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Location: central NYS I've been working towards the same thing, but a few feet longer.
Originally Posted by openboater I've been working towards the same thing, but a few feet longer.
Location: central NYS Jack, it'll have gentle bends to impart stiffness in the sheet. I don't remember selling a plan into your area or being contacted by you - but that doesn't mean you didn't. I'm a bit worried about this so I have just pulled one of the drawings from the site - apologies to anyone who was interested in looking. Location: central NYS Mik, we seem to have a bit of a misunderstanding here. I was suggesting your's as a possible way for Dick to go and cause I think you do a good job, but I'll refrain from suggesting you in the future if you wish. Since I'm loosing interest in PLY, I guess it will be a strip FRP sheathed hull, so square is out. Location: central NYS Yes dick, I have a lot of RESPECT, I have no raised deck cruiser in any form of build now, and should my studies take me to a certain design, I will buy it, to go along with the dozens of unbuilt designs that I didn't do my homework before I ponied up the money. I have Bolger, Glen-l, Selway fisher, Spira International, michalak,(edit) CMD Redwing18, Oh, and a $20 set of plans for an OZ PDR.

And I have an AL PDR in the shop right now, so I could learn a little more about AL building before I went 24' But I used the stock free PDR plans for that because I needed the simpler version for my learning curve.
Perhaps if you had said crosss between a Michelak and Storer or something like that I wouldn't have been concerned at all.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I am all for protecting proprietary work ,but, I do not see where any offence was committed. Originally Posted by dick stave I am all for protecting proprietary work ,but, I do not see where any offence was committed.
But he is drawing from a lot of other places as well and is doing some stuff to resolve the flat panel stiffness issues of lightweight alloy sheet.
Location: Germany There was a good discussion on this thread: Building plans for 26'-28' ocean-cruising STEEL sailboat? For the price you can buy a small Dutch steel boat it is really not economical to build one - unless that is what you want to do. CANADA Aluminum Raised Deck Cruiser You will have to excuse all my posts lately, but, its springtime and I have the boat building bug. CANADA I don't want to fan the flames of this one any more ,but indulge me.

Openboater, I would not be discouraged about building an aluminum boat with plumb sides as that's about as simple as it gets (distortion is controlled by proper weld sequence). I bought a 10'x20' tent from Costco a while back (as my shop can only support builds to 16' ) and I want to get busy under it.
So,do I go with a planing hull with a 3.0 litre mercruiser inboard outboard, or go with the Atkins original with the keel cooler,jacketed exhaust manifolds, mechanical seal, (African queen) approach?
I have ordered the study plan from DnGoodchild, and, as a guy who owns quite a few sets of plans I always pony up out of Respect. This thread was an exercise in exploring the concept of building an aluminum version of a classic raised deck cruiser which I have every intention of doing. I was thinking about 20' loa with a small pilothouse and canvas extending aft for camping trips on protected waters in the salt and in the interior lakes.

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