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When you live on the water it is amazing all the ideas that come to us as we think of the next project. Call us with your next project we will be happy to work with you on finding that perfect pontoon for your next waterfront idea. For the hard core project builders we can supply you with “pontoon floats only” for your dock projects. Follow our new blog site at for ideas and recipes for the ultimate water front experience. This year we are offering another solution that overcomes some of the inherent issues using regular billets or barrels. Our pontoon floats are designed to withstand ice conditions so there should be little concern about wintering them in the water. If you would like to learn more about about Richardson Docks Pontoon Floats follow the links on our site and be sure to visit ourFacebook page for more ideas and pictures. LifejacketsLifejackets come only in red, orange and yellow so you are much more visible while in water. The good people at Velda have designed a product that all pond owners cannot (and, frankly, should not) live without.
Do your fish companions meander to and fro, pondering the existential significance of their life beneath the waters? You can even train your buddies to use the dome by strategically placing food pellets in the bulge for hours of entertainment (well, probably just minutes, really). Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. With giant floating colourful jellyfish suspended in the air, the new design looks as though it has been designed by hippies. The water-park's interior was designed to make visitors feel they were entering an Avatar-style fantasy land. In October 2009, the Water Cube was closed to the public to begin the massive A?20 million renovation. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Imagine swimming in the tidal Thames, surrounded by reeds that frame the most amazing views of London.
Around the pools concrete decks with cast-in air pockets would create a resting area for swimmers, surrounded by reeds for a more natural look. Over time, algae, ferns and native plants would grow freely in the planted areas and Londoners would have the chance to reclaim their largest outdoor public space. Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future.
Berlin's floating Arena Badeschiff swimming pool provides the perfect place to spend hot summer days at the bustling German capital.
Arena Badeschiff is open daily from 8am until midnight, and it offers yoga classes, massages, a wooden pier to relax upon, and even a small sandy beach as well as a refreshing swimming pool on the river.
Measuring 105 feet long and 26 feet deep, the space offer amazing panoramic views of the city’s most renowned landmarks.
Volumes and the central public space are towered above by 11 big ”petals” that are independent both formally and structurally from the rest of the building. Displaying a highly contemporary architecture, House V by I + GC [arquitectura] was especially developed to answer the needs of day to day family life. On a total surface of 1,733.08 square meters, the creative team at Unsangdong Architects envisioned and implemented E+Green Home, a sustainable home which employs no less than 95 green technologies. Situated on a very particular site at the midst of a forest at the foot of a mire, surrounded by at least 6 different types of native tree species, Argentinian practice G2 Estudio’s Swamp House in Patagonia Preserves the biodiversity by building within and throughout the local vegetation to leave as much as possible intact. This shimmering steel house in Kyoto by Japanese architects ALPHAville towers above its vernacular neighbours. Nicholson Residence is a renovation project conducted by Australian architect Matt Gibson and located in Melbourne, Australia. Our site is being constantly developed, because we are focused on giving our members the best experience in using our website. Egypt-based architectural practice HOUSE Studio has sent us photos of its newest project of Oxygen Villa.
It’s been taken in consideration the architectural invention in design and satisfying all tastes in mass productions process, taking care of the privacy issue in designing the inner spaces which is important for the Arabian family in the men and women spaces and reception spaces also, taking care of the spaces distribution and achieving the maximum benefit of land use in spaces and referring to the possible increasing of the building in the future by the increasing of the family members number, the interaction between the building and the national heritage has been taken care of it in the design of the buildup unit, the building design gives a variety of alternatives by using the module system and the prefabricated units that would help in changing the character of the building at any time when its needed and it will be in a harmony with each other, the prefabricated system gives the advantage of reducing the construction time and the simplicity of establishing the building and also for recycling process.
One of the major features of the Mashrabiya is privacy, an essential aspect of Arabian culture.
The wooden screen with openable windows gives shade and protection from the hot summer sun while allowing the cool air from the outside to flow through the building. The projection of the Mashrabiya achieves several purposes, on one hand it allows air from three sides to enter, even if the draught outside was parallel to the house facade; on the other hand it serves the outside and in turn the neighborhood.
The mass production process has a good advantage which is the build up unit for many reasons The module system allows to have a variety of colors and shapes of the building by changing color of the unit or making various colors . 1- In this case the units would be opened vertical to make a group of sunshades on the building and also having more space for air. 2- In this case while having a strong storm of wind and sand as example the units will be closed completely on itself to avoid the villa from bad climatic changes. 3- In this case of a good weather with a light sun ray the units would be opened horizontal to make shade from the glass part on the unit and acceleration the air movement inside the building. Photovoltaic (PV) window or glazing modules are an exciting and extremely visible method for integrating PV into both new and existing buildings. The buildup detail design contains 3 parts: 2 solid parts and a glass one which is consists of a double layers of glass and between them is loaded with the nitrogen gas The nitrogen gas has the advantage of absorption the thermal energy that comes from sun rays and emits a low quantity of it so it helps to keep the inner space cool.
