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I got some realy cheap fabric and made a full size mock up using a paper stapler and hotmelt glue. I took this to a local upholstry shop who had some Sunbrella left over from a previous job. Sorry for all of the questions, I have no practical experience with any covers except the 'blue' tarps on my previous ol' glass runabout.
Denier is kind of a misleading reference term for cover fabric (though it wouldn't surprise me if it's all they give you in the catalog descriptions). Unfortunately, other than a general indication of the fabric's weight, the denier figure doesn't really tell you much of anything about it's in-use characteristics or its suitability as cover fabric. Especially in the case of wooden boats, breathability is probably just as critical in a cover as waterproofness. If you go the pre-manufactured route, the most obvious indicators of the quality of the cover are generally the price and how long the guarantee is good for.
The Cabelas covers are designed for fiberglass boats, and fit relatively tightly around the edges. I have been using the 8oz poly tarps in the link below for a couple years and they are working well so far.
Thorne, That is the cover I was looking at, I couldn't remember if commercial links were OK or not, thanks. I'd go with the heaviest sunbrella that I could afford with grommets every foot, plenty of room around the outside for air and save all your one gallon milk cartons and fill with water and toggle them to the grommets. In the interest of inspiring ideas in others, I thought I would post pictures of one of my spring projects–making a boat cover support for my Sea Nymph 14R. Rather than provide too many specifics, these pics should be enough to inspire you to build a setup that will work for your boat.
ReasonI ask is because I've always gone the shrinkwrap route, but this year, Idecided to follow Megabyte's approach and build a woodframe and coverwith tarps.

After paying 200 bucks for something I threw away in the spring I decided to build a woodframe and tarp apparatus this year. I used a tarp and strapping last year, but the strapping broke at a knot and my deck got a snow-filled tarp in it.
This year I built a tent frame out of 2x3's and strapping, and everything seems to be OK so far. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Trapping moisture under a cover that won't let it out once the weather clears is a formula for mildew and rotten wood. These places aren't going to guarantee a cover for five years against sun burnout if it's going to be toast in three years, and the fabric that will last that long won't be cheap. I marked the center section where I wanted to add a leg to support the spine and rest on the middle seat, and added a T-fitting there.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. After many hours of swearing etc I finally had something that vaguely resembled a cover for my 20' Grady.
If your cover fits well enough that you aren't getting pooling, a good breathable acrylic or polyester fabric cover shouldn't leak much at all and will allow moisture to pass out when the rain stops and the sun comes out.
I would lean toward the heaviest polyester or acrylic I can find (like the 600d stuff in this case) and get the one that's guaranteed longest.
If the cover prevents water getting into the boat - assuming a trailor daysailer with mast stored horizontally forming the apex ridge - would the vents not provide enough air circulation in order to prevent mildew and rot conditions?
600 denier made by the same folks that make Sunbrella) and the coating means that it's not going to breathe as well as Sunbrella.
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Just glue a 48" section into the T-fitting that fits the bow and a 4-way fitting onto the other end. We had way too much tarpmaterial hanging belowthe chines, making a lot of the grommetsunusable.
Theoretically, it should have twice the tensile strength, maybe twice the abrasion resistance and most likely reduced elongation when placed under tension. A cover setup similar to what is shown in Get's post #2 above, but with attachment directly to points below the gunwale on the boat. I had an opening to reach around the mast so in the tropics it was suspended above the boom with the edges just about boom level with lines holding th water filled jugs, it survived some good winds.
Sure they make support poles for such things, and they were right there in the same store isle I found the cover in.
So we had to workhard to get it rolled up and attach some ofthose gripper clips in the tarp material. For rough reference, typical ripstop nylon and polyester, like you might see on a down jacket are around 70 denier. It is tough stuff and polyester is generally more abrasion resistant than acrylics like Sunbrella, but for wooden boats I want something more breathable. As far as chafe goes, reinforcement for chafe is just part of making any good cover and any fabric should get proper reinforcement. Backpack fabric is about 400 denier and ballistic nylon is around 800 denier, so your 600d cover is probably a pretty substantial piece of fabric.
Chafe may not wear through the coated polyester fabrics like SurLast and Top Gun as quickly, but it will wear off the coating that's on the inside in short order.

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