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Pontoons are particularly suitable for nature enthusiasts, or just lovers of the great outdoors.
Even when the fish are not biting, the benefits of being in the fresh open air tell on the health and vigor of fishermen. The early outrigger canoes were slightly different in that the 'rig' was a piece of wood that floated, and was attached to the canoe by means of wooden lashings at a distance of 4' 6'. The third advantage of the fishing pontoon is that, by the nature of the boat, it floats on the water and has a very shallow draft. To view specifications of some pontoon boats visit You would need to use the STORE search to find a photo and more details about any particular one of them. If fiberglass is too much trouble, there are other solutions for protecting wood from the elements -- if you don't do something it'll start to delaminate quickly.
I'd visit the hardware store for a couple stainless steel L-brackets (shelf brackets for example -- that's not a whole lot of weight) for mounting. I am not entirely sure, but i would imagine that someone makes aftermarket "miniature pontoons" that you could put underneath the deck between the two existing pontoons.
When it comes to building a trailerable pontoon houseboat, I knew that I could build it out of aluminum. Take the comforts of your backyard deck with you with this novel home-built version of a pontoon boat! Some people find their relaxation in other ways, but none of them is quite so refreshing as being out of doors.

Buy them, furnish them, add to them, review them, be safe in them, maintain them, build them. I know not to attach anything to the edge of the plywood, so I need some sort of bracket to do this. Well, time flies, and after a lot of welding, the three pontoons have been pressure tested and are just about ready.You will notice in the photo, that there's a V shape at the bottom of the two exterior pontoons, as I believe these to help in tracking, or directional stability. I'm sure many of our readers would love to have all the tools, welders, and a setup like that.Just a quick note, I hope that the V shape on the bottoms of the two exterior pontoons are going to provide enough slow tracking or directional stability?My reasoning is that on some of the aluminum pontoon houseboats that I have seen usually have some form of small keel welded along the length. Not so much into fishing yet myslelf but I sure could work with that blank canvas and make a nice leisure craft !!! Comfortable chairs for the Captain and First Mate to fish and direct the activities and unrestricted rail access for the fishers, whichout having to reach over (or kneel on) the furniture. If you have the skills to build a gazebo and a deck, I guess now you can build your own pontoon boat too! No noise of motors to disturb the bird calls, the occasional splash of fish, the secretive gurgle of ripples around the craft, the gentle whisper of a breeze among the reeds, and all the other little sounds that together make the peace of wild water so especially soothing.
These fishing pontoons have two pontoons laid parallel to each other, a short distance apart.
Using them for recreational purposes allows one to explore new areas where other boats have not been able to go.
The rigid variety is seldom longer than 9' in length, making it not too difficult to transport, either in the back of a pick-up or on the roof of a car.

I think your going to need to make a brand name of boat for yourself , you have a real nack for it .
My pontoon has that option from the factory and it sure is nice not having to worry about it getting wet, deterorating, etc.
The central location of the console keeps things more balanced too when you are running light. And in case the builder decides he wants to go out fishing alone, he included a remote-controlled trolling motor that is installed under the table in the gazebo, as well as a Lowrance Fish-Finder, and two electric winches with 40 lb anchors. On of the best features with this design is that the floor can be insulated for year round use. This keeps the fisherman dry and this elevated position has the slight advantage of enabling further vision afield. Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates.

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