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As we passed Rochester NY the skies started to darken and I could see on the radar that some rain had developed.  We ran thru a couple of rain showers but by the time we arrived in Spencerport it had pretty much stopped.
We ended up going to the Texas Style BBQ with both couples last night.  We had a great time and the food was good. Today you can explore something very rare, the most unique canal houseboat rentals in the USA. How would you like to be the Captain of your own Lockmaster Canal Boat and navigate through an amazing beautiful, and slow-paced lock system.
Boating along the Erie Canal, the Oswego Canal, or the Cayuga-Seneca Canal system allows for many peaceful stops at small quaint villages to visit, a real easy to maneuver lock system, and hundreds of historical sites along the way. As you explore the canal system you can visit cities like Lockport, Rochester, Macedon, Newark, Seneca Falls, and Cayuga just to name a few towns along the way. Now just to let you know, these rare and unique canal style houseboat rentals are extremely limited, so if you are interested in renting a boat, don't wait too long as availability and reservations go very quickly. It's nice to see that some of the nearly 100-year-old buildings along the canal are still beautifully maintained.
Some people think the canal is a boring, slow ride to a destination because there's nothing to do, and there's only more of the same scenery around the next corner.
We didn't stop in Holley so we didn't learn the purpose of that small white building on the wall. We were already starting to wish we had more than just 8 days so we could have stopped at every wall to see everything these little towns had to offer. These quasi-replicas of the original packet boats are rentals, and they are everywhere along the canal. It would seem that they could be a bit difficult to maneuver in tight quarters because they have a tiller and large outboard rudder and only a single screw. Some of the captains are novices who've never handled a boat before, so when you see one coming give them plenty of room! We also saw pontoons, cruisers, excursion boats, paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, jet skis, and many other types of boats for rent.
This little outer-ring suburb of Rochester is also a college town, so there's plenty of partying to be had. I wish we would have had a chance to stop here, but the timing didn't work out on any of our four passes through this wonderful little landing. It is a good stop for a doggie walk and a lunch, but we (and most others) chose to continue to Spencerport. I bought a Kodak Zi8 camera for $100 to fool around with and it turned out to be a pretty good camera for the money.
Some of the videos were hand-held and the result was shaky, but then I got inspired to rig a mount.

The video in this section was taken on the return trip during the approach to and passage under the Adams Basin bridge.
The camera reacted to the vibration of the engines if they were out of sync, causing a wobble in the video.
For eastbounders, Spencerport is the last of this style of lift bridge, and it is the last lift bridge until Fairport.
The Galley Restaurant is right next to the bridge, but it's known as more of a party bar than a restaurant. The facade of the Depot building that we see from the canal is the building's second story. In Spencerport on the last day of our trip I awoke to the sound of the water pump cycling on & off in one-second bursts. When I opened the hatch to check the pump I saw water spraying from a pinhole in the high-pressure hose. We stopped at Allen's Canalside Marina to top off the gas tanks in 2010, but that was before I had calculated fuel consumption rates for extended trips. The gas dock and harbor area are tight, so if it's busy you can expect to wait your turn in the canal channel.
The little booklet they give you when you first enter the canal system shows all of the lift bridges and locks with estimated travel times at 10 mph. Rather than post a bunch of photos with captions, I'll end this segment of our trip with a video. We were able to call the bridge operator from the dock and while he was preparing the bridge we cast off. Did you know you can rent canal boats for an historical ride through the world renowned New York canal system? These steel canalboats are easy to operate, reasonably priced, spacious and fully equipped for mid-week, weekend, or full week rentals. When Mia wasn't busy fixing carburetors, stowing lines, adjusting fenders or inspecting stuffing boxes, she relaxed on the aft deck with a good book. Dog kept a vigilant eye on ducks, herons, blue jays, people, and especially dogs walking along the tow path. We could see a beautiful little park and gazebo, and the wall has enough power and water for more boats than there is dock space.
It may seem like there's nothing here, but Holley boasts one of the most impressive waterfalls in the area.
The busier bridges and ports show wear & tear because the operators are busy all day long. You can see it as I throttle back to pass under the bridge, then again as I increase speed after the bridge.

A very good band played Friday evening at the Gazebo, and the next day marked the beginning of Spencerport's Canal Days festival. If Mia and I had any doubts about our five-year plan to buy a bigger boat and do America's Great Loop, they were gone after we met Joe and Kathy.
There were chunks of rubber and hose clamps that could be used to seal the leak, but the clamps were all too big.
Allen's has the only gas for miles in either direction and they could charge whatever they want for gas. We didn't venture in to the slip area (not shown in the photo -- it's in a protected harbor to the left). If you turn north you wind up on a wall that is across the landing from the party-bar area of the City. It's a montage of still photos that gives you an idea what it's like to pass the City of Rochester.
The history books say there was an abundance of taverns and houses of ill repute on the original canal.
They gave us a tour of their boat, we had a beer, and wished we could spend more time with them.
Although we felt like we were miles from civilization, the tree-lined banks hid the heavily populated area from view. These buildings were built 50 to 75 years later after the canal was enlarged, yet I wonder what stories these buildings could tell! But places like Adam's Basin, Gasport, Hulberton, and Holley don't get much traffic stopping to see the sights or stock up on supplies.
When we told him we were only stopping for lunch he seemed disappointed, so we promised him that we would stay overnight on the return trip. During my attempt at a morning constitutional the next day I thought Dockmaster D had given us the wrong lock code, but it turned out the code only works on the downstairs entrance -- where the nicely maintained showers and rest rooms are hidden.
They were also headed to Tonawanda, but they did have the luxury of time to stop and smell the roses.
If I had used more tape it would have stopped the leak completely, but I didn't want to use all of Joe's stock.
I decided to leave the pump power switch off and turn it on only when we needed to use the water.

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