The construction process starts with establishing the fixed steel columns in place then the floor slabs and at last the buildup window unit, all are prefabricated units from Etalbond (as its known for its toughness and lightness reducing aluminum size by using only for outer cover and inside the panels are loaded with foam) , the floor slabs are reinforced concrete and the upper roof slab from light concrete, the inner court carry the slabs loading on fixed columns.

The inner spaces was designed as a one space to make the air movement more easier inside the spaces, air movement depends on two or more entrances and three exits that gives a continues moving of air all day The site was designed to make the air movement always passes through green areas and trees inside and outside the building on the eastern and northern corners for filtering the air then passing through water area for cooling the air.
Is a system of glass balls used under the ground floor level in court area, the glass granules process is to absorb the thermal energy all day time and keep it inside, in the night time when it’s cold the Glass granules emits the thermal energy again in the space to keep it warm. The design of inner spaces depends on open view idea for all spaces according to the space function. Eco-friendly ideas continue to save our energy and resources, and it’s great when such things are stylish in design. Public spaces on the first and third floors are more open to the outdoors via huge windows, while the private spaces on the middle floor are protected by the protruding elevations above and below.
After seven years of planning and fundraising in the midst of a national recession, construction of the North Carolina chapter of the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA NC) thoroughly sustainable Center for Architecture & Design was completed this summer in Raleigh. The three-level, 12,000-square foot building was designed by noted “green” architect Frank Harmon, FAIA, principal and founder of Frank Harmon Architect PA, after the firm won a professional competition for the project in 2008. Quick to note that not a line was drawn before landscape architect Gregg Bleam, FASLA, studied the site with him, Harmon stresses that building and landscape were conceived as “one interlocking system. The narrow building is sited snugly up against the existing city sidewalk so that the majority of the triangular lot is a park-like green space in its urban context.
The building’s open floor plan features two main rooms on the ground level and a continuous open office space on the top floor.
Harmon designed the building to meet LEED Platinum standards as well as AIA Committee On The Environment (COTE) goals, which include regional appropriateness and the use of regionally available materials, land use and site ecology, sustainable materials and methods of construction, reduced water usage, and increased energy efficiency. That is why it is so much fun to see all the great ideas people have in putting together their pontoon dock project. Imagine your own tiny house on the lake or maybe a bunky for the kids or maybe a floating boat house. Of course we can provide any of the peripherals you may want for your dock projects at a cost effective price also.
A barrel set up using the heavy plastic barrels (as apposed to steel barrels) can be relatively inexpensive if a person has access to free or nearly free barrels. It’s an extravagant thing, but Who knows, perhaps our finned friends really do wish to be out of the sea, even part of our world?
Local architects Studio Octopi have been working up a new vision for the Thames with a floating pool called The Thames Baths Project.
In that short span of time a dedicated group of investors received support from the city, obtained an old ferry boat, were able to construct their pool, and then finally tow it into place in the Port of Antwerp.
The 105-foot-long pool floats in the river Spree, and it invites the public to relax, sunbathe, do yoga and swim. The entry fee is 4 Euros and there are also seasonal passes for those that cannot make it to the real beach but want to escape the city’s heat and relax in a cool atmosphere.
It serves breakfast, lunch and all sorts of fresh foods throughout the day, and there is also an open-air bar for enjoying a cocktail and live music while watching the setting sun.
The brief of the project was to build a residence around a central patio, while maintaining a feeling of openness. The gently sloping topography allows the house to open up below grade, maintaining the unobstructed views from the entry street and creating several levels to house all the programmatic elements.
Triangular cut-aways create light wells on two opposite sides of the building, where all the windows are lined up on top of one another. According to the architects, “the newer works provide a more generous engagement with the exterior and garden foliage via extensive use of glass and continuity of material externally. The location in the lot and design of this house was defined by the importance of natural light in the project. Architects wrote about identity of this project: The project build up unit is inspired from national heritage which is obviously shown in the void shape and the treatment of elevations which is taken from oriels that provides the known privacy idea in the arabian community also inside the building.
Also module system helps in mass production by saving money in construction It also helpful in maintenance and durability by fixing the needed unit only that saves money, time and effort. PV glazing modules add architectural accents to a building while generating clean power and expressing the building owner’s environmental ethics.
By creating a middle double volume void area makes a visual contact between ground and first floor and also by creating inner court helps in the connecting between spaces in all levels that gives inner open feeling which is visually and Psychologically comfortable, that would also help in cooling process of the inner space.The design depends on having a variety between the inner and outer shape that gives a flexibility in inner furniture of spaces.
Professor Sheila Kennedy created SOFT Rocker, it’s a lounge chair where you can rest while recharging the batteries of various devices.
The 12,800 square foot residence blends interior and exterior almost seamlessly with ample access to breathtaking scenic views and huge, clear windows.
Located on an oddly shaped, previously unused lot in downtown Raleigh near the State Capitol and Government Complex, the new Center is the first AIA headquarters facility to be built from the ground up expressly for this purpose, and AIANC hopes it will serve as a flagship for modern, sustainable urban design in North Carolina’s capital city.
