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The purpose of this article is give you, the aspiring shipwright, a practical guideline to building your own Viking ship. The purpose of this article is to give you a wider perspective with regard to the time, materials and efforts involved in building a Viking ship. A Viking longboat conveys the traditions of the seafaring Scandinavian people on any body of water. The Vikings were the most powerful people in northwestern Europe from the ninth through the 11th centuries. Vikings built their houses like their ships---up to 100 feet long with oval sides and sloping roofs. Pontoon boats can be as simple as a floating raft held up by plastic barrels or as elaborate as a houseboat. With air dried old growth recycled lumber, the high grain density, stability, and consistency of the reclaimed wood is ideal for boat restorations and construction.

The Vikings raided and colonized towns and cities stretching from North America to the Caucasus Mountains to North Africa--and their primary mode of transportation?
Come to terms with the fact that if you're a dedicated, semi-skilled craftsman, even one with some carpentry experience, you will be completely at a loss with regard to building a traditional longship.
Once your hull is the desired height and all the clinkering is complete, it is time to reinforce the hull with interior ribs.
Cut your oars to length, and be sure to cut an extra set in case of accidental lose or damage. Crafting a viable ship is a time-honored skill passed down through generations from shipwright to apprentice. The legendarily beautiful craft, some adorned with fearsome dragon figureheads, plied the waters of the North Atlantic and beyond. Books Mission:We create extraordinary books for our publishing partners worldwide, anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Paired with a 48-page book about Viking ships, culture, and history, the model kit includes paper punch-out pieces, plastic parts, thread for the rigging, and instructional booklet, and lets readers recreate a Viking longship replica over two feet long. They cannot use kiln dried stock because the cellular structure of the wood changes during the drying process and cannot withstand constant use in water. Although it will take some doing, perhaps some blood and sweat, and certainly a fair share of tears, a Viking ship can be built by any industrious, dedicated craftsman. As cutting down a tree may not be feasible, find the appropriate-length timber at your local hardware store or lumberyard. Furthermore, be sure to contact your local zoning board or park ranger before cutting down any trees.

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