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If it is anything like the Brendella v-drive tunnel that was around these parts 8 or 10 years ago it is probably an ill-handling nightmare. I agree the wing on that tunnel looks bitchen, but it probably only added to the inherent handling problems of the rig. Absolutely, that's the concept to make it like a hydro where only half the prop is in the water. Join Date Oct 2008 Location Marana, Az Posts 1,884 Originally Posted by HEMETDRAGRACER pardon my ignorance, but wouldnt a tunnel design try to pull the prop up out of the water as well? I'm no engineer, but I think it is different than an outboard because you have a balance point under the boat. User Name: Please enter the name by which you would like to log-in and be known on this site. What i was mainly after is some information on basic setups (nothing too fancy, just want it to go and have a pretty good runtime) and what would be the best way to install it.
I have a couple more questions about CG, radio placement and basic construction of rudders and shafts etc which i may ask later.
Such a hull can also be powered by a DD 500 motor, preferably with a five pole armature for smooth running. Personally, I dislike geared drives because of the added friction and noise, if I must gear down, I use a belt drive, as used in electric flight, smooth and quiet. A geared down drive is often used to keep the motor in it best efficiency range and turn a decent size prop, often it's a cheap, light and (sadly) noisy solution.

Two 380 (better: 385, DD) would make the drive more scale like, but requires relative small props, which are less efficient, so, generally speaking, runtime and speed will be less than a single bigger motor and prop. Looks like this boat was designed around the Graupner GR1039 Multispeed 380 Boat Drive, which is an all in one drive system.
Join Date May 2008 Location Yuma, Arizona, United States Posts 1,702 Originally Posted by K-DOG I have seen that one. I am also in the market for a late 80s to mid 90s Daytona, ideally something with a 2.5 merc of better, and decent colors. Join Date Jan 2008 Posts 194 Originally Posted by 951prerun I am also in the market for a late 80s to mid 90s Daytona, ideally something with a 2.5 merc of better, and decent colors. I know the prop works on tunnel hulls in the radio controlled boats, but the prop is way past the transom.
The few Daytona's, Cougar's and that boat Eddie Hill has work quite well because they have CENTER PODS. From the one v-drive tunnel that I saw make plenty of passes, chine walking was the major problem.
I've owned the black 21' Daytona v-drive that Smitty now has and it has run up into the 130's. I recently found a really nice pond for some boats and im really keen to get something going.
The reason i ask is that the boat i would like to build call for a geared 400 (Miami Crash Boat, free plans a while back from Scale and RC Boat Mag).

Im not sure of the length of the boat, wouldnt mind knwing as i want to tile the .pdf i have, any ideas?
I have found plans from the UK but it turns out to be pretty expensive when they get here to Aus.
As it packed air and got lift it teetered on that prop as a balance point and became very erratic. I've also used the 400 geared on a Fletcher class DD and I still have to cool it, I guess that because of the power this little devil packs you'ld have to be willing of doin' something extra for it! I am sure more will pop up as we get closer to summer but I am trying to find something right now.
I did see the same surface drive from that boat in the parts spam section, so kinda doubt it. Tons of downforce on the front with big horsepower to plow through water might stabilize one, but why have a tunnel that runs wet like that?

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