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Location: canada How come you can't buy a folding trailerable pontoon barge? What about a folding tri toon, with engine in the middle pontoon, along with waste water, generator, fuel, etc, so you can hook you're camper up and use it as a houseboat? The only down side is that you'd need to haul the boat to the water, then the trailer, but at least it could be done with a regular truck; and it could be awesome! Originally Posted by parkland I'm just wondering, how come you can't buy a trailerable folding pontoon barge?
Location: Great Lakes Use inflatable pontoons and you could probably put the whole thing on top of the RV. Originally Posted by jonr Use inflatable pontoons and you could probably put the whole thing on top of the RV. Location: canada Having 2 loads to transport has a drawback, but for some people might be a ton more practical than getting load permits etc. Plus, if you already have a camper, you wouldn't need to ALSO have a houseboat cabin to look after, just the trailerable barge, which should also be easier to store. But what I meant is a unit the would unfold using hydraulics or winches, so that even 1 person could launch it quick and easy. Probably just add weak auxiliary 'scissors' just to spread at least one end of the hulls after floating off launch ramp. I'm trying to create a whole standardized system, like tinker-toys, aimed at largest easily legally trailer-able, containable parts, but with FAIRLY easy and quick assembly, but fully up-gradeable to extreme strength specs for heavy work. Originally Posted by Squidly-Diddly I haven't worked out the fine points of launching and the first 4 bolts to make it together enough for the rest of assembly. The trailer really should be more than 6' long and 4' wide to trailer behind a bike, the trailer can unfold to 8' by 12' if really needed, but the weight comes into play as well. Not built or attempted due to the price of the inflatable pontoons sufficient for such a craft, not that 5K is high for a versitle boat, but for experiment, I shelfed the idea. Location: South Florida USA The Viva 27 was a sailing catamaran that folded in half for trailering, was launched that way, and set up very quickly. Originally Posted by keysdisease The Viva 27 was a sailing catamaran that folded in half for trailering, was launched that way, and set up very quickly. How about a flatdeck trailer, and the pontoons rest on the deck, and hydraulics push them out and down for water use? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Eustis, FL The typical purchase, particularly with 48' yachts is a serious inspection, by a qualified surveyor.
Location: Vancouver If not, I think scrap ferrous is about $300 a gross ton-2200 lbs. But maybe I'm totally wrong and the hull just has some patches in heavy wear aereas, like the waterline.
Location: Deale MD thanks for the replies Sorry for being out of touch. Location: Netherlands My impression from the pictures is that this is a boat not only built, but also designed by an enthousiastic amateur.
She has been sailing the seven seas since 1948, so apparently there is nothing wrong with her sea keeping abilities. The construction is a bit of a hodge podge, but as far as I can tell from the pictures, the boat is good and solid.
But than again I am no expert, so I am curious what the expierienced boat builders will say. And there is this, rust in a steel boat will soon look like a major catastrofy, but very often can be treated with a good grind down and paint. First giveaway is the overlap joints with the longitudinal hull plating - nothing wrong with that and perhaps stronger than a commonly used but joints, provided it is welded on the inside and outside joints of the overlap. However, at the stern he became undone with the tight and compound curvature and switched to narrow strip plating also running fore aft as the rest of the forward hull. I'd seen boats by some top SA steel boatbuilders laying on the nasty stuff about 12mm plus thick before fairing to smoothness to hide bugger-ups.
The interior looks presentable and what you have here is a true blue water cruiser - much like a swan in drag Obviously the builder did not bother about detail hence his amateurish way of getting it done.
I saw her years back in that yard and snapped a few photos of that make up work on the rear. Originally Posted by rogerf Lets say that racing boats should always be sailed as racing boats, in cruising mode or otherwise. This boat (just as an example) as many other boats of the 70th till 90th had been built as racers, for different purposes, e.g. Hope for some interesting and valuably input for people who are in the situation to think about seriously to buy one of these "old boats", born as a racer and sailed as a cruiser ?
Location: Brittany, France What Roger said was that racing boats should always be SAILED as racing boats, in cruising mode or otherwise. If you cruise and are able to keep the weight down to the racing weight, then even with reduced sail the performance will be such that the crew will have to be respectful of the capabilities. If you cruise and have increased the weight significantly, then the overloaded platform will be equally dangerous as there won't be enough buoyancy to support the new righting moment and load, even if the structure is increased to cope with the higher forces, so the crew will still have to be on their toes. That said, if you derive any pleasure at all from the actual sailing when you are cruising, and you can keep it light, an old racing boat will give you the same thrills it did to its racing crew.
