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Check out our top picks for camping, swimming, tubing, paddling, hiking and beer gardening. This sales and rental business has a location in Austin and one outside of San Marcos to further assist you in your paddling endeavors.
The Hill Country Outdoor Guide has no affiliation with Austin Canoe and Kayak — San Marcos. Or paddle your way to Port Crescent beach for a picnic or dune diving adventure in a canoe from Tip-O-Thumb canoe rental. Please note that the water level on Lady Bird Lake is very high due to numerous dams along the Colorado River being open for flood prevention.
Every year up to 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats make their home upon a platform beneath the Congress Ave Bridge.
Next challenge: with five different boat rental locations along the river, where do you go for gear? I spend a lot of time on the river and I have rented from almost every location along Town Lake. Zilker Park Boat Rentals stands out above the rest. Just as Austin has grown from a sleepy hippie town into a bustling city, Zilker Park Boat Rentals has also grown over the years. Located on the west bank of Barton Creek, where the cold waters of Barton Springs Pool meet the Colorado River, Barton Creek is the perfect backdrop to begin your canoeing (or kayak or stand-up paddleboard) adventure.
You can either hike your way into the site, or park at the main Zilker Park area by the Pool and walk down the set of stairs to the left.
As you climb into the canoe and glide down the creek, the big city traffic noises will start to fade away.

Another reason why Zilker Park Boat Rentals stands out above the rest, in my eyes, is their involvement in the community. For years, they have been extending their unique experience to local nonprofits who might not have a budget to provide extracurricular activities to their members.
Next time you’re in the market for a magical canoe ride on Town Lake, consider heading to the oldest boat rental location in Austin. To contact Austin Canoe and Kayak — San Marcos directly please see the Location Details. It's become an Austin tradition to sit on the grassy banks and watch as the bats swarm out to feed on the local insect population. This uber local Austin business was established in 1969 by Howard and Dorothy Barnett, who had just nine canoes and an urge to share the natural beauty of the river with others.
You’ll pass by turtles sunning themselves on logs as you make your way toward Lou Neff Point.
I sometimes like to go toward the city and imagine what the thousands of people above me are doing. They had a vision to share the beauty of the river with the community, and that didn’t mean share it with only those who could afford it.
They’ve worked with groups such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, School for the Deaf, School for the Blind and Center for Battered Women, just to name a few.
The San Marcos location is especially useful if you want to paddle on the San Marcos downstream from IH-35 heading towards Fentress or Martindale. Capitol Cruises, behind the Hyatt Hotel, offers bat-watching cruises on Town Lake below the bridge.

As you approach, pause for a moment and prepare to take in one of the best views of Austin’s ever changing skyline.
But most of the time I like to head west of the city and get lost in mother nature’s beauty.
Nonprofits are encouraged to contact them during non-peak hours in order to make arrangements. You might blame this urge on the Texas heat, but I know I fight it every time I’m on the trail.
The colony, which is made up entirely of female and young animals, is at its most active when swarming out for the nightly feed.
Such is the bat-density that bat-radars have detected bat-columns up to 10,000 bat-feet (3,050m) high. And don’t forget to bring cash, since this mom and pop rental shop doesn’t take credit cards or checks.
In June, each female gives birth to one pup, and every night at dusk, the families take to the skies in search of food. The spectacle of 1.5 million bats flitting forth at once looks a lot like a fast-moving, black, chittering river. It's become an Austin tradition to bring along a six-pack and cheer the bats as they head out to feast on an estimated 30,000lbs (13,500kg) of insects per night.Bat Conservation International has volunteers on hand and holds programs throughout the bat season.

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