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A widower fulfilled his wife's dying wish of having a traditional VIKING funeral - by burning and sinking her remains on a replica warship.
Francis Mulcahy, 50, took his wife Karine's ashes two miles out to sea on a replica Viking longship which he built himself. He then set fire to the 3ft-long vessel and watched it sink - just like the traditional funeral services conducted by the Vikings hundreds of years ago.
Bookkeeper Karine insisted on the unusual send-off because her grandparents were Scandinavian and she always celebrated her Nordic roots. Karine, of Tavistock, Devon, died from a blood clot which spread to her lungs on September 15 last year and her funeral and cremation took place on September 23. Husband Francis then set about fulfilling her dying wish and bought a £120 flatpack replica Viking longboat - intended as a collector's model - which was made of timber. He spent five days building the boat, even adding a Scottish Saltire flag to reflect Karine's birthplace. Francis was joined by around 70 mourners who packed onto a friend's fishing boat and sailed out from Plymouth Sound on April 28. When they were two miles out to sea he used a blowtorch to ignite a number of firelighters on the deck. Francis chose the specific date to burn the boat as he wanted to do it as close to Karinea€™s 60th birthday, on May 2, as possible.
Their corpses were placed aboard longships along with grave offerings or even sacrificed slaves before being set alight.
The Gokstad ship and other artifacts can be seen at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. The Viking Achievement: The society and culture of early medieval Scandinavia by Peter Foote and David M. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.
Hi, I've found a couple of sites which give accounts of recreations of viking longship journeys, in case you're interested in having a look. Customize your own box of 64 Count Crayola Crayons, 8 Count Crayola Crayons or Crayola Art Case in just a few quick steps.
This wooden viking ship model is built according to scale through original plans, pictures and drawings. The Drakkar, the best known of the spectacular longships, were symbolic of the legendary Vikings. Ancient ship-burials are the best and most common source for information about the dramatic longships. The longships were always built of one-level construction with rows of oars on both sides covering almost the entire length of the ship. The Vikings used the Drakkar to battle Europe, North Africa and a small area of western Asia until the end of the turbulent Viking Age.

The longships were very sturdy, and yet flexible enough to withstand the waves of stormy seas. The sail of a Viking ship was very expensive, often costing more the rest of the ship itself. Like the drakkar, the knarr was constructed in the clinker method using pine for the planks and oak for the keel.
The members of the knarr crew included the same kinds of sailors as the drakkar except they were fewer rowers.
Farm animals and other cargo for sell or trade were placed in the middle of the knarr, sometimes under protective tarpaulins. Living on board a knarr meant sailing rough sea, being constantly wet from the spray of crashing waves and putting up with the smell of the animal being traded or sold. This action would turn the wood as the carpenter worked on shaping the wood with the help of other tools. Of the many types they designed, two are famous; the longship called a drakkar or dragon ship and the more sturdy cargo ship called a knarr. A rather late invention (11th century), these ships were used primarily as vicious and brutal warships.
Honored Viking Kings were often buried after their death under a long burial mound in one of their Drakkar ships containing many of their most valued and luxuriant possessions. In later years according to the burial sites, their ships were built with a large rectangular sail on a single mast. The stunning longships with their vibrant blood red sail and hundreds of vicious and fierce warriors will always be symbolic of the horror and terror the Vikings brought to these saddening times. This means it was planked using two centimetre thick oak boards which were overlapped slightly and then nailed together with iron nails called rivets.
In fact, the bow and stern could twist in opposite directions without causing the seams to leak. Viking women were responsible for making the sail, a task that would take several women several years to complete.
Today, many pictures- even the ones used in this passage- mistakenly show the sails with vertical red stripes.
The constant rolling of the ship opened cracks on the seams and bailing, usually two people at a time, was constant. Food consisted of dried meat, freshly caught fish, sour milk, water, beer, nuts and cloudberries.
These Vikings were hunters, fishermen, farmers, shipbuilders, artisans, blacksmiths and traders. Crewmen were needed to steer the ship, furl and unfurl the sails, watch for shoals and row when docking. It was well suited for ocean travel and because it was shorter, it was a better ship in rougher seas than the drakkar.

There were no watertight decks or housing to make sea spray flow directly back into the ocean and no pumps to keep the water levels low. Developed by majestic Kings such as Olaf Tryggvasson, they were a symbol of the incredible Scandinavian power and were to these proud owners, a highly valued material possession.
The spaces between the planks were caulked with tarred wool, moss or animal fur to make the ship watertight. Remarkably, thedrakkar was also light enough to be dragged overland between two lakes or rivers.
Some berserkers were so worked up, they jumped too soon and downed in water over their heads. Lief Erikkson and other Viking explorers used this type of ship on their voyages to North America. It certainly did not stop them from travelling all over Europe at the turn of the first millennium. Despite being wet, dark and not very roomy, these quarters were better than being on deck and sharing sleeping space with the animals. Other crew members included a helmsmen, who steered the ship; a lookout who watched for rocks in shallow waters and a few spare men, who relieved a tired oarsmen or replaced one lost overboard during a storm. The prow, or bow, was sometimes tipped with a very ornate carving of a snake or dragon head, thus earning them the nickname “dragon ship”. The choice of red, the colour of blood, was meant to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. In shallow water, the warriors would move to one side of the ship to tilt it so it would pass over rocks and shoals.
The remaining men onboard were warriors, eager to do battle or to loot a community or monastery. The longships’ tapered bows and sterns enabled the Vikings to row the ships forwards and backwards without first having to turn the ships around.
When a Viking longship neared a coastline, ten to fifteen warriors often dressed in bears skins, would move to the front of the ship and work themselves into a frenzy. Each piece was then trimmed with walrus hide to strength them and to hold their shape, particularly when wet. Once it caught enough of a steady breeze, the sail could move the ship a very swift seven knots (13 kilometres per hour). The pieces were then coated with animal fats and oil to protect them from the corrosive salt spray of the ocean.
The last thing a trader needed was to scare away paying or trading customers with a dragon-headed ship.

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