From the French designer Phillipe Cabot I just got the infos that he didnt know at all about this boat. The sales prize compared to regularly built boats is reduced, but not too heavily for a boat which was built 10-15 years ago I would say. Originally Posted by Stumble Personally I would never buy a high performance boat without a known build history. Originally Posted by Stumble The most I would consider buying this for would be the scrap value of the pieces.
Originally Posted by Stumble Then I would spend the money to have a multihull designer figure out if the scantlings as built are suitable.

Originally Posted by Stumble Right now I don't consider this a boat, more of a boat shaped object. Location: Melbourne, Australia I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss an amateur built and designed trimaran. From observation if such sailors are talking about the Atlantic coast of the US and Canada the Pacific Coast is probably higher up the list.
Location: TO You have a point about an F27 the issue there is the initial cost. So I sorta skipped through this thread and am lost at to whether the OP wants to buy the boat for racing or cruising or both.
When A local 50 foot cat pitchpoled in the St Lawrence, I think it was Jim Brown who wrote it weighed less than an equal volume of styrofoam. Then there is the rig, a racing rig is hairbrained on a cruising boat, and not cheap to switch out, Maybe it could be shortened, and sails recut.
Git of a divergence from the above and possibly a bit small for you but the Cirrostratus trimarans are good performing boats with decent accommodations, food for thought. Location: Beaconsfield Western Australia Here are some study drawings, as a bonus the designer Robin Chamberlain is still alive and kicking. Henna is a plant that produces a very strong dye that is used for cosmetic purposes in North Africa, in the Arabian Peninsula and in Near and South Asia. If you are looking for Henna Design in Melbourne, then we have earned the reputation of being the best Indian beauty parlor in Melbourne. If you are having trouble finding the paste or the tube another place to get them other than online or an Indian market, go to the halal market!!!!
Better go straight to Tirana and notice that Albania is in the middle of Europe and not as cheap as one might expect!
Oh, ah, yes, I know the country, from Skodra in 1992 through Gjirokaster in 1997 to Butrinti in 2004. Location: Chile Let us not be completely unfair to the locals by focusing on the poor side of the house. The only way for a foreigner to buy relatively cheap is to go where he wants to move to and look for himself. A word of advice though: the poor doesn't mean stupid so do not expect to come out winning. Then armed with an agreement signed by all stakeholders agreeing to the sale you complete the transaction.. Next just after cash changes hands another relie pops up and claims they weren't consulted - You just lost your property.
Usually it's a local lawyer handling the purchase who's also part of the deal with family members. Sorry guys, can't provide links, I took these pics myself while living on Batam, in the white house in Shangri La park.
Ownership on Batam comes easier with marriage to a local, otherwise you apply for resident visa, reqs employment or some reasonable funds but it's Indonesia where for a price anything is possible. Had views over the reef and ocean, white sand beach 100ft from front pouch and a beer fridge by the door, genset underneath and a long drop dunny out the back, trust me it doesn't get much better than that place.
Only reason I'm not still there is Red skins (PNG Highland labouers) at Panguna copper mine started rioting and burning so all expats were ordered to bug out to PNG.
Location: Mexico, Florida I was referring to the residence of Sherlock Holms and Dr Watson on 21B Baker Street.
I agree, 10 Downing on occassion is infested with the same sort as infest 1900 Pennsylvania Ave frequently. I have new designs, some do not fold but all have a built in trailer system that the wheels and suspension are easily removed. The new designs suspension is made from gr 5 titanium that’s the hubs, axle, torsions arm and torsions bar with an option of aluminium or titanium boxed casing for the rubber cords. I have designed a new system that allows the torsion rubber cords to be DIY replaced also the cords to be adjustable to suit the loads. Rubber cord torsions suspensions internal rubber shock cords can and do wear out, resulting in the trailing arms being less supportive of the weight of the trailer, and less effective in damping out road bumps.
Since these shock cords are internal to the axle body, they are not replaceable, so the entire axle has to be replaced when the cords wear out. Another downside related to torsional axles is when there is no load on a trailer the rubber cords are not as flexible with the trailer having a bouncing affect. Normally titanium cost would be much higher but I reside in China with direct relationship with titanium factory and should get this cost much lower when numbers are produced. The reason I like to use titanium is its light for my boat designs that have the suspension and wheel manually removed also its up market beyond any other suspension on the market and does not rust.
The catamaran design middle area on the last 1.2 has a slope rising slightly up at the back of boat that lifts it like a whale tail and can give 25% more performance and fuel economy also an added hydrofoil is optional. By using the lighter trailer system built in to hull design and materials for better torsion mounting this will allow lower fuel usage and a larger load when towing, better man handling on land.
By placing the $1200 trailer verses the standard heavy trailer is a saving to justify the high quality titanium usage.
