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I slightly prefer a fixed dock (stability), but to be honest I am running into a problem finding a professional dock builder to do it. Originally Posted By: TGW1I used my 19 yr old grandson to help me build a 12x16 floating dock. They are off at college and are at that stage when they are establishing their independent lives.
My water level doesn't fluctuate much but I put in a floating dock because I could do it myself.
As part of a campaign to help promote tourism in California, Visit California asked Bob Burnquist to skate on a floating ramp for one of their commercials. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future. The Marina Services Building at Cottonwood Cove Resort is built on a floating platform, which came in handy; twice during construction the building was floated over to a launch ramp where a crane was waiting to install roof panels. Buildings on the water are nothing new, but the new Marina Services Building at Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina on Nevada’s Lake Mohave is hailed as the first of its kind—the first floating structure submitted for LEED certification.
Rod Taylor: We had a windstorm back in 2007 that destroyed the marina and most of the infrastructure.
Taylor: We had a fixed amount of $642,000 to work with, and I really wasn’t allowed to go over that. Shown is a sample of a typical pre-fabricated wall section with utilities running through it.
Taylor: Some of the credits that count toward certification were not available to us because there was no site prep on this project. Taylor: The overall aesthetics have really turned out well, and this building actually reduced the night sky pollution from the old building substantially.

I've spoken with two dock building companies and they both said the way they do a fixed dock is with a barge. If fluctuating water levels become an issue, you can easily add a floating extension to the fixed dock.
We initially started using Brettski's design but found stainless steel connectors to be quite expensive. Burnquist said yes and did them one better, he asked his own team to design and build the ramp. Replacing a decades-old building, and in partnership with the National Park Service, Forever Resorts set out to construct an on-the-water building that showcases green technology. We needed to do something creative to come in on budget, so we designed a flyer and donation forms to send to different companies asking them to help us on cost, either a full donation or to provide discounted goods and services.
But the energy efficiency of the building is a big component—the roof, walls, and even the floor have an R-value.
We used modified structural insulated panels, which are large, solid foam panels with steel studs inside that are trimmed as they’re erected at the site. We used to have 250-watt sodium vapors with 360-degree, three-dimensional lighting that would light the sky, the ground, everything, and we went to downcast fluorescents. I guess I would have to say that I like the floating dock idea, even though it will lean a little until the water level comes up more. If it's just a sitting and swimming dock, a fixed dock will work with a ladder to get out of the water.
Ended up extending the concrete piers above the water line and using ZMAX connectors to attach the beams. Here, Rod Taylor, regional vice president of Forever Resorts, talks with gb&d about the floating building he expects to be certified LEED Gold later this year. When it came down to designing the building, I thought about a green building on the water.

Much of the materials and labor were given to us for free or at discounted rates, so we had multiple partners helping us stay in budget.
Another big contributor was the tremendous amount of recycled content of this structure: The steel is 100 percent recycled.
People are now having stargazing events out here, and they can even use their telescopes, so the night sky protection at the end of this project really was enhanced.
I talked to the Park Service, which is our landlord, and they got excited and got behind it not only because it is the right thing to do, but it would be the first certified LEED structure floating on water. Some tweaking was needed toward the end, and Ausonio, our LEED consultant, volunteered a substantial amount of time to get this project finished, as did our engineers and architects.
It’s the desert, so we had a tremendous number of days where we couldn’t work because the wind was blowing. So I may have to go with a floating dock (like shown below), which wouldn't be the end of the world. It also will be stabilized on each end to the shore with metal rods attached to posts buried in the ground.Electricity can easily be run out to the boat for house boat living if needed. And Premier Materials provided us with decking that’s made out of rice hulls and recycled plastics. This summer I'll be swapping out the barrels for purpose built floats.A floating dock has to be anchored or tethered so it doesn't move side to side with heavy winds. Still need to add the decking but the barn has taken priority as it is quickly turning into a 5 year project.

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