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An added refinement might be a detachable front towing bracket, replaced by a dinghy trolley front wheel. I've attached a pdf file of the trailer for my electric Winsome (which also worked OK for Aero, I've discovered), together with a DXF file that anyone with a CAD package can open and pull off dimensions etc.
Some of the details, like bolt and hole locations aren't on the drawing, because these were just marked and drilled as I went along, the drawing was really just so that I could get the dimensions right so that the hull would fit OK. The jig ensures the holes are consistently central, the drill press ensures holes are 100% vertical. Thereafter measure and drill in one half only - clamp the other half to it with 8mm bolts in existing holes then drill through the new hole.
In fact if we got our act together we could make a jig with varying hole pitches for different lengths and share it around.
The anti-crush tube shown above is a thin wall tube that is fitted right through the box section, via holes drilled and lightly countersunk on either side. As far as I know, the Autodesk file viewer for AutoCAD should be OK, although I've not used it.

There are also some cheap, or even free, CAD programmes around that will read DXF files OK.
Featuring the likes of Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer, the trio were able to make hilariously clever music videos. Who says you have to be rich to own a boat doesn't require boats without motors to be registered with the state; insurance isn't required either. She sounds genuine, but it also can’t hurt to be on good terms with the guys who have the power to **** your character in a sense, and Jon Snow was, but he had to make a point that he was in charge.
When I saw the picture of Jeremy's alloy bolted and riveted trailer for his solar boat, I realised that here was exactly the perfect trailer to build at home for any of our lightweight boats - so many of us now use lightweight rowboats, or sailing canoes. These 16' long boats will not fit my garage, well the boat fits but the trailer front sticks out. The most important tools are a small drill press and a good quality 8mm drill (8mm bolts on suspension). Clamp the jig to the first box section and drive the 8mm drill through both in the drill press.

I currently cannot read DXF files and it would be useful for other files I have and cannot read, if I installed a DXF reader, or low grade CAD package. Working on the Pirates of the Caribbean films involved a lot of physical set construction and shooting on real boats to make this “Jungle Book” their own.
She also cautions that you be prepared to have his upbeat, British voice stuck in your head for life.
At 16' long they are car toppable but a lightweight trailer would be far superior, being much less hassle and easy to handle on your own.
When I searched on the internet many options came up for downloading DXF readers but fear overcame me, and did not know which one was safe to download.

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