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The physical geography surrounding Vietnam with its long coastlines and vast river systems called for a major commitment of the US naval forces. The naval forces ranged from the Marine Corps and Fighter Pilots to the Military Sealift Command that delivered 95% of the vehicles, ammunitions, fuel, equipment and other military supplies that entered the ports of South Vietnam.
If You Knew What Longboarding Was You'd Head To Cape Town If there is one thing South Africa is, it's big.
Although the Navy was sometimes compromised at the strategic level by civilian political decisions, it achieved notable tactical success in the Vietnam War. The Navy used everything that floats on water, ranging from surfboards to the immensely powerful carrier forces with their fighter, attack, early warning and electronic warfare aircraft, surface to air missiles, deck guns and anti-submarine weapons.

Subsequent sale of the truck used to reliably tow this boat and realization of the mere lack of proper storage space have convinced us to sell.
We were told by the previous owner that the powerhead of the 175 hp Johnson outboard was replaced in 2007; all we can say for sure is that it runs great (see videos), BUT - as you can hear in the videos - there is a rapid beeping sound near maximum throttle. This beeping ONLY sounds when nearing maximum throttle (~37 mph); there is NO other occurrence of this rapid beeping.
For example, you can cruise at 30 mph for several minutes continuously, and there will be no beeping sound. Please make your best judgement based on our efforts to accurately convey its functionality and bid accordingly.

Smoke like this is common with "cold" startups of this motor.This video shows "idle" operation with a 1990 175 hp Johnson outboard.
Going upriver, the beep code sounds at ~35 mph.This video illustrates the occurrence of a rapid beeping sound when approaching max throttle - ~37 mph.

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