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Currently, the deadline for the design portion of the competition is December 15th, but it is probable that this will be extended to allow more contestants to join if they show a genuine interest by the current deadline. Because the contest requires folks to build and race their designs, the design entries need not be fully detailed plan sets, just enough information to fix the vessel's hull shape and prove that it meets the 5-sheet material rule. Location: Eustis, FL Offering a 12 day lead time (in this venue) on something like this is frankly insulting. Originally Posted by sname5ply Currently, the deadline for the design portion of the competition is December 15th, but it is probable that this will be extended to allow more contestants to join if they show a genuine interest by the current deadline. Originally Posted by PAR Offering a 12 day lead time (in this venue) on something like this is frankly insulting.
But (I'm usually the butt) what's your thinking on the basic idea of a 5-sheet type rule for a development class? Location: Alameda, CA, USA Contest Deadline The contest as it is at this point has only two contestants which I can verify will allow for an extension. The schedule sets the date of the first regatta in May which means that we could delay design entries into March if need be. No, really, if you'd like to enter, please contact me I'll do everything within my considerable power (at least within this small sphere) to make sure that you can compete. Location: Alaska Instant Sailboat Race I used to organized a simple event like this. Location: Huddersfield, UK I'd be interested to see some of your photos, Cor, sounds like a fun event. Location: Alaska Instant Sailboat Race Here are a coupe of photos from our races.
The boats we built had anywhere from 12 to 24 man hours in them depending on the experiance of the team building them.
With careful layout you can build a reasonable size boat out of 2 sheets, about 3'-6" beam by 10' loa. Location: Lakeland Fl USA The competition, if the boats are to be sailed against one another, will yield a close facsimile of the Windmill class boat. As one of the official contestants in this little shindig, I thought I might help with some perspective on it. The notion that this is a real development class (while flattering) could not be further from reality.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

In brief, Baby Bootlegger was originally drawn with some 54 frame, spaced from 6 to 7 inches apart. This iconic racing boat was originally designed by George Crouch in 1924 and went on to win the 1924 and 1925 APBA Gold Cup. It has been said that the 16 foot Gar Wood speedster is, pound for pound, the most valuable classic production speed boat in the world.
There are some 15 frames, 2 keels, twin hatch assembly, vertical cleats, gas tank fixing, drivers bench seat, breast hook, front and rear stems with knees etc. Location: La Florida There are people(even wives) in the Michigan-Ontario-Ohio region who wish their homes had 8 boats right now. The contest is based on a max of 24 hours build time, and completing a three legged race where at least one leg is mandatory sail power, one leg is muscle powered, and third leg is crews option.
Originally Posted by Petros All of you in the Puget Sound area may want to check out the wooden boat show at the Center for Wooden Boats at the south end of lake Union in Seattle Washington.
There are a few tweaks to the design to reduce time to build, but it should make a decent boat. I have been considering finding something cheap, hollow, and shaped about what we need, or even torpedo shaped (so we would have to add a keel, no biggy if it saves build time). The primary structure has to be wood, but we can use any other material for skin or other features, I am assuming the foam as a float (with the wood center layer for strength) would not violate this rule. My opinion is that SOF is more difficult fitting higher curvature -so go to a much higher length to beam. If the boat was for me I would do two crossbeams -you could make it with no additional wood by making triangular akas using the timings from the front for the aft.
I think a serious light wind super low drag boat would be appealing to Pacific north west judges. Location: Michigan, USA Here's an idea on how to make the amas (see attachments).
The hulls, themselves, could be made of layers of construction foam, bonded to this plywood.
Interesting: I see there have been 14 views of my plans, but only a few comments on the forum. Also, if you should make it to the Center for Wooden Boats during Firday, Saturday, or sunday afternoon, make sure you drop by and say hello! The only problem I see with your plan to put the foam on both sides of the plywood and making it quite deep is having to fair the foam.

The scow like amas I drew only require cutting the profiles out of the foam sheet and gluing them together in layers. I drew (see attachment in earlier post) the plywood keel on the outside in hopes of getting less turbulence around the outer chines. Location: Arlington, WA-USA I had considered the proa, one team even entered one one year.
I can not think of a single example of a good performing high performance proa (although attempts have been made), all of the fastest boats are either catamaran or tri maran (symmetrical). Originally Posted by Petros I had considered the proa, one team even entered one one year.
Good luck with what you have, because it would be unlikely any new entries would result from this 12 day notification. Babyface Nelson is a replica of this fine vessel and it is absolutely amazing, built by Bruce Hutchison, a dedicated enthusiast with an eye for beauty.
It has a rear and forward cockpit, twin separate fuel tanks, a rear deck and enough detail to frighten the bravest of men! No testing is allowed before the race, the first time the boat goes in the water is at the race. We will be there in a boat which is a further development of my own design, A small trimaran that has a wood frame and polyester skin. And, since the amas don't have enough buoyancy to lift the main hull out of the water, the load on the rig is limited, no matter how much weight you put on the main hull. Building a cardboard sauceboat is all just about nerve-racking to assemble The dispute cardboard congregation it type A little cut out any excess here and there impart a little mucilage or canal tape cardboard duct tape boat. The finish of the tertiary yearbook cardboard duct tape boat Race is to build a gravy boat solely out of cardboard and duct.
To make a boat out of cardboard and magnetic tape capable of holding two people that buns comprise launched No reinforced fiber publicity taping or canal tape will be allowed cardboard duct tape boat.

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