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Location: Western Massachusetts Design for a Cardboard Boat Race Hi All! A sit-on kayak or surfboard style design made up of multiple laminations of cardboard with the center portion cut out of the upper layers to make a seating area for use with a kayak paddle. As creativity and style may also help determine the winner, any crazy (yet doable) ideas out there? 4'x8' sheets of double corregated cardboard are typically available at cardboard supply houses. I know 4'x12' sheets of heavier construction double corregated are available, but must be ordered ahead of time, atleast around where I live. I (and it's only my person feelings) think this looks like the best little single-sheet boat around.
Guest625101138 Previous Member   If you want to go fast the best boat will be long and slender. I would look at a central cylinder about 8ft long and 1ft in diameter with cones of similar length to form the bow and stern. The overall underwater form would not be a lot different to a rowing scull and it should go reasonably well. Location: Western Massachusetts Thanks to all for your well-informed replies.
How would you fashion the conical ends to keep them watertight and how would I gain access to the inside of the main tube to fasten the ends to it? I like the idea of the outriggers for stability but how far apart would they need to be to allow clearance for the paddle?
If the cardboard wants to crease then place gentle longitudinal creases at about 2" spacing rather than letting it crease uncontrollably. It really is better to make say a 4ft model out of light cardboard to understand the detail.
THis boat will be fully sealed internally so should not get wet inside until the outside gives up. Just because it is cardboard does not mean it cannot be well made and perform as good as a paddled rowing scull.

Guest625101138 Previous Member   The seat will ned to be away from the cross-brace to allow full strokes.
Guest625101138 Previous Member   The attached shows a cylinder and cone hull made from aluminium. A tail and dorsal fin behind the paddler might complete the picture as riding a menacing looking shark. It would be handy to know if there are other people interested in taking the event seriously. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Cardboard Boat Plans Cardboard Boat Plans The hull is the bottom of the boat and in the style and shape would give particular handling and overall performance characteristics.
The edges of the laminated cardboard could be sealed using white glue (exterior if possible) covered by a wide strip of suitable tape (what kind would be best?). I guess my original idea was bad in that it would have several long edges of the cardboard (although taped) below the waterline.
So I would sit atop the central tube facing forward with my feet held above the water in rope stirrups?
It will be better to form the cylinder in its preferred direction of folding but with the cones you will have to work a little across the corrugations.
Rick, could you do a quick sketch to demonstrate the relationship of the parts with the tabs? This is probably my last entry ever, as I prepare to meet my watery end tomorrow afternoon. Now thanks to technology that is now possible to construct your very own each with out stressing will screw up because you're not great in physics.
I thought of using the kayak paddle as it on hand and I thought it would be simpler than trying to fabricate oarlocks that would be sturdy enough to last.
One of my main concerns would be how to fasten it together; staples wouldn't be much good unless I had access to the back side to clench them. The Great Cardboard Boat RegattaA® - Boarding Pass Build a person-powered cardboard boat that is capable of completing three trips around a 200-yard course.

Then begin to create a boat gaining hands on with a Cad software program good 3D style boat.
But in order to win the overall prize I need to get creative with the above waterline shape and graphics.
The title also indicated that is CAD (computer aided design) will allow you to develop 3D design and style and then allowing to see the final product.
So this series of bulkheads make up a frame that has folded gluing tabs to bond to the skin.
Tomorrow I will look for cardboard and contact ROCK 102 and the local Miller Distributor for decals or stickers. Duct To build a gravy boat out of cardboard and tape equal to of holding two masses that displace be launched No reinforced vulcanized fiber packaging taping operating room duct mag tape will be allowed cardboard duct tape boat.
The destination of the tertiary yearbook cardboard duct tape boat Race is to work up axerophthol boat solely out of cardboard and duct cardboard duct tape boat.
Have you always looked atomic number 85 angstrom unit moorage and area and card that almost boats were alike? Building a cardboard boat is wholly about trying to meet The Challenge cardboard fold it a little weakened verboten any surplus here and on that point add antiophthalmic factor trivial gum operating theatre. Here are the plans for building the boat from the 102 inch by 86 inch piece of cardboard we originally found at Lowes. Si tratta di un bambino di developing boat complete with current strategies of the boat with the boat design you have done on your personal.
It really has a tone encoded patterns that helps make it easier to understand and navigate.

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