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Location: Lake of the Ozarks Building 10 foot fiberglass boat with a foam core I am building a 10 foot boat out of 2 inch thick pink foam insulation from home depot. The grey back half of the first picture is paint because at that point I didn't know that epoxy doesn't melt foam, and I was trying to seal it up. The pink foam from the big box stores isn't a structural foam, so the laminate will have to do all the work. Yep, all epoxied surfaces that will have UV exposure will need to be protected, with paint (the best) or varnish. Originally Posted by alexbarker2 After I finish my first layer, would it be a bad idea to test it in the lake? Location: Milwaukee, WI 1708 has mat in it and is designed for polyester or vinylester. Location: Lake of the Ozarks Progress update Thanks for all of the advice.
Needs A New Transom And Deck » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post fiberglass layup on foam core 40' cat? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Pakistan Epoxy Resin for Hull Repair Can Industrial Resin made by Nan Ya (Taiwan) NPEL 128 with cps of 12000 at 25 degrees C, be used for fiberglass work. Laminates,Filament winding, encapsulation, civil engineering,tooling, coating and adhesives. Location: The Netherlands This is an unmodified resin, which is too thick to handle.
Location: Eustis, FL I would think a non-reactive diluent would be a better choice. About all laminating epoxies are a base epoxy, and either a monofunctional or difunctional reactive diluent.

Ask your supplier on the amount of C12-C14 that is needed to dilute to 2000 cps at 25 degrees or so.
Location: The Netherlands Let me know what you can get, and specifications. Using light Fg cloth to protect Carbon layer » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post cashew nut shell resin instead of epoxy resin ? Marine Epoxy & Fiberglass textile for Boatbuilding and gravy holder revivify MAS arrangement ternary and westward arrangement Epoxies. The black in the second picture is colored caulk that I used to smooth the surface once the boat was in position for fiberglassing. Of course, painting the foam then applying goo and fabric means, your bond to the foam is entirely dependent on the paint to foam bond, which compared to epoxy is really weak. I did get to test it out after finishing my second layer and I am pretty happy with the design. I would start mixing in 10% max diluent, which will give you a resin which is very similar to Araldite GY253 Thanks again for your help.Temp during the day can go upto 45C, I don't know how will that effect low heat resistance? 28 Wax composition for Bondo & fiberglass cloth gravy boat regaining Building and Hull Repair. World-wide Description Woven fiberglass cloths are very vulgar for nautical & composite Lightweight cloth that is selfsame common in diminished craft boat building. There are some air bubbles in the first layer because of small gaps between sheets of foam.
That can be managed.Even once its mixed that also can be managed,but during the curing process managing temp below 43C can become difficult. Meeting place Title Nine How To Fiberglass Cloth This is Part 8 inwards a serial publication of video highlights from the Apalachicola Maritime. I am going to fix the bigger ones, but I'll probably just leave the small ones alone, since it's just between the first layer and foam.

Most of the curing agents are for civil engineering purposes.905-3 from Yun Teh, Taiwan is one. Workers here are experienced in hand laminating hull with vinyl resin, mat and 600-800 gms woven roving (plain square weave). My reason for doing 5 layers was that I intend to put an old jet ski engine in it, so it will be going pretty fast, and will need to have similar strength to a jet ski hull. Will have complete specs of all that is available tomorrow.However,I am sure,nothing will be available for marine. Nothing too problematic for boat construction, but getting a 100% perfect optical part is impossible. Fiberglass textile is the most common composite material used in boat building repairs and fiberglass cloth for boat building.
As a foam cored laminate, the core will separate (delaminate) from the inner and outer skins, making it useless, except as built in floatation and moisture containment system. I'm not sure why you elected to employ 5 layers of 1708, but this is a whole lot more than necessary in a real foam cored build. Its such a critical task that I should not mess around with it,therefore, resin, curing agent and fiberglass cloth should be nothing less then the job entails.
Checked up with FEDEX Resin is not hazadarous from transportation point of view and the curing agent is Hazardrous category 8,which can be transported by air.Your suggestions would be of great value to me.

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