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Since 1991 Great Lakes Schooner Company has been planning corporate team building boat cruises in Toronto Harbour.
My staff had such fun with the event and I am so pleased that we chose your company for our event.CCI Inc.
Your group is divided into smaller teams and will be given materials required to construct their boat. Pricing for premium, full-service training programs like this one depends on factors such as your group size and preferred event location. Contact us for a fast and personalized proposal that addresses your program specifics, group dynamics, objectives and budget. If it turns out the solution you had in mind initially is not a good fit, wea€™ll explore together with you to find one that is.
This is great team building exercise that is suitable for teenagers in class rooms to adults in workplace settings.
The goal of this exercise is to have your team build the tallest free standing tower with 3 x 5 cards. Thee clearnss for your post is just great and that i caan assume you’re an expert on this subject. Did I mention Matt was recently – and completely coincidentally – elected a moderator on Server Fault? Turns out he lives in Australia, close-ish to Sam Saffron, and the timing allowed us to meet him in person for our yearly Discourse World Meetup.
As previously documented we had desperate need in the sysadmin department, so having someone incredibly talented in this position is crucial. Now it’s very much my pleasure to welcome Erlend to a full time role at Discourse as our first official community advocate. Sam met Alan through his work on RubyBench, which we sponsor through a free hosted Discourse community. You may also recognize Guo Xiang as tgxworld from meta, or from his fantastic and frequent GitHub pull request contributions to the Discourse project.
Alan technically does not start until January 1st, but we’ve convinced him to work part time through December to ramp up quickly for January.

In the past, we could do little things for love, but big things, big things required money.
Today we’d like to officially welcome Arpit Jalan from Jodhpur, India to the Discourse team. We discovered Arpit through our meta site where he just … started building things in early 2014, like the first easy Discourse install guide.
We started with Arpit on a year-long internship plan, and his work has been consistently great. Along with this growth, there have been some growing pains, mostly in the area of keeping up with configuration changes in our infrastructure. It has become very clear that we need someone here at Discourse working full time on system adminstration and ops. We’ve had excellent part-time support from our beloved Michael Brown, aka Supermathie, but despite offering him unlimited poutine, Coffee Crisp bars, Timbits, and as much milk in a bag as he could carry, we were sadly unable to convince him to join us full time.
So, effective immediately, we are looking for an awesome full time 100% remote, work from home system administrator! Good working knowledge of the tools we currently rely on such as Docker, HAProxy, Nginx, Redis, Postgres, and Postfix. We are very open to a devops transition here, if you want to help us build the Discourse software, too, but our immediate need and focus is on our hosting configuration and our hosting hardware.
Content is by-nc-sa, Discourse logo and “Discourse Forum” ®, Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.
Your guests will have to put into practice many skills including interactive, communicational, and problem solving in order to complete the task successfully. During the course of the event, teams will have to deal with several curve balls that are not uncommon in the real world, such as, project modifications, staff changes or material shortages.
This means that each team will be putting at least one member into the boat to complete the on-water navigational challenge. Teams will be responsible for building and testing a functional boat made entirely out of cardboard and packing tape. You can read it on your computer in PDF format if you like, or print it out on your printer.

Alan became one of our favorite project contributors in recent memory, and reminded us very much of Regis, who we are obviously quite fond of. We have a lot of internal hosting improvements we want to make, and since poor Matt has a year long backlog of work we put in front of him, he can use all the help he can get.
I can’t remember the last time I read such an impassioned call to action by someone who feels they are at a critical juncture in their life. Our experienced, fully trained crew will be on hand to help achieve the goals you require from the activity.All of our boats are able to host different kinds of team building events. At the end of the building process, teams will put together a group presentation that will highlight their accomplishments and a€?sella€™ their boat to the client. You need an extraordinary event that will provide a fun, engaging and memorable experience. Finally, there will be an awards presentation where each team will be recognized for outstanding effort and elements of their project. Combining different elements and challenges with some friendly competition and a splash of the unexpected will keep your group motivated.
All totally his idea, he approached us with the concept, and he came up with the questions, too. But as the number of hosted Discourse sites has grown, it’s been tough to keep tabs on all of them and jump in and help as needed. In addition to having a great time together as a team, participants will take away lessons that will benefit your business for a long time. On top of all that, Erlend has been heavily involved in Discourse from the early days of meta.discourse with tons of useful feedback and insight. Erlend is our man on the street, looking out for everyone, being helpful and letting us know where the whole team can be most helpful.

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