31 is a no nonsense double-ender designed by Tom Gillmer, a professor of naval architecture at the US Naval Academy. She’s a full keeled sailboat with an outboard rudder and tiller combo, a configuration often praised for its simplicity and the cockpit is quite small, suitable for ocean passages. Two interior layouts were offered, one with a stand up navigation station over a large locker and one with quarter-berth.
In total 130 boats were built between 1976 and 1987, of which a number were sold as hull and deck kits. Add your stories, experiences, tidbits, updated information - whatever you think is useful to others. I?m trying to find out the correct mast and boom lenths for y reconstructed southern cross 31. My Southern Cross 31 sailed herself from Connecticut to Bermuda and despite being dismasted and the loss of her rudder she was afloat and was easily restored to original condition. My Southern Cross 31 which was built in 1984 as Hull # 104 sailed herself from Connecticut to Bermuda and had a new rig and rudder added to replace the lost ones… Despite this extensive damage she was still afloat and now is fully restored.
An even earlier Gillmer-comstruction (and almpost similare to Southern Cross 31) is the Aries32 (also buildt as Roughwater 33) from the late 60`or early 70`.

Used Sail boat Southern Ocean 60 for sale named Ocean Viking, located in Rodney Bay,Saint Lucia, founded in 1978 and disigned by Richard Roscoe. California Delta - The California Delta offers beauty enjoyment and versatility on a network of rivers and tributaries creating over 1,000 miles of waterways.
Lake Berryessa is located between the Blue Ridge and Cedar Roughs (45 minutes from Napa Valley) and is a great place for a vacation or a getaway.
Lake McClure is located down the stream from Yosemite Valley, and has more than 80 miles of shoreline. Silverthorn Resort - Located on the southeast side of Lake Shasta, on the Pit River arm, Silverthorn offers rentals, a full service marina and cabins. There are of course dozens of beautiful boats for sale in FL but I don't want to drive 22+ hours one way to check them out. Fly down to Florida and I'll ride you around for the weekend and show you how good she runs. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. The design takes influence from shapes dating back to Colin Archer’s work nearly a century earlier, and the hull in many respects is similar the straight transomed Allied Seawind 30, an earlier Gillmer creation notable for being the first fiberglass boat to circumnavigate the globe. The overall construction quality was of a good standard, suitably strong for offshore work.

A slightly larger and similar Gillmer design is the Aries 32 (around 20 of these were built).
Send them to us (1024x768 or better) at [email protected] or post them to our Facebook Page. The waterways are perfect for all water sports - swimming, skiing, sailing, scuba diving and fishing. Our family place is near Big Island, just West of the public ramp.By the way congrats on your boat.
The hulls were built in fiberglass with the topsides cored in Airex foam, while the deck and cabin house was cored in balsa.
It is known for great swimming, water sports and fishing (excellent for trout, black bass, spotted bass, crappie, bluegill and catfish).
Looking on the bright side, the weight gains dividends with a comfortable motion while underway.

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