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Brad Hickman did all the work on this and with a suitably modified boat derived from the OzRacer went on to win the PDRacer worlds. And just for general fun, here is Brad using the spars to motor upwind in his OzRacer derived boat using the Aluminium spars. For timber joints the gluing surface to the plywood has to be three times the thickness of the thinner ply in the join. Also not just using cab-o-sil but some wood flour as well will make the fillet fade into the general timberwork. Here is one of my Quick Canoe designs we group built in France over a week to canoe down the Loire River the following week. Another way of doing a bogglingly fast fillet job is to use one of the gap filling cyanoacrylate glues for holding the panels together temporarily.
Both the tape method and the cyanoacrylate method assume only slight tensions to hold the panels together. But at the same time as lauding the advantages of fillets, I do like using timber in many applications as it produces a very fair (smooth) hullshape rather than the small scale wobbles of much stitch and glue work.
The OzGoose was almost overlooked until Texan, Ian Henehan, started to put videos of what it could do on Youtube.
Training boat – underlying the plans is a very sophisticated boat, proper foils, correct spar bend, light weight. Simple building – a good prospect for a group build project – we built 10 in the Philippines with a week of kit prep for a volunteer team then beginner sailors and boatbuilders assembled the boats in 3 days.

Note how neutral the helm is as the boat heels and the good speed despite the number of people aboard. I laughed my tail off at the thought of building a sailboat for a couple of hundred dollars.
At this point, I hope to participate in 3 events:  The 2012 Sail Oklahoma, The 2013 Texas 200, and the 2014 Everglades Challenge. For second reason, Michael Storer will be one of our featured designers and is coming all the way from Australia for the event. Third reason, the other four featured designers, Jim Michalak, Dave Gentry, David Nichols and Richard Woods. It has been titled the PDGoose but we are showing our intention to be welcoming to any square boat variation. Because of the close family relationship we welcome all varieties of Ducks to any event and also to contribute here.
We also are forming relationships with the groups that run the great Sail Oklahoma and Texas 200 events. This already has significant safety factors, so the glue area doesn’t need to ever be more than this for strength. The radius of the fillet has to be three times the thickness of the thinner ply in the join. If the angle is more acute, the fillet can be reduced to match the glue area requirement of timber.

Boat has enormous stability making it forgiving of handling errors that would capsize other boats. Problem with electric is the limitation in range for the weight (don’t forget to strap down the batteries too or they will go crashing through the side of the hull). Which means, using it is going to sound nearly identical to running a weedeater in your yard. As it is water cooled, I would guess (hope) the noise is going to be more in line with what one would expect from an outboard (still noisy, but not so buzzy). You will race same course and at same time as the Ducks but be scored in your own class and have your own prizes for first-second-third.
Michalak has created hundreds of designs, Gentry is famous for skin on frame, Nichols is a noted authority on sails and small boats, Woods is a prominent multi-hull designer as well as small boats. The water jacket surrounding the cylinder will absorb and muffle more noise than the thin wall with fins of the air cooled model. Does anyone take whatever plans Is this a hard task one just want something small to flip antiophthalmic factor few dekes in and can throw up homemade sneak boat. Construction photos of a 10 foot pedal powered abstract boat for hedge Creating the perfect duck boat By Justin Tackett DU Waterdog Ducks and geese rest deplete and loaf in a myriad of places.

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