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A modular house that you can build and extend just like LEGOs has long been on the wish list of geeky people who want their houses to be as quirky as they are.  They just might get their wish soon with these Teal Panels, which let you assemble temporary dwellings of various sizes and configurations.
In case you're curious about the shape, this was originally designed for assembling on top of a flat bed trailer as  a way of letting people build their own tow-away campers.  Anchor the assembly, though, and it could work just as well for setting up on regular surfaces like soil, grass and even concrete. The bad news?  The Teal Panels are still not in production.  Creator Lawrence Drake has already received a patent for the design, but he's still pooling up investors willing to fund the finished products.

Whether you are building your dream cabin, packing dive gear, or casting off for a big game adventure, we have the perfect answer for your cargo hauling needs. The Landing Craft can be configured in cabin, center and dual console models giving you the ultimate in versatility.
I have an Xrad Pretzel 3 trailer I’ve been thinking about building a teardrop pod for.

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