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Below are listed several of the local kayak rental outlets that will assist with the getting in and out and provide you with instructions for your first paddle. See a few more Kayaking Photos HERE - of the marsh just west of 100th street in Ocean City.
The people of Petal have repeatedly shown their willingness to be on the front lines of innovation when it comes to growing and improving their community. Petal can also be proud of its RC (remote controlled) Airfield, bowling lanes, golf course, disk golf course and roller rink.
The City of Petal owns the land across the Leaf River from where Hattiesburg’s newly constructed Chain Park is located. Petal is geographically situated within a one and a half hour, or less, drive from Jackson, Meridian, Mobile and New Orleans. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Launch and recover from our location on Ayers Creek or ask us about portage services to one of the many nearby public launches. Quitman is located near many lakes and rivers that can entice campers and outdoor people to spend a weekend in the area.
Clarkco State Park, for example, has been a major attraction for Quitman, the rest of the state of Mississippi, and tourists from other states, since 1938. Even closer, the Archusa Creek Water Park is immediately outside the city limits of Quitman. The Chickasawhay River, flowing by the City of Quitman along its 210 miles, offers opportunities for canoeing, kayaking, rafting, boating, sightseeing, and exploring the wonders of nature.
Quitman also offers an 18 hole golf course and the Quitman County Club (Golf Link), a very important asset both for fun and business connections.
The festival is based in the city's new Mary Carter Park, which was recently created from underutilized space in the heart of the city. Kayaking has become a popular and fun way to explore the calm waters of our back bays and tidal wetlands, the coastal waters from Delaware to Virginia, which surround our island resort.

This park consists of a well-kept walking track that offers residents a place to exercise and connect with other people who enjoy being outside. This is a top-of-the-line, 14,000 square foot skating facility that was designed and constructed by the well-known Wally-Hollyday skate park design team (Skate Design). An outstanding example of this is the Petal Dog Park (Petal Dog Park): the first municipal dog park in the state. Roller derby is an entertaining, up-and-coming sport that delivers a fast-paced rush of adrenaline for both the players and the spectators. People from all around the state come to play and relax on the Bowie, Leaf, Black and Okatoma rivers throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall.
Many towns utilize their waterfront properties for parks so that the residents and visitors can enjoy the view. With the right promotion strategy, these major cities could be tapped for tourism to the Petal area. The recreational opportunities a community has to offer directly affects the quality of life within that community, and also plays a major role in attracting people and income from surrounding communities. These many assets can attract tourists to visit the city and even recruit some visitors to become residents. This extraordinary asset is almost untapped for tourism potential at present, with just one part-time outfitter and little promotion. In addition to Optimist Park, the Petal YMCA is also a superb example of community pride with the many programs it offers for both the youth and the adults in the area. In addition to the walking track, there is a gazebo on the park grounds that would be a great place to host community events. Gnardog Skate Park is well equipped to offer an exciting experience for everyone from the novice skater all the way through to the expert competitor. This progressive park has rules in place that require all dogs to be vaccinated and up to date on their shots. These are also activities that promote a sense of community by bringing like-minded people together to share in activities that they enjoy.

Here are some links to other Mississippi roller derby teams that show how they promote themselves: Mississippi Roller Girls, Magnolia Roller Vixens, Tupelo Roller Derby, Southern Misfits. Vicksburg, MS is just one example of a city with a unique and attractive waterfront park (City of Vicksburg). Recognizing, maintaining, and then advertising these assets to the public can be a great way to build community pride and “show off” your community to the rest of the World. The park is located on 815 acres of beautiful natural woodlands, creeks, and a 65 acre lake. The nearby Black and Okatoma rivers are examples of more active river operations in this region, for example, Seminary Canoe Rental, Okatoma Outdoor Post & Canoe Rental, and Black Creek Canoe. Several reviews of this park rave about its unique peanut-bowl and the high quality of the materials used to construct it.
The park represents a place where pet owners can come together and make connections that, once again, create a sense of community. Living in Petal provides a quieter, slower paced lifestyle, while still being able to enjoy the benefits of the larger Hattiesburg area.
Fortunately, Petal has a relatively large pool of recreational opportunities to draw from for people of all ages and preferences. Amenities include cabins for campers to spend the night in the outdoors, other available spots for campers and tents, tennis courts, picnic areas, nature trails, paddle boats, easy access for boats to enter the lake, and areas where fishing is available.
Over 450 acres, Archusa Creek provides fishing (perch, catfish, bream, and bass), swimming, nature trails, cabins, and campsites for motorhome and tent camping. Gnardog offers rails, steps, jumps and an open back that all add up to a fun and exciting skating or biking experience. The park is well maintained and should be proudly promoted on the Petal website and throughout the surrounding communities.

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