The landscape is an extension of the building and the building is an extension of the landscape.” As if to underscore that notion, the native stone walls in the landscape extend inside the building – or extend outside into the landscape, depending on one’s perspective. In fact, the necessary parking area is what Harmon and Bleam call a “parking garden,” porously paved so that it will dry quickly and can be used for a variety of outdoor functions by AIA NC and other community groups.
The open plan is meant to evoke a sense of community among occupants, and it also makes temperature and lighting control more efficient. The pontoons can be customized to any lengths and a variety of dept to suit almost all projects. What is particularly great about rafts is it gets all the activity away from the docks to a somewhat safer environment.
Over the years they evolved using barrels and billets and upgrading them to with beautifully finished decking and floating rails.
Volunteers do not need to have a background in public art- just a desire to learn, enthusiasm, and flexibility.
31-inches and $200 of plastic is just what your koi need to experience life outside the grind of swimming around the pond all day.

In addition to creating a new recreational space for the community, this aquatic landscape is expected to improve the river's flora and fauna. Arena Badeschiff was developed by AMP Arquitectos, Wilk Salinas, Thomas Freiwald and the artist Susanne Lorenz.
And for those that had a long night of hard partying the night before, there is a large comfy bed for siestas along the many deck chairs on the pier. There are three floors, an open plan living room on the bottom floor, the private areas in the middle and an office space to literally top it all.
It has 28.000 mq and is made up of 7 volumes that contain offices (each volume is made up of 4 floors located on different levels). The petals, different for their geometry and dimension, reaches almost 35 meters and they are supported by a structure of steel pillars with a tree shape, visible, as well as the petals, externally and internally from the building. As a result, the house consists of two originally shaped wings, partially merged to form the letter “V”. Inside the house are three split-level storeys, connected by paper-like stairs with white surfaces and black undersides. A whimsical and artistic giving back to the parkland legacy is provided at first floor level in the form of a steel sheet external graphic ‘applique’ and internal decal.
It allows you to work on a couple of projects at the same time with full visibility and control over them.
Even if you have many projects in many companies you are still able to manage all your to-dos. Every single detail of your project which is crucial to you will appear in a transparent way. The facades were located according to the movement of light and shadows to help enhance the interior design.
The module system would help in construction time by installing the prefabricated units in place and floor slabs. PV glazing modules can be integrated into a building as non-view windows, skylights as shown in this building. During the sunlight hours a 12-ampere hour battery stores the solar energy and then utilizes it for charging. If you are interested, please contact Amy DeCaussin, Events & Exhibitions Assistant, for more information and to get on our volunteer list! The curious device allows your fish to swim above the surface of the water, so they can see life through your eyes.
The modern technologies are applied a lot: a heat pump and low temperature underfloor heating, natural ventilation, high insulation values of roof walls and floor, special heat-resistant glass, a sedum roof, attention to thermal bridging details and orientation. These volumes are placed around a ”central public square”, which is the core of the project, where there is the front office services.
The Tbilisi Public Service Hall includes: the National Bank of Georgia, the Minister of Energy, the Civil and National Registry.
In between, a small garden reigns, allowing inhabitants to enjoy green space within the comfort of their property. A poured-in-place concrete structure is wrapped in wood planks and topped with a series of green roofs, extending view out to the nires forest.
The color and material palette is deliberately restrained so as not to compete with the exterior, or with the family’s accumulated artwork and furnishings”. The components of this software provide a wide range of possibilities such as estimation and planning, scheduling, managing tasks and time. You can lie in this chair comfortably, with a lap top or a book and recharge this device or something else.
The authors used much wood in architecture and interior design, so the house looks cozy, inviting and warm, and the owners and guests may enjoy stunning lake views. Offices are connected to each other by internal footbridges that stretches on different levels. The swimming pool acts as an extension of the building, which is characterized by the architects as “a fluid volume that is detached from the floor to the front turning down until fully backward lean.
The wooden decked terrace is probably the most spectacular feature of the residence and a great place for family dinners or late night informal gatherings.
All the construction was done in exposed concrete and wood to assure the low maintenance requirements as well as the adequate aging of the space with the natural patina that will acquire with time. Usual softwood panels may be used for storing solar energy, this is a great solution, especially if you spend much time outdoors.
The original home was built in 1984 and underwent many modifications and additions throughout the years.
The work gives the feeling of movement, of a compact mass that was pulled up to the present form. From various high performance insulation systems to solar panels, water reuse and smart ventilation ideas, this home ensures a modern and responsible lifestyle.
Nevertheless, we decided to create a new “Recent activity” feature in order to make our members’ lives easier! This is emphasized with the longitudinal windows and unevenness in the top of the facades.” The interiors are minimalist and elegant, inspiring an overall sober feel. Unexpected lines and angles determine a visual connection with the exterior, while generous windows make this bond unbreakable.

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