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I want to build an aluminum houseboat, plans are available for a flat bottom houseboat?Once the aluminum hull is built, I can lay out the house structure myself. After 50 years in this industry, the last 25 years using aluminium, I have learn a lot about building in aluminium.
Location: uk thank you for everyones help i finally decided on building a 15ft skiff as it does what i need.
I'm a bit of a broken record about about this site, but it offers a free look at complete plans for some old designs. Location: Florida come on Oz, skip the plywood, you've worked in real wood, and are familiar with it, and probably enjoy and appreciate it.
Location: Eustis, FL That's traditional file planking and something I'm very familiar with, but it's heavy, has many dozens of potential leak points and is difficult to fair. Location: Florida lol, better just to walk along the bank then instead of getting into a plywood boat! Originally Posted by p_smith come on Oz, skip the plywood, you've worked in real wood, and are familiar with it, and probably enjoy and appreciate it.

But if he's looking for a practical, easier-built and more watertight boat, methods and materials have come a ways in the last hundred years or so. Location: Eustis, FL He can install skids and bottom strakes to protect the planking. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I just need to know about the framing and specs for the flat bottom aluminum hull houseboat, I can do the rest.
It is important that the very first step is to build a jig that will make your construction so much easier.Lay your deck first, bearing in mind that aluminium must be oil free and all welded edges sanded to remove the ever forming protective layer. If you hook up a gas engine to this type of bottom, it will leak like a bottomless bucket (file planking doesn't tolerate vibration or wracking). You now have a base to work on, while I agree that 5083 in varying thickness is used in hull, deck and superstructure,6061 is used for your extrusions due to greater tensile strength.
The software packages now available can make some pretty pictures of boats, but it doesn't tell you if the shapes you've selected are well suited to your needs.

Whilst turning the hull structure over using cranes, is often used, you need to hire a crane and have the room, head height etc, to do it, I designed a simple horizontal turn table unit to spin it in it's own beam. It's the material that will keep you socks dry and generally is some of the best on the boat, if professionally built.
Considering the hundreds of designs available for a boat in this size range, you're so much better off, just buying a set of plans and following the engineering in them.
If you want a traditional build with antique building methods, use the file plank system, but if you don't want to fuss with the hull after it's built, use plywood.

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