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Show some warmth by sweeping your loved one away from colder climates to Ocala National Forest in Florida where temperatures are likely to be in the upper 60s or low 70s. Volunteer snow ranger Conradt Fredell shares his love of skiing and the beautiful landscape of the Arapaho National Forest by taking Loveland Ski Area visitors on an educational tour. Forget the high-priced dinner, artificial moon glow and hurried wait staff this Valentine’s Day. Try, instead, something very different from the tried and true red roses that wilt away or those earrings that she really had hoped would be a ring.
And if the weather for the recreational activity you would like to pursue makes a Valentine’s Day visit out of the question, consider designing and printing a “Let’s Love the Outdoors Together” coupon with a promise for a hike, bike or other activity during a more heart-warming time of year.
An illustrated guide to spot markets, with insight into how store holiday ads can affect the sale of featured items and how retail stores meet consumer demand. Buying and selling, supply and demand, wholesale and retail—the market and all of the economic factors surrounding it are complex things to track and understand.  From the smallest farmer to the largest grocery store chain in the nation, all of American agriculture depends on the trends and prices within the marketplace. At USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), we know the value of information and data.  For almost 100 years we’ve tracked pricing and market trend information in our USDA Market News reports, and now we’ve formed the Agricultural Analytics Division (AAD) to help further meet the informational and statistical needs of farmers and businesses across the country. The AAD provides a wide range of econometric, statistical, and analytical expertise and services.
Smokey Bear receives a bear hug from a child visiting Sims Flat Campground in the Shasta Trinity National Forest in Redding, California.
Forests are an intricate part of our life, from the air they clean to the water they provide.
Ensuring cut flowers are free from invasive pests and disease is a joint effort between the USDA and Department of Homeland Security. National Building Museum Fellowship Update #3: The Lone Ranger,Design Educator + Instigator? One portion of the National Building Museum’s impressive building toy collection that I have been particularly interested in during my Field Fellowship at the Museum, are the instruction manuals. Cheerios’ Lone Ranger Frontier Town takes storytelling as a design, instruction and behavior modeling tool one step further. While the town itself was not intended to be redesigned, the toy is remarkable in the way that it allowed a child to explore a place, its people and how they could use the town’s various structures, and spaces.
Send me an email and I will speak with Museum staff about whether I can post the full collection of images of the story.

Forest Service ski ranger Nancy McNab talks about safety before taking a group skiing as part of the Arapahoe National Forest’s Ski with a Ranger program.
Ocala has more than 27 first-magnitude springs, and forest visitors have long enjoyed Juniper Springs. Sharing a heart healthy gift is a great way to let the people in your life know you care.  Instead of offering an over-sized piece of cake or a box of sweets, give something that takes care of the heart.
From production numbers to prices and market trends, to international trade activities and environmental impact—they track it all.
With the help of Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection, USDA’s Animal and Plant health Inspection Service (APHIS) safely imports millions of cut flowers into the US free from harmful plant pests and diseases from Jan 1 to Feb 14th in preparation for the Valentine’s Season. How do toy manufacturers describe design and what do they do to help others build great things?
Richter’s building toys, Anchor Stones, are one of my favorites and a rare example of a building toy manufacturer using storytelling and supportive drawings to create a compelling, immersive experience that is akin to a video game. In 1948 Cheerios started offering various pieces of the Lone Ranger Frontier Town in its cereal boxes. The impact of having physical objects and a spatial context in which to explore a storyline had a powerful impact on its users. Richter’s instructions for his Anchor Stones are so compelling because they offer engaging approaches to describing and encouraging the exploration of design, and a place that are completely different from the norm. Does anybody know a way that I might be able to finish reading Uncle Jack’s Present or where I might find this story digitized? As far as I know, you will have a really hard time finding copies of Uncle Jack’s Present as it was part of the instruction manual included in various Anchor Stone sets, not something Richter distributed independently.
Anchor Stones are still being produced and the Museum does have some concerns about copyright, etc.. There are hundreds of tiny bubbling springs, and underground water gushes out of crevices in the earth beneath a dense canopy of palms and oaks. Find a healthy recipe to make at home or attend a cooking class at your local mall or community college.  For healthy recipe ideas, visit the FNCS Recipe Box.
How can we learn from this to teach better or to create more engaging and innovative public design processes- to grow what I like to call, ‘cultures of greatness’? By purchasing nine different boxes of Cheerios, a boy could acquire the four maps comprising the town’s plan, construct all of the cardboard buildings and a train so that he could recreate in three dimensions and real time, the Lone Ranger’s weekly exploits on the radio!

Yesterday, a visitor at the National Building Museum vividly recounted playing with the toy over sixty three years ago as if it had just happened earlier in the day.
Their interweaving of story, space and physical object presented incredibly captivating platforms upon which creativity, collaboration and insight could occur. I’m sure that a scan of this book would be most appreciated for their archive as well. Their weight or heft and the surprising complexity of their sets makes them incredibly pleasing.
Please do not carve your names into a tree or other object or in another way deface the beauty of our national forests and grasslands. Richter creates a scene or play frame (see Gregory Bateson’s work) that describes not only what it feels like to build and explore with Anchor Stones but also how adults and other family members can meaningfully contribute to the building process.
Undoubtedly, play continued well after the weekly broadcasts, with children across the country expounding on that week’s storyline, exploring different community member’s roles while creating their own uses for the various streets, buildings and infrastructure of the town. And in the midst of hoopla surrounding the immersive experience that such things as iPad’s and video games can create, Dr. Indeed, he even tells the story of the skeptical mother, who thinks that toys and play are beneath her, not only getting sucked into the children’s design process but actually then wanting to build her own creations; something I see time and time again in my own work.
And surely, kids moved the buildings and various other pieces of the town around to meet the needs of their new stories, playmates and the inclusion of unrelated toys.
Richter’s Anchor Stones and the Lone Ranger Frontier Town are important reminders that we don’t always need the most cutting edge technology to create the immersive experiences that are so utterly lacking in our class rooms, planning meetings and design processes. Richter details the experience of innovation, adversity, collaboration and joy, smartly countering such things as parental hesitation and creative inhibitions. It is incredible to think, for a moment, about the tremendous amount of city planning and ‘community research’ that was occurring simultaneously throughout the country after each of the radio shows.
Indeed, I have repeatedly found in my own work that storytelling, behavior modeling, a little bit of fantasy, a healthy dose of playful cajoling and engaging, hands-on tools can go a long way towards helping great things happen.
The story is supplemented with almost fairytale drawings and illustrations that show how people are using and inhabiting the buildings that the user will ultimately construct.

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