With the folding trailer barges they have this new suspension mounting system also that is fare easily to launch and more user friendly than my old design folding trailer barges. My main goal has been to float the standard car that is practical and affordable also weigh less than 600kg towed with mounted outboard but able to float 4000 kg meaning a four wheel drive and its full load or a camper van. There are smaller folding trailer barges suited for small cars that will weigh 400 kg which is the norm vehicle factory towing weight requirements for small cars. To make cars amphibious is suited for outdoor activity such as camping on islands and river banks or back of lakes with all the luxuries the car provides such as seating air-conditioning, heater, lights window wipers, suspension and luggage or security from insects or animals. On a river you can get off at the other end and carry on so no double back to pick up trailer and car, especially against a current. This trailer easily lifts up onto its end to save garage space and the wheels can be removed if want to save more space. It is expensive because of the 5083 aluminum fully welder and the titanium suspension and aluminum mag wheels that is about $3000 USD but competitive with aluminum trailers that cannot float and have steel suspension.

If you place a 15 HP on the tail gate it is an exciting ride that has a similar bottom shape to the catamaran center hull that allows the back to rock up and ride level with the surface water giving it a hydrofoil effect.
Location: Thailand I am in China which does not allow YouTube to be displayed on the internet. So I suggest you go to my website, then the Designs link, then Powercats (at righthand end of the menu). You'll see some photos and you can download a pdf studypack which includes trailer folding details. I have several designs that have a similar triple hull folding system but more far more compact lighter in trailer form that have the removable titanium torsions suspension.
They can be suited for in amphibious landing craft, high-performance speed boat, sailing or house boat.
The built in loading ramps to drive car on top are also used as the tow bar in folded trailer form. Originally Posted by Mr Efficiency What, no problems from crosswinds, or irate shooters ?
Inflatable pontoons would do it, any hard shell toon will be a problem folding up or carring as it would be a heighth problem as trailered. But if the homebuild ship is put up for sale, that ship will have to pass the same requirements as for a commercial yacht. If aesthetics doesn't bother you much either, you may have a bargain on hands depending what you paid for her.
As far as I can tell and I'm no experience, there's only one spot that needs to be cut and welded.
If those thrills were fear due to fundamental design limitations, then that is what you'll get. Both the main hull and ama are riding far below designed wl, and in the pictures it looks like the main hull has a scum line six inches above the bottom paint. What could I sell the engine for today used to a broker, same with the mast, winches, other major pieces.
Instead of a boat that can do 10-15 knot averages on passage you have one that can do 60mph passages.
I would love to try this myself but I can’t seem to find the powder or the tube anywhere. She has taken photos from established artists and many still have their copyright watermarks on them. The difference being i went back top either my nice comfortable hotel or a nice accommodation block in the shipyard (when remote). You will pay the price for the comfort you are accustomed to, and the price will be familiar too. I need to pay for my boat and I went to Vietnam as a fighter for freedom and I can't get the Govt to pay me disability and I've been suing them for 6 years. The other in Dalian is a sea front development about 4k from where I currently live in Maritime. Also a simple system that can divert the car HP to drive the propulsion of the barge if needed.
X 1.2 box trailer that can be used as boat, this weighs with titanium suspension and wheels 120 kg but can float a 600 kg load. Racing multihulls are (or should be) lightweight, and have hullforms to match their racing weight.
If it isn't $1,000 or more I wouldn't count it, the cost to rip it off and sell would be too high.
But they will not rent or sell their investment properties to foreigners for a handful of rice. You need inflatable pontoons really, the trailer frame is also the raft frame, the bike rides on the trailer. I think a selfbuild would not come under 120 k ? (of course a little dependant on the material). I think a selfbuild would not come under 120 k € (of course a little dependant on the material). Shut up and get to work cleaning up you trashy Rat infested country and we'll come spend some money.
X 4.8 weighs with built in trailer under 2000kg so a car tow it or any size camper van also it will float 12 ton loads. Built for float trips, fishing and camping, you can leave home, go fish and float down a river and you don't need anyone to pick you up, just reassemble and ride home. This boat was built in 1982 as racer, and since 2006 it is sailing as cruiser for circumnavigation.
Can this boat be sailed safely offshore as a racer (on amateur level) after the project is completed under deck ? As an example, there are no land parcels around my house in Chile that cost less than 200 000 euros. Or is it more kind of sportive cruiser (for weekend sailing without strong seaworthyness) ? Children would look at you and giggle, people would stop and stare at you with surprise and genuine interest. Actually for a 20 meter wooden boat which is very work intensive for a surveyor we pay roughly 7-800 Euros in central Europe. Land and houses are cheap, and if you go up the mountains, the temperatures are constant spring all year